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Shell tutorial
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Shell tutorial


A very basic introduction to the command line for CMDC's Tech 101 series

A very basic introduction to the command line for CMDC's Tech 101 series

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Basic Introduction to the Command Line Tech 101 Workshop CDMD Fall 2013
  • 2. Why Should I Care? Give your computer(*) direct commands Be in control Children use pictures to control their computers, grown ups learn to read and use words. (this is a joke.) (*) Also remote computers, VMs, & ser vers.
  • 3. What is the Command Line? A place to enter direct commands. Shell & Terminal Emulators In OSX it is accessed through Terminal
  • 4. In The Beginning Was The Command Line
  • 5. Console Command Line Prompt
  • 6. Let’s Do It! Open a terminal on your machines
  • 7. Navigating the Terminal Look Ma! No mouse. ! Use left and right arrows to move the cursor Use Up and Down arrows to retrieve previous commands
  • 8. Basic Commands ls = list. (dir in DOS) pwd = print working directory cd = change directory man = manual clear = clear screen control-c = exits command if frozen
  • 9. What You’ll See: ls ls shows files and folders files have an extension (.exe, .txt. .html) Folders do not.
  • 10. What You’ll See: cd cd changes the directory cd .. goes up one level cd $directoryname goes to that directory
  • 11. What You’ll See: pwd pwd: shows you where you are
  • 12. Exercise: use ls, cd, and pwd to explore your machine.
  • 13. More Commands touch = touch $newfilename (creates file w/o editing) nano = nano $filename (opens file in nano editor) edit = edit $filename (edits file in default editor) rm = rm $filename (deletes file. CAREFUL)
  • 14. Exercise: Make a File The Touch Command
  • 15. Try This: use touch to create a file edit the file with nano verify the changes using edit delete the file using rm
  • 16. /tech101basic Let’s Take a Break
  • 17. Part Two: Tutorial Go through a self paced tutorial to try new stuff.
  • 18. Pick a Tutorial Tutorial on Manipulating your Mac’s Appearance http:/ /bit.ly/tech101osx http:/ /www.wikihow.com/Customize-Your-Mac-Using-theTerminal More Advanced Linux Tutorial http:/ /bit.ly/tech101adv http:/ /linuxcommand.org/learning_the_shell.php Very Basic Tutorial Repeating First Lessons http:/ /bit.ly/tech101basic http:/ /blog.teamtreehouse.com/introduction-to-the-mac-os-xcommand-line
  • 19. /tech101basic Let’s Take a Break
  • 20. Part 3: Hardware Hacking Use the command line to own your machines.