A fighter’s lines


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A fighter’s lines

  1. 1. What event was this? Who’s in the circle?
  2. 2. Tunku Abdul Rahman • He was a great fighter who had fought really hard to achieve independence for Tanah Melayu. • He is called the Father of Independence (Bapa Kemerdekaan) • He was Malaysia’s first Prime Minister.
  3. 3. Lieutenant Adnan Bin Saidi • He was one of the soldiers who fought the Japanese army in Malaya during World War II. • He was killed while fighting the Japanese army at the age of 27.
  4. 4. Aung San Suu Kyi • She fought for the rights of the people of Myanmar. • In 1990, her political party won the 1990 election. • However, the Myanmar’s military Junta detained her in her own house for 15 years. She was fully released in 2010.
  5. 5. These people are fighters for theindependence of their own country.
  6. 6. A Fighter’s Lines by Marzuki AliLuahan hati seorang pejuang
  7. 7. What is the poem about?• Who’s the persona in the poem? – The persona in this poem is a veteran fighter / soldier / war hero• The persona had fought for our country’s independence.• The persona urges the younger generation to continue fighting for their country’s independence.
  8. 8. Stanza 1
  9. 9. I am old and wornI am old and tired• Who is I in this line? – I is a veteran fighter / a war hero / a soldier• Why is I tired? – I had fought really hard for his country’s independence.
  10. 10. and have lost all my strengthI am weak• Why is the persona weak?• The persona is weak because – he is old and tired – he was badly injured from the war – he became disabled from the war
  11. 11. sufferingsI had suffered a lot of difficultieswhen I fought for the country’sindependence
  12. 12. and the history of the fight for independencehave forced sacrificesthat know no nameor life1) The persona explains that the war for independence sacrificed many lives.2) The fight for independence have forced the persona to make sacrifices. What were the sacrifices that the persona had to make? The persona had to sacrifice his youth, strength, soul, energy and was separated from his loved ones.
  13. 13. Stanza 2
  14. 14. from the wheelchair of the rest of my daysThe word ‘wheelchair’ tells us that the personais weak and crippled.I, body and energy crushedsee and cannot do muchI am weak and crippled. I do not have energyand strength to contribute to the country asmuch as I want to.
  15. 15. these times are too big a challengeThe persona realises that the threats faced by hiscountry are now a different nature.• What kind of challenge did the persona face when he was young? – He had to fight for his country’s freedom from the colonizer like the British, the Japanese army and the Communists.• What kind of threats or challenges does our country face today? – Corruption / The abuse of power / Moral decay / Hedonism
  16. 16. for the remnants of my crippled yearsremnants: bits and pieces of the persona’s life(saki-baki kehidupan persona)my crippled years: the persona is now living asan old and weak person (hari-hari tua persona)The meaning of this line:Even though the persona is worried about thechallenges faced by his country, he is too oldand weak to do anything.
  17. 17. the net of deceit spread everywheredisturbs medeceit:• lie (penipuan)• dishonesty (ketidakjujuran)• betrayal (pengkhianatan)• corruption / abuse of power (salah guna kuasa/rasuah)The meaning of this line:The net of deceit disturbs and worries thepersona.
  18. 18. Stanza 3
  19. 19. In the name of justiceWake up and form ranks sons of our ancestorsBe braveAnd erect a wall of peopleStand up heirs of our freedom1. justice: fairness (keadilan)2. ancestors: forefathers (nenek moyang)3. heirs of our freedom: the younger generation (anak merdeka)4. erect - build5. form ranks / erect a wall of people / stand up • the younger generation must unite regardless of their age, gender, race and religion • We must be brave to fight for our rights
  20. 20. We must stay unite to protect Malaysia’s freedom! ERECT A WALL OF PEOPLE! STAND FORM UP! RANKS!
  21. 21. Stanza 4
  22. 22. I have no more voiceI am old and weak. I do not have the energy tospeak.It is you now who should speak!1. It is now the younger generation’s turn to protect the freedom of their country.2. The younger generation must speak for their rights.
  23. 23. What can we learn from the poem?• We must love our country.• We must appreciate the fighters’ sacrifices in achieving independence for our country.• We have to respect each other regardless of our age, gender, race and religion.• We must stay unite in order to protect the freedom of our country.