Youth For Equality Quiz Contest 08


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On the occasion of children’s day (14th Nov) Youth For Equality has launched an Online QUIZ contest “ YOUTH FOR EQUALITY QUIZ CONTEST-2008”. This is an online quiz contest available on the website This contest begins on Children’s’ Day and will continue up to Youth Day (January 12). Based on the performance participants will be awarded various prizes.

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Youth For Equality Quiz Contest 08

  1. 1. Youth For Equality Quiz contest-2008 Know Youth For Equality Movement……………. A Youth Movement started in 2006 in protest against 27% Reservation for OBC in Central Educational institutions in India. Objectives: To make more and more people aware and involved into this movement. To spread the awareness about ill effects of reservation. To make more people realize about their duties and responsibilities when the nation is under threat of caste based division. Who can participate? • Anyone ranging from a student of 11th class to a senior citizen can take part in this contest. Selection Criteria: • Based on the performance in the quiz contest selections will be made for YFE Brigade-08. Prizes: All the participants, who score more than 60% marks will be given a certificate of participation. Five prizes will be given (1st , 2nd 3rd & two consolation prizes) First prize: A book on life sketch of Swami Vivekananda, A CD on YFE Documentary, A YFE memento, A Country First CD, A YFE T-shirt. Second Prize: A book Falling Over Backwards, A CD on YFE Documentary, A YFE Memento, A Country First CD, A YFE T-shirt. Third Prize: A book Wings of Fire, A CD on YFE Documentary, A Memento, A Country First CD, A YFE T-shirt. Two Runners up: Each will get A memento, A country First CD, A YFE T- shirt
  2. 2. Prizes will be sponsored by EFFORT FOUNDATION (NGO). Notes: 1. This will be an online Quiz Contest and will be available on the website 2. Each participant has to register into YFE Community on the link 3. Certificate of participation will carry the name, which is filled up by the participant during registration into YFE community. 4. Before proceeding for the contest participant can visit Must read and News room links on as a preparative part. 5. The duration of this online quiz contest will be From CHILDRENS’ DAY (14th November 2008) to YOUTH DAY (12th January, 2009). For two months quiz will be available and the result will be declared on YOUTH DAY. 6. Decision of Judges will be final and binding. Jan 12th as quot;National Youth Dayquot;. Because, On this day in the year 1863, was born the great philosopher, an inspiration to the youth, the embodiment of Indian culture and intelligence quot;Swami Vivekanandaquot;. Nov 14th as Childrens’ Day in India. As a tribute to his love for children, Pandit Jawharlal Nehruji's birthday is celebrated all over India as 'CHILDREN'S DAY Warm Regards N.Agasti 9999691964 Shashank Shekhar 9718236684