The concept of industrial park centralniy


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The concept of industrial park centralniy

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The concept of industrial park centralniy

  1. 1. Attachment To the decision of the City Councilon December 25, 2012 THE CONCEPT OFKREMENCHUK "CENTRAL" INDUSTRIAL PARK
  2. 2. The concept of Industrial Park1. Name of Industrial Park: Kremenchuk "Central" Industrial Park2. The initiator of Industrial Park: Kremenchug City Council, "KremenchugCenter for International Relations and Economic Development "KremenchugInvest".3. The goal, objective and functional purpose of Industrial Park: The goal of Kremenchuk "Central" Industrial Park is to ensure economicdevelopment and competitiveness of Kremenchuk city, stimulate investment, jobcreation, development of modern industrial and market infrastructure. Development of Industrial Park will play an important role in meeting theneeds of domestic and foreign investment companies. The Industrial Park willmainly employ local citizens. Industrial Park in Kremenchuk have regionalsignificance and will have an impact on the development of Poltava regionindustry. The creation of Industrial Park will solve such problems of local importance: 1. Create new production capacity through innovative technology with ahigh level of competitiveness. 2. Develop a social and cultural infrastructure of the city. 3. Revive investment activity. 4. Reduce unemployment by creating new jobs. 5. Promote the development of small and medium-sized, mostly innovationbusiness. 6. Increase export potential. 7. Market saturation of new national competitive products. 8. Improving the prosperity and living standards of the population. Functional purpose: Creation of Industrial Park includes detailed building of allotted land withfacilities of modern engineering and transport infrastructure for placement ofmanufacturing, warehouse and administrative buildings. Land may be leased or purchased. Profit from companies, incorporatedunder the Industrial Industrial Park, will ensure return on investment. 4. The location and size of the land: Land for the establishment and functioning of the Kremenchuk "Central"Industrial Park located in northern industrial area bounded by lands of Northindustrial unit - Kahamlytska station - railways Kryukiv - Kremenchuk. Roads: On the west side of land (approximately 100m) is str. ErnstThalmann, the expansion of which is provided by the general plan KremenchukApproximately 4 km (M-03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskiy (in Rostov-on-Don). Railway: Approximately 2.3 km to the Kremenchuk railway station. At adistance of about 652 m there are railway access to the industrial enterpriseswhich are the subject of removal.
  3. 3. Distance to railway: railway runs along the land (railway station Kahamlytska-200m) River access: Kremenchuk river port on the Flotska street and KremenchukRiver Station are at the distance of 12 km. Total area: 168.55 ha; In accordance to the approved resolution of Kremenchuk City Councilsession of 25.12.2007, the master plan of the city of Kremenchuk this land belongsto the area of industrial and construction companies, municipal areas. According to the approved on the Kremenchuk City Council session28.12.2010, the "Rules of Kremenchuk city building" area refers to the area ofpromising ecological safe and industrial facilities, facilities for small and mediumbusiness, scientific, industrial facilities, warehouses and bases objects municipalfacilities (according to urban studies or other planning documentation). The land partially falls in the buffer zone of industrial and noise protectionrailway zone. On Southeast and western (from the. E.Telman street) side areascommunication networks are located. Partially network data included in the scopeof land (from the E.Telman street). Partially provide landscaping specials. Speciallandscaping should also be provided. 5. Approximate term for the established Industrial Park: 30 years; 6. Requirements for the participants of Industrial Park:  Creating a legal entity, separate units (branches, representative offices).  The company must be profitable.  Minimum new jobs created - 20.  Comply with of current tax, labor, environmental legislation.  Having a plan of the enterprise development for at least 5 years.  Predicting positive economic and social effects of the project. 7. The estimated total consumption of energy, water, etc.: 1. gasQ = 28046720 x 1,3 = 36,460,736 m3/year 2. ElectricityQ = 33710 * 1.4 = 47.194 MW 3. WaterQ = (168.55 + 10) x 1,3 =up to 232.12 l/sec 4. Wastewater:Q = 168,55 x 1,3 = up to 219.12 l/sec 5. Surface waterQ = 7079,1+ 0,2 = 7079,3 l/secWater supply: 163 m d-600mm, 137m d-200;Sewerage: 164m d-300 mm;Gas supply: 149 m d-150 mm;Power supply: 107 m;
  4. 4. 8. Development plan of the Industrial Park: Within the Industrial Park placement of office and business and office-laboratory complex – “Business City” is planned, which may include free officeplanning, ceremonies halls, press center, meeting room, data-center, branchbanking, post office, cafe or dining room, printing center, business hotel, outdoorand underground parking. The Kremenchuk "Central" Industrial Park is dividedinto 5 sectors of economic activity areas: Sektor 1 - «Hi-Tech» ...................................................................... 50,05 ha (direction of economic activity - engineering):Instrumentation facility placement, engineering and other areas of production,created through the introduction of new technologies. The approximate size of the expected investments - $ 150 million.Estimated number of jobs created - 1250 people. Sector 2 - «Logistics» .................................................................... 19.76 ha (direction of economic activity - Logistics):Warehousing and packing buildings, automobile companies and customswarehouses.The approximate size of the expected investment - $ 60 million.Estimated number of jobs created - 510 people. Section 3 - «TechnoPolis» .............................................................. 27.35 ha(direction economical. activity - IT technology and electronics):Platform for development of advanced information and telecommunicationstechnology and nanotechnology, electronics manufacturing.The approximate size of the expected investments - 82 million.Estimated number of jobs created - 680 people. Sector 4 - «EcoLife» ........................................................................ 26,78 ha(direction of economic activity - food and processing industry):Food and processing industry, enterprise development and manufacture of high-tech medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.The approximate size of the expected investment - $ 80 million.Estimated number of jobs created - 670 people.Section 5 - "Energetics" .... ............................................................. 44.61 ha(direction of economic activity - alternative energy and engineering):Companies working in the field of energy efficiency and energy-savingtechnologies, production tools and equipment. Agricultural machinerymanufacture.The approximate size of the expected investments - 130 million.Estimated number of jobs created - 1115 people. 9. The estimated resources required for the establishment and operationof the Industrial Park, expected sources of their involvement.
  5. 5. According to preliminary calculations of Poltava Regional Center of Investmentand Development to create partial Infrastructure of Kremenchuk "Central"Industrial Park it is needed about $ 3.2 million. For a complete infrastructure ofIndustrial Park it is needed about $ 20 million. Anticipated sources of funding:state, regional, municipal budgets, funds of investors and donors. 10. Organizational model of Industrial Park; Position Duties Head 1. Resolve issues between business entities and local government. 2. Attract foreign investors and collaborates with members of the industrial park. Jurisconsult 1. Provides advice on preparing the necessary documentation. 2. Regulating land relations. 3. Organize competitions on sale (lease) of land. Engineer 1. Promote industrial park. 2. Organize process of engineering equipment at the site of the industrial park, construction of routes, territory fence, solve land issues. 11. Expected results of Industrial Park operation:  Increase the amount and quality of foreign direct investment in real economy, necessary to ensure dynamic economic development of Kremenchuk;  Increase economic productivity of the city;  Create new jobs with potential of training of local citizens;  Increase opportunities for local small and medium enterprises with the introduction of new production needs and relationships, creation of engineering and transport infrastructure for business;  Increase lifelevel and social protection of citizens.Director of Kremenchuk centerof investment andcity development "Kremenchuk Invest" Melnik А. V.ApprovedVice Mayor Pohribnyi A.M.Concept developers: APIBD, Kremenchuk center of investment and citydevelopment "Kremenchuk Invest"Advisory assistance: Poltava Regional Center of Investment and Development
  6. 6. The area plan of Kremenchuk "Central" Industrial Park (top view)Kremenchuk "Central" Industrial Park building plan (Perspective)
  7. 7. Placement of solar panels modules on the roofs of industrial buildings.
  8. 8. Placement of solar panels modules on the roofs of industrial buildings.
  9. 9. Acting Director of "Kremenchuk Centerof International Relations andEconomic Development"Kremenchug Invest"Bulik K.M.APPROVED:Vice MayorPohribnyi A.M.