Trabajo de ingles


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És un treball sobre els tipus d'adolescents i està escrit en anglès.

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Trabajo de ingles

  1. 1. TYPES OF TEENAGERS<br />Neus Cardos<br />Ivan García<br />
  2. 2. Index<br />1.Hippies<br />2.Geeks<br />3.Type of geeks<br />4.Emos<br />5.Gothics<br />6.Punks<br />7.Rappers<br />IMPORTANT!<br />Please when you see the power-point turn on the speakers and listens the music of different teenagers types. <br />
  3. 3. Hippies<br />It's called a hippie counterculture movement born in the 60 United States, as well as the followers of this movement.<br />MUSIC:<br />Listening folk rock psychedelicgroove and rebellious, embracedthe sexual revolution and believed in free love.<br />CLOTHING:<br />The hippie prototype was the use of loose clothing and very colorful. Generally used very colorful and bright clothes, looking and psychedelic aesthetic, but also could see using faded clothes and flowers.<br />
  4. 4. Geeks<br />It refers to an individual who is unusually concerned or obsessed with a particular theme. Those specifically interested also (in some cases of obsessive way) to the themes of the "geek culture." (Science fiction, fantasy, manga, anime, video games, comics and computers, among others).<br />MUSIC AND CLOTHING:<br />Geek music and cloth varies according to the subject that is obsessed<br />
  5. 5. Types of geeks<br />
  6. 6. Emos<br />Emo is a born not made, each person has an emotional inside. are a very special group, which has its own characteristics, today many teenagers and young people are emos, and what that characterize<br />MUSIC:<br />Emo bands trying to make music not purely commercial, because for them to try to satisfy mainstream audiences with music "artificial" or "packed" would be inconsistent with express genuine emotions. In fact, both the concerts of these groups and their discs often have low prices compared to other artists. Much of emo groups are opposed to musical merchandising, such as shirts or other products to make money.<br />
  7. 7. Emosfeatures<br />• A piercing in the top of the eyebrow or lips• The black straight hair with streaks of any color, and has to cover half the face.• His favorite colors are black, white, purple or fuchsia, and if striped clothes• A belt that is unlike others, very bright.• His favorite bands are: Panda, The Chemical Romance, Evanescence and AvrilLavigne.• An account metroflog, hi5, netlog, Sonic where their photos and their favorite artists.• They have the feelings to the surface, sometimes crossed his mind often suicidal or masochistic.• Do not feel understood by anyone, so couples or friends seeking emo.• They have different types bracelets, different colors, but usually with skulls, black and white checkered or serrated.• Have a mystery that makes them unique, they are depressed and never be confrontational rather than wrenching pictures and masochism, but are still human sentiment.<br />
  8. 8. Gothic<br />Gothic personality is often individualistic, to appreciate being an intrinsically. Also outstanding is the interest in life, the supernatural, beauty, black beauty, art, emotion, creativity, the intellectual, the mystery and drama.<br />MUSIC:<br />Although Gothic music encompasses several sub-genres and styles, all of these share a tendency to look and sound dark or dark.<br />CLOTHING:<br />Styles of dress within the subculture take influences from death rock, punk, androgynous style, and even clothing styles of the Renaissance or the Victorian era, however, goths have its own aesthetic, which focuses on black: black suits, makeup to highlight her face pale or red or black lipstick.<br />
  9. 9. PUNKS<br />In its original nature, the punk culture has been primarily on individual freedom, which tends to create beliefs in concepts such as individualism, free thinking. Punk ideology has very often a critical view of the world, to see modern societies as placing limits on humanity<br />MUSIC:<br />In itsbeginnings, punk musicwas a very simple and crude, oftenneglected: a single rock type, with simple melodies short durations, amplified guitar soundsornoisylittlesupervision, fewarrangements and instruments, and generally in bars and fast tempos.<br />
  10. 10. Clothing of punks<br />Punk rock clothing is characterized mainly by a look misaligned. Clothes and hairstyle asymmetrical, dyed hair and aggressive messages on the shirts were some of the most common characteristics of this style. The crest was the symbol par excellence punk, and the messages they carried in their clothing were generally related to the desire of anarchism.<br />
  11. 11. Rappers<br />A rapper is the term for people fans and supporters of hip hop fan either culture or simply a fan of hip hop music. Other ideologies is "selling out“ not to worry only about money, worrying about their music and their reputation....<br />MUSIC:<br />Listen todifferent sub-genres of hip hop, hardcore hip hop, gangsta rap, horrorcore, pop rap, etc.<br />CLOTHING:Baggy pants, shirts a size or two larger, shoes, hats, scarves, chains, however. These stereotypes have been changing, according to many followers of hip hop, a rapper dresses up "like it", the rule that is not influenced in culture. Although many of them are dressed in sport shirts and bling-blings.<br />