2014 QofA Washington DC parent meeting


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2014 QofA Washington DC parent meeting

  1. 1. 2014 Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Washington DC Trip Travel Dates: Monday, May 5th-Friday, May 9th
  2. 2. Washington DC 2014 Leaving on Monday, May 5th Promptly at 4:15AM Meet at QofA Wear PE Uniform Packing Check the weather—clothing must still follow free dress rules Comfortable shoes are a must One “dress up” day—no jeans, sweats, or shorts PE Uniform and Travel Shirt $50 baggage fees ($25 each way)—collected prior to trip Luggage tag will be provided Returning on Friday, May 9th Flight lands around 11:01pm Will message when we are on buses Meet back at QofA around 1am
  3. 3. Washington DC 2014 On the flights Assigned seats by airline Will not be purchasing meal on plane—pack snacks (no peanuts) **Please let me know if your child has a fear of flying or gets airsick May have device for music or viewing (no iPads or handheld video game devices)—movies must be age appropriate On Bus No food on bus Bus Buddies No devices on bus—exception will be on drive from PHL- Gettysburg and Gettysburg to DC Purell on bus when get on to keep germs at bay **Please let me know if your child gets car sick
  4. 4. Washington DC 2014 On tours Learning Tours Walking at a quick pace—stay on schedule Course Leaders—ask questions, engage! Course Leaders—knowledgeable **$5 tip On Bus (part two) Bus driver—courtesy **$5 tip
  5. 5. Washington DC 2014 Cell Phones Collected very night Each student will have a baggie to place phone in Teachers will charge if needed—student must let teacher know Mrs. Trela will have cell phone for emergencies As a camera? We will have student photographers and will share pictures with everyone. Funsavers are an alternative Other devices Student is responsible for own device Gaming devices and iPads not allowed Wifi access will not be allowed Think of it as a vacation from the Internet
  6. 6. Washington DC 2014 Medications Complete the medical forms if you have not already Place all medications in a place bag with student’s name detailed directions placed in bag with medication Make sure student is aware of schedule, dosing, etc Will be collected after security and carried by teacher chaperone If medication is needed to be held by student please let me know so that I am aware. First Aid Kit and common over the counter medications **Any medical needs or non-medical (very anxious, etc), please let me know prior to trip
  7. 7. Washington DC 2014 Mornings Alarms in room Teacher wake up “call” Clean room check Breakfast Evenings/Nights Phone calls home/medications when return to hotel No swimwear needed—no swimming time Straight back to rooms Teacher check of each room Showering at night/Sharing Beds Security guard on duty all night Open door if emergency or need adult—security guard will get me
  8. 8. Washington DC 2014 Food Designated eating points Eat when we eat Any medical/religious dietary restrictions—please let me know Souvenirs One scheduled stop Shops similar to those in SF Sweatshirts are about $35 No more than $100—student is responsible for money
  9. 9. Washington DC 2014 Safety/Behavior Public places—be aware of surroundings Safety first Nametag with emergency numbers and with chaperones at all times Traveling as a large group and small groups with chaperones Security Phone Tree and SchoolReach Make sure that phone number on Schoolspeak is updated Will send out phone tree next week with final letter and information
  10. 10. Washington DC 2014 The following slides include the tentative schedule for the trip A final itinerary will be provided prior to the trip This itinerary does not include a White House visit as we have not been confirmed as of today.
  11. 11. Day One—May 5th Meet at QofA—leave at 4:15am Bus to SFO Flight—arrives 5pm Dinner—Applebee’s (preorder) Ghost Tour of Philadelphia Hotel for sleep
  12. 12. Day Two—May 6th Wake up—5:30-6:00am Breakfast—Hotel Leave hotel— 7:45am put luggage back on bus Walking Tour of PHL Independence Hall Liberty Bell Betsy Ross’ House Box Lunch—12:30pm (preorder) Gettysburg Dinner—6:00pm (Pike’s Restaurant) To Washington DC and Hotel
  13. 13. Day Three—May 7th Wake up—5:30-6:00am—Dress Up Day Breakfast—Hotel Leave hotel— 7:45am Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Changing of Guard, Eternal Flame Box Lunch—11:00am (preorder) Holocaust Museum Tour Ford’s Theatre Tour National Archives Tour Declaration of Independence, Constitution, etc Dinner—6:00pm (Vie de France) Night Memorial Tour Back to Hotel
  14. 14. Day Four—May 8th Wake up—5:30-6:00am Breakfast—Hotel Leave hotel— 7:45am Mount Vernon Lunch—12:00pm (Roy Rogers) Memorial Tour National Cathedral Tour Dinner—5:30pm (Carmine’s) Kennedy Center for Performance Sheer Madness Back to Hotel
  15. 15. Day Five—May 9th Wake up—5:30-6:00am Breakfast—Hotel Leave hotel— 7:45am—bags back on bus for trip home Capitol Tour Library of Congress, Supreme Court Stop Lunch—11:30am (Union Station—food court) Smithsonian Museum Air and Space, Museum of American History, Natural History Bus to Dulles Airport—5:00pm Dinner—6:30pm ($10 for food court in airport) Flight Home Pick up at QofA—approx 1:00am
  16. 16. Washington DC 2014 To do list: 1. Return completed medical form and behavior contract 2. Send in check for the following for your child: 1. $6 for travel t-shirt 2. $10 for tips for driver and Course Leader 3. $50 for baggage fees 3. Let Mrs. Trela know of any medical, non-medical items that may come up while on the trip, for your child 4. Be ready to travel on May 5th Thank you for attending! If you have any other questions, please let me know!