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Canadian Mining In The Philippines
Development for Whom?

By Fr. Edwin Gariguez

Impact Magazine
CBCP Communication Development
Foundation, Inc.,

Vol.45, No.5, pp.4-6, 15

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Canadian Mining In The Philippines - Impact Magazine

  1. 1. Vol. 45 No. 5 • MAY 2011 Php 70.00
  2. 2. ARTICLES ARTICLES Canadian mining in the PhiliPPines: TSXV listed mining develoPment for whom? companies with properties in the PhilippinesBy Fr. Edwin Gariguez Listed Mining Companies (TSXV) Properties 1. ALTAI RESOURCES INC. ( • Negros Island Property Sulphur-Gold • Lahuy Island Property – GoldAggressive Mining Promotion in thePhilippines 2. CADAN RESOURCES CORPORATION (http://www.cadanresources. Mining of the Philippine’s rich mineral com)resources is pursued within the context of • T’Boli Gold-Silvercolonial trade liberalization that sets as • Batoto Tarale Gold-Silvera backdrop for the globalized economy. • Comval Copper-Gold -Tagpura MaangobWhat is particularly alarming in the present • Tagpura Porphyry Skarprocess of global trade is the immensity and • Maangob Porphyry Skarnthe exceptionally rapid degree of global • Kalamatan Porphyry Copper-Goldintegration affecting the terms of production • Cadan Porphyryand exchange that cross national boundar-ies, while at the same time undermining the 3. CRAZY HORSE RESOURCES INC. ( of the state in imposing its internal • Kayapa Copper-Gold Porphyry Projecttrade policies. • Taysan Project Batangas In the case of the Philippines, thepolicy recommendation made by Asian 4. MBMI RESOURCES INC. ( Bank and the United Na- • Alpha Project Palawantions’ Development Programme, backed • Bethlehem Nickel Project Narraby the World Bank, greatly influenced the • Dinagat Island Projectgovernment’s move to liberalize national • Malatgao and Northern Rio Tuba Propertieslegislation on mining. Liberalization is at- • Nickel Projects Samar (4)tained by changing the economic policiesof the state to make them more attractive to 5. METALLUM RESOURCES INC. ( competitiveness and to provide more com)incentives to the entry of the transnational • Interest in five mineral properties terminated (Nov 2010) (Solfotara Miningcorporations. The Mining Act of 1995 is Corp)a crucial legislation enacted to liberalizethe mining policy in the Philippines in 6. MINDORO RESOURCES LTD. ( terms. • Surigao District: Agata Nickel Laterite • Agata Gold and Copper-Gold © Nassa Files Admittedly, the Philippine MiningAct of 1995 is essentially crafted to attract • Tapian San Francisco lies within the towns of Mainitforeign investors because with its provi- • MalimonoBolobolo prospect is approximately 40 km from Butuan Citysions, the country’s right to sovereignty • Batangas Projects are located in Batangas Province (4) extendable to another 25 years, losses can By single-mindedly pursuing the economic We reaffirm our stand for the repeal of • Pan de Azucar Island Project (PDA)is relaxed in order to provide palatable be carried forward against income tax, benefits or financial gain, it failed to weigh the Mining Act of 1995. We believe that theincentives to transnational mining inves- among others. the greater consideration in the equation— Mining Act destroys life . . . Our experiencestors. Among the attractive features granted 7. PANORO MINERALS LTD. ( The Mining Act of 1995 was primarily the human and ecosystems well-being, the of environmental tragedies and incidentsunder the provisions of the Mining Act • Divestiture in the Surigao Joint Venture on March 14, 2007- sold to Min- intended to serve foreign interest and not human rights of the indigenous peoples and with the mining transnational corporationsare as follow: 100% foreign ownership of the local communities and it is never meant the local communities, the food security and belie all assurances of sustainable and doromining projects, allowing foreign company to legislate equitable sharing of resources, ecological integrity of the country. responsible mining that the Arroyo Admin- 8. PHILEX GOLD INC. ( have a concession area of up to 81,000 but on the contrary, it guaranteed clear For the affected communities, large- istration is claiming. Increasing number of • Silangan Project (formerly Boyongan Project)hectares on shore and 324,000 hectares profit margin to mining corporations, while scale mining does not promote pro-people mining affected communities, Christiansoff shore, 100% repatriation of profit, 5 • the former Bulawan Gold Mine selling our national patrimony for mere pit- development but in fact, it poses an immi- and non-Christians alike, are subjectedyears tax holiday later extended to eight, • the Lascogon, Danao and other Gold Prospects. tance share of taxes. The mining law which nent threat to their livelihood and the already to human rights violations and economicand deferred payment are allowed until all lays down the policy for the government’s fragile ecology. It is precisely for this reason deprivations. We see no relief in sight . . .cost are recovered, enjoyment of easement 9. PHILIPPINE METALS INC. ( near-fanatical campaign to attract foreign that the Catholic Bishops’Conference of the The promised economic benefits of miningrights, and other auxiliary rights in mining investors to invest in the mining industry Philippines categorically calls for the repeal by these transnational corporations are out- Mining companies, page 6concession, mining lease for 25 years, distorts the goal of genuine development. of the Mining Act of 1995 stating that: weighed by the dislocation of communities 4 IMPACT • May 2011 Volume 45 • Number 5 5
  3. 3. ARTICLES Canadian mining in the Philippines: development for whom? especially among our indigenous brothers Our country also has a Ltd, Panoro Minerals Ltd, Philex These firms claim to be the dismal. It failed to deliver on Mining companies, page 6 and sisters, the risks to health and livelihood fair share of contributions to Gold Inc, Philippine Metals Inc, source of positive economic its promises on revenues, in- and massive environmental damage. Canada’s income from mining. Rugby Mining Ltd, and Tiger and social benefits, including vestments and employment. Its Together with the Church’s position, There are 11 Toronto Stock International Resources Ltd, poverty reduction, economic contribution to the Philippine • The Taurus-Suhi Massive Sulphide Project, Alang-Alang, Santa Fe, Palo the prevailing position among members of Venture Exchange listed min- and 6 Toronto Stock Exchange diversification and the enhance- economy is relatively insignifi- and Tacloban City Leyte; the social movement on the mining issue is cant compared to Agriculture, • Malitao Project Calanasan municipality, Kalinga-Apayao Province, that destruction that it causes is detrimental Fisheries and Forestry. Adding northern Luzon; to genuine people-centered development. tourism to the equation (whose • Dilong Project Barrio Dilong, (also known as the Hale Mayabo Claim) They claim that the global character of operations are directly impacted 285 kilometers north of Manila and about 130 kilometers north of Baguio. mining industry, together with the policy by mining), then you have an of liberalization imbedded in the Mining imbalance.” 10. RUGBY MINING LTD ( Act of 1995, facilitated the pouring in of And to cite instances of • The Mabuhay Gold Project is located 12 kilometres south of Surigao City mining applications in the country. how mining, particularly by Ca- nadian companies, has brought 11. TIGER INTERNATIONAL RE-SOURCES INC. (http://www.tiger- human rights violations and Canadian Mining—for the good or threatens ecological integrity • Esperanza Gold Project 11 kilometers outside Baguio bad? of island community, there are Globalized mining industry and the three more recent incidents: destructive character of its operation spell 1. On January 10, 2011 the TSX listed mining misery and suffering to vulnerable groups and sectors like the laborers, farmers, urban Philippine Commission on Hu- man Rights (CHR) promulgated companies with properties poor, indigenous peoples, among others. a resolution recommending can- In effect, globalization and its lopsided cellation of the mining contract trade liberalization undeniably result to issued to Oceana Gold because in the Philippines unprecedented adverse consequences at both global and local level, characterized by of strong evidence that their presence in Nueva Vizcaya has ever-growing inequity in wealth distribution caused human rights violations. and ever-worsening poverty. The CHR cited complaints that © Nassa Files 1. CGA MINING LIMITED ( The Canadian mining industry is active Oceana Gold “had illegally and • Masbate Gold Project in over 100 developed and developing coun- violently demolished some 187 tries, and houses in Di- 2. CREW GOLD CORPORATION ( is in- dipio: “Resi- • Have just sold out to Severstal, that have bought into Intex Resources volved dents who Inc. in over resisted and 8,000 ex- tried to save 3. MEDUSA MINING LIMITED ( ploration their homes • Philsaga’s UndergroundGold Mine, projects had been • Anoling Project, Saugon Prospect, and min- beaten, in- • Trento Project, ing op- cluding their • Bananghilig Gold De-posit, erations neighbors • Barobo Gold Corridor, world- who helped • Lingig (Das-Agan) Project – Surigao Del Sur, wide. them; hous- • Kamarangan Porphyry Copper Target, Mining, es had been • Usa Copper Project, with over bulldozed off C$66 bil- cliffs and set 4. OCEANAGOLD CORPORATION ( lion in on fire,” the • Didipio Project in Northern Luzon, direct in- CHR resolu- vestment tion added. 5. OLYMPUS PACIFIC MINERALS INC. (http://www.olympuspacific. abroad B u t com) in 2008, despite the • Capcapo Gold Property repre- categorical sentsover findings on FILE PHOTO 6. TVI PACIFIC INC. ( FILE PHOTO 50% of human rights • Canatuan Mine, Canadian violations, • Siennalynn Project, direct in- the company • Balabag Gold Pro-ject, T vestment abroad in natural resources. In ing companies with 39 proper- mining companies with 28 prop- ment of local infrastructure and acted with impunity and is deter- • amarok and Tapisa Copper-Gold Projects their activities in the Philippines, the Cana- ties in the Philippines, namely, erties in the Philippines, namely, social and health services. But mined to speed up the construc- • Bonbon Project dian firms claim to be the source of positive Altai Resources Inc, Canada CGA Mining Ltd, Crew Gold we claim otherwise. As the tion phase of the operation. • North Zamboanga Projects economic and social benefits, including Resources Corporation, Crazy Corporation, Medusa Mining Policy Paper of the National Oceana Gold Corporation poverty reduction, economic diversification Horse Resources Inc, MBMI Ltd, Oceana Gold Corporation, Alliance Against Mining at- is an Australian company listed (Source: and the enhancement of local infrastructure Resources Inc, Metallum Re- Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc, tests: “the performance of the under Toronto Stock Exchange, and social and health ser-vices. sources Inc, Mindoro Resources TVI Pacific Inc. Philippine mining industry is Mining, page 156 IMPACT • May 2011 Volume 45 • Number 5 7
  4. 4. NEWS NEWSFEATURES FEATURES Housing tops tsunami evacuees’ worries Dhaka archdiocese adds daycare center DHAKA, May 2, 2011―Arch- attended the opening ceremony. cally disabled son doesn’t lis- “My disabled son used toJAPAN, May 2, 2011―Evacuees from the “I doubt they’ll throw us out,” said water from which they ladle water into bishop Paulinus Costa of Dhaka “The center is disabled- ten to us and often gets angry vandalize the household at will.earthquake and tsunami, many of them Inomata. “We old folks, though, are in no thermos bottles that people line up to have has opened the third daycare friendly. We’ve set it out in such with us. I hope the center will He didn’t listen to anyone andold people, are living with anxiety of not shape to go hunting for a place to stay. Where filled. During the three sessions, they give center for disable children in a way that the kids can easily help him improve and become also got lost several times,” sheknowing where they will live and the more can I go? I want to stay in the area.” out more than 700 liters each day. the capital city to accommodate use chairs and tables, electric peaceful,” said Catholic house- recalled, adding that her sonpressing and simple needs of finding hot Inomata said she had heard of a small At one end of the counter volunteers more vulnerable kids in Church switches and toilets. It will wife Anjona Gomes, 45. completely changed after hewater to bathe. apartment that might suit her, but the rent alone also provide cups of coffee, tea or hot choc- services. also help them to dress, eat and Muslim Rejaul Karim, 50, was kept in Asha-1 at Nayana- Most people who lost their homes to would take almost her entire pension. olate as well as candy. Children who do not Asha (Hope)-2 was for- clean tables by themselves”, said he was happy because my gar in eastern Dhaka.the March 11 disaster in northern Japan Among the services for evacuees realize that grown-ups were once children mally opened on April 29 in said Binoy Rodrigues, 41, the disabled daughter can now be BishopTheotonius Gomes,remain in evacuation centers in schools, provided by the Sendai Diocesan Support who did the same thing sneak candy when Tejturibazar area in the center center director. kept near his residence, just two the mastermind of the welfaregymnasiums and town halls. Center with on-the-ground assistance from they think no one is watching. of the city. It can look after The center, which was set minutes walking distance. He services who is the chairman Kiyoko Inomata, 85, lost her family Caritas Japan in Ishinomaki is a hot-water Hiroshi Ono, one of two supervisors 20 children, free of charge for up with personal efforts from used to drop his daughter Farja- of Episcopal Commission forand home in Ishinomaki. She lives for distribution at an evacuation center in the of the operation in Ishinomaki, said, “You parents who cannot afford to Holy Cross auxiliary bishop na Karim, 15, at the Church-run HealthCare (ECHC), said: “Wethe time being in a school gym with other Kadowaki Middle School. have to be careful when talking to the kids. take care of them or who work Theotonius Gomes of Dhaka, Father Pinos Dropping Center try to help parents realize thatevacuees, but officials have announced When the first group of Caritas vol- It’s natural when they act up to say, ‘I’ll during the day. is set to give parents a break in Mirpur, on the northern disabled children are not theirthat the schools must be cleared out by unteers arrived in the town, one of them tell your parents.’ But some of them have About 70 participants, most- from the challenges of family outskirts of Dhaka. burden. Even though they arethe middle of May so that normal student heard from people living in classrooms lost parents.” ly disabled people and their par- life as they struggle with the AMuslimmother,AmenaBe- born with disabilities theylife can resume. and gyms that they had no access to hot Ono worries that once Golden Week, ents, along with Church leaders disabilities of their children. gum, said the Church-run daycare should be welcomed as gifts “The kids have a hard time with us water during the day. They wanted to be a succession of national holidays that com- and Caritas Bangladesh officials, “My autistic and physi- center is making a difference. of God.” (UCANews)using their school, but they pitch in and able to make tea, coffee and instant foods bined with weekends and a day or two ofhelp with the cleaning,” said Inomata. as well as rinse out towels and clothes in vacation time gives the whole nation a week Temporary housing is being put up warm water. off from work and school, is over the pool Mining, from page 7around town, but there may not be enough So, the volunteers began a hot-water of student volunteers may dry up. In 2010, Oceana Gold had completed a Nickel Project in Surigao, Mindanao. In July is clear, to cultivate a climate of fear andready by the deadline and even if people distribution. Each morning, afternoon and “Maybe we can get retirees to come as private placement in Canada of 12,023,360 2010, Mindoro Resources was granted 2.1 stifle opposition. But instead, it is breedingget into the housing, they are expected to evening, volunteers stand under a tent out- volunteers,” he said. “The hot water service special warrants at a price of $3.50 per spe- Canadian dollars by the International Finance resistance and is strengthening a grassrootsmove out within two years. side the school, tending big pots of boiling is something they can do.” (UCANews) cial warrant for aggregate gross proceeds Corporation (IFC) to support this project. anti-mining movement. of $42,081,760. The private placement However, the Environmental and So- The transnational corporations haveBin Ladens death brings momentary relief was led by Macquarie Capital Markets cial Review Summary of 2008 did not ad- become very powerful players, doing inten- Canada Ltd. and Citigroup Global Markets dress the concern that the area for mining sified economic transactions that cross na- is part of the Lake Mainit watershed, the tional boundaries. The policy or investment in Pakistan, deeper problems remain Canada Inc. 2. On April 19, 2011, President Beni- 4th largest lake and home to 31 coastal decisions are being formulated primarily by gno Aquino III cancelled the Financial and villages. There are also allegations that the market considerations and not by national Technical Assistance Agreements issued company secured the needed consent of the interest. As in the case of the Philippines andLAHORE, Pakistan, May 4, “Coming out of a state of Once again? I questioned observed. to MBMI Resources, Inc. covering some indigenous peoples in a highly questionable other developing countries, what is ironic2011—Responding to the death denial is in everybodys inter- back, as I suspected that he He said that the Vaticans 12,000 hectares of land in the municipalities manner. is that national policies are being framed orof Osama bin Laden, advocates est,” he told CNA on May 2. was alive, because I had read carefully-measured message, of Rizal, Bataraza and Narra in Southern With the above-given examples, and reformulated to suit the dictated interest ofof human rights and religious “Extremism in Pakistan is not stories claiming he was dead holding Bin Laden “gravely re- Palawan. MBMI Resources Inc. is a Ca- more similar cases all over the country, we the mining investment.freedom in Pakistan say the real territory-specific, nor is the already.” sponsible” for killing innocent nadian-based mining company focused on affirm the findings in the research study The arena of struggle for anti-miningwork of rooting out terrorism military response sufficient. But the Al-Qaeda leaders people, but refusing to “rejoice” the exploration and development of nickel conducted by The Canadian Center for the campaign should not totally rely on theremains to be done. The civilian leadership has to May 1 death at the hands of in his death, was “timely and mineral properties in the area. Palawan is Study of Resource Conflict in 2009, that strength of local victories. Since the is- “It is a moment of relief for chalk out a road map to legal, U.S. special forces was no false helpful.” Jacob also hopes that the a small island ecosystem and mining will the Canadian mining companies had been sue and the new hierarchy of power havemany human rights activists,” economic and educational re- alarm. Instead, it was a moment White Houses message, explain- definitely put the communities in real danger prominently involved in environmental deg- assumed global character, the campaignsaid Peter Jacob, executive forms.” of cautious optimism. ing that its war on terrorism is not and will threaten the extremely rich biodi- radation, unethical behavior and in propa- necessarily has to assume global engage-secretary of Pakistans National Jacob, whose commis- “I think the incident will a fight against the religion of Islam versity of the island. Indigenous peoples in gating conflicts among communities. ment. Large-scale mining is not an isolatedCommission for Justice and sion promotes human rights accelerate the process of re- itself, will be translated into local Palawan were also surprised last year when Also, the aggressive pursuit of min- economic activity. It is always within thePeace. on behalf of Pakistans Catholic thinking among the Muslims languages and be understood they were given a permit to mine despite ing investments has necessarily spawned ambit of a larger network of interconnec- “There is a sense of satis- bishops, was initially skeptical that will marginalize rigid and among the public. the opposition of communities. numerous human rights abuses, especially tions and the dangers or risks that it posesfaction, too, that someone who about the news reports of Bin violent theories in the end,” “These is local or folk Recently, a radio commentator and against individuals and communities op- are common to all other sites in other partsbelieved in the death of others Ladens death. Jacob reflected. At the same wisdom that people of Pakistan environment advocate opposing mining posed to mining. The abuse has included of the world. Given this situation, any effortis no longer there.” “I was sitting in my office time, “it is also feared that ex- can benefit from also,” Jacob in Palawan was gunned down. This pro- both physical and psychological harass- to create global solidarity and cooperation, But Jacob and other Paki- reading the newspaper, sipping tremists will target high-profile pointed out, quoting the words vided a protest action with the civil society ment. A number of anti-mining advocates particularly among the church network, isstani Christians worry that Bin tea. The newspaper did not have people—as they have made it of the 19th century Sufi Muslim launching the initiative to gather 10 million have also been killed. As of February 2011, a very welcome initiative. ILadens followers “will still try this news as this operation was clear through a message this poet Mian Mohammad Bakhsh: signatures to ask the government to stop at least seven (7) anti-mining activists haveto whip up hate campaigns for carried out early in the morn- morning—and wage attacks.” “Do not rejoice on the death of mining in biodiversity rich province. sacrificed their lives in defense of their land (This piece was delivered by Fr. Edwinpolitical gain.” ing,” he recalled. “The Christians in Paki- an enemy, Because friends will 3. On April 20, 2011, Mindoro Re- and natural resources. One incident of this Garriguez, Executive Secretary of Episco- He said Bin Ladens dis- “A colleague of mine, stan, because they face violence die too one day. Every dawn is sources Inc., a Canadian junior company kind happened in Sibuyan, Romblon, now pal Commission on Social Action, Justicecovery and death in the urban who had been sitting in front in the name of religion, are doomed to submerge in dusk, based in Edmonton and listed in Toronto a Canadian-owned mining concession, and Peace, at the Ecumenical Miningarea of Abottabad should be of the TV, entered my room cautious about their reaction And dont let glee or gloom take Stock Exchange announced that it will com- Altai Resources, subsidiary of Altai Philip- Confernce in Toronto, Canada, on Maya wake-up call to authorities. and told me Osama was killed. for existential reasons,” he the best of you away.” (CNA) mence the Pre-Feasibility study for Agata pine Mining Corp. The purpose of killing 1-3, 2001) 14 IMPACT • May 2011 Volume 45 • Number 5 15