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Coursework marking scheme_11-12

  1. 1. Dr Vesna Brujic‐Okretic  INM401: Information Architecture  19 October 2011 (week 4) INM401 Information ArchitectureCoursework Assignment 2011-12Marking Scheme  • Role Description, Breadth and Context = 15% • Organization of information (Including use of meta-data, creating hierarchies of terms) = 40% • Matching information organization with a navigation structure = 20% • Organization of information on the page = 15% • Report coherence and reflectiveness = 10% Total: 100%RationaleThe coursework will be assessed by the criteria centred on the information architectureprinciples – taking into account both the design, laid out and reflected upon in the report, andthe implemented information portal. Both components will be looked at integrally. The followingguidelines describe the core values that will be credited in each aspect of the submitted work,as specified on the above list.Role Description, Breadth and ContextCredit will be given for addressing a broader context of the role, with various connotations itmight have in practice; the clarity and comprehensiveness of the set of objectives associatedwith the role will also be credited – with a view to driving the design of the information portalOrganization of informationCredit will be given for a thoughtful information organization – based on the principles ofInformation Architecture as taught in the module, which includes structuring the information,creating hierarchies and classifying metadata appropriately. This embraces the design of it – ‘onpaper’ – and the implementation in the web site. The emphasis is, however, on a well thoughtthrough architectural design, which needs to be clearly explained and well argued in the report.The implementation of the design is desirable, but a well argued conceptual solution and a clearroad map for the implementation improvements in the future can compensate for someshortcomings of the implementation. Please note that by ‘design’ we mean the architecturaldesign and we are not assessing explicitly the HCI connotations of it although they areintimately intertwined.Matching information organization with a navigation structure (Site structure)Credit will be given for correlating the information organization as described above – with globaland local navigation structures. It is understood that the navigation structure has to beimplemented within the limits of the used implementation environment.Organization of information on the page
  2. 2. Dr Vesna Brujic‐Okretic  INM401: Information Architecture  19 October 2011 (week 4) Credit will be given for a good use of the page layout to exercise the principles of IA and providea rich content serving the purpose of the information portal. Again, it is understood that this willbe implemented within the limitations of the development environment used.Report coherence and reflectivenessCredit will be given for a well structured, coherent report that lays out clearly how thecoursework assignment has been answered, with illustrative graphical information, includingdiagrams, to support the architecture solutions developed. Reflective and evaluativecommentary notes in the conclusion of the report will also be credited.