New Media Services News Letter For January 2011


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New Media Services News Letter For January 2011

  1. 1. JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTERNews Online XchangeJANUARY 2011 ISSUE News Online Xchange (NOX) is the o cial monthly business newsletter of New Media Services Pty. Ltd. It serves to give up-to-date information on the products and services under the NMS brand, as well as news involving the Web and Mobile industries. ONLINE MODERATION Moderation Online being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme not violent or subject to extremes; mild or Moderators in general, used when a machine is one who holds or champions moderate views calm; temperate of medium or average quantity or opinions one who presides over to lessen turned on and connected to other devices being connected to the internet or extent the violence, severity, or extremeness of Monitoring of online/web posts and updates to make sure that a website, forum or chat room is reliably accurate and free from o ensive information. This is generally used by companies who have an online presence to maintain, to ensure that their business has a slim to zero exposure to brand degradationReal-Time Moderation: Your Key to Online Incorruptibility Facilitation vs. ModerationTHE CHALLANGE of Online CommunitiesThe main roadblock of websites that cater to multiple users is that a single user if gone unchecked has the How do you differentiate facilitation and moderationpotential to ruin a websites overall image. from each other? HOW? Mr. Webster says that facilitation is the act of It all boils down to the "Because I Can" philosophy. A user who violates terms of use, copyright laws, facilitating; the state of being facilitated. Moderation, engages in cyber bullying, slurs and stolen content dissemination opens the path to other users copying on the other hand, is to lessen the intensity or these practices - where one violator becomes two, then three and so forth. extremeness. Obviously, the common denominator of both terms is this: to facilitate or to moderate is anAnd that would be the resulting stigma of these events? A website becomes branded as the source ofunethical information, disrespectful comments and undesirable content. These are major liabilities that no act wherein something or someone is or service provider would want on their image. It is non-marketable and anything related to the site Pretty little difference between the two, dont youthrough either services, products or persons would su er. think?What can be done to prevent this? Enter facilitating and moderating online communitiesA system that guards a website through a set of rules and guides on posting and uploading is a and slowly, each term separates from each othercost-e ective way of protecting your image and your investment. This system must be quick, responsive and like oil on water.must adhere to a strict code of ethics. After all, it is a widely known fact that users hardly ever readagreements or terms of use. As a client precaution and smart business move, a system must be employed Let us revisit both terms with the term online thrownthat reduces hassle for clients and end-users. in.THE VISION Online moderation becomes the act of monitoring allThe Internets greatest advantage is also its pitfall. The level of accessibility and ease in updating it make it types of communication in an online community (likevulnerable to inaccurate information, distasteful content, racially charged statements, stolen data and legal chat, forums, blogs, comments) and carefully editingsanctions or regulated les. or changing the tone and flow of conversations to stay true to the accepted norms and rules of aThat is where a system of MODERATION comes into play. Only professional and serious website service specific community. On the other hand, onlineproviders will invest on their image and ensure that they are not just another inaccurate statistic in the sea of facilitation becomes some sort of an enhancementdubious online content. MODERATION makes the Internets aw your greatest advantage - when you arereliably accurate and conduct yourself with integrity amid the mass of useless and o ensive information, you of communication and conversations through abecome the one of the few sources of clean and correct posts, you become a "go -to" website for a network guided exchange of ideas, opinions and reactions.of users that re tired of being misled, insulted and unheard. Think of the online communities that you belong to(This is an excerpt from the o cial business document of WWW Moderation, NMS online moderation services, written by Ian Jason De La Cruz. – can you actually pick out who is acting as theYou can download the full version at forum/chatroom/blogging moderator and facilitator? New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  2. 2. JANUARY 2011 ISSUE JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER ONLINE MODERATION ? What Is, Why Do It and How To? Managing, monitoring, facilitating online conversations & content WHAT IS WHY DO HOW TO THE 3 BIG QUESTIONS 1. Pre or Post Moderation? Applies to any form of Ensure a safe, welcoming De ne key objectives and Pre – Moderation - submitted content reviewed BEFORE User-Generated Content (UGC) environment measure progress being posted -Advantages: No risk of inappropriate content -Disadvantages: Does not facilitate interactions or Forum messages Observe daily interactions Moderation strategies, usage communication; Higher investment required Blog comments Encourage participation, guidelines, trend reports Photos pro-activity seeding content Suggest areas of improvements Video and audio and interacting and reporting on the concerns Live chat & more Act on abusive behavior, of your community remove posts & assign ags users online user comments / PRE-MODERATION QEUE Online Community feedback to members’ accounts funnelled & maintained by forum/ sites moderators Post – Moderation - submitted content posted WITHOUT advance review BEST PRACTICES IN - Advantages: Increases interactivity & liveliness; Better user experience; Lower investment required ONLINE MODERATION - Disadvantages: Risk of inappropriate content 1. Assess Risks Identify risks to image - Know your brands weak points users online user comments / Online Community Moderators feedback forum / sites / realtime checking of the and know the response chatrooms online community - News is scary. Stay on top of 2. Pre or Post Moderation? development ssurrounding AUTOMATED MODERATION: CROWD SOURCE IT your brand and industry. - Encourage and leverage your community to assist - Be swift with your response. - Enable violation on all types of UGC Faster than real time. Use - Only remove content that is in violation external sources to predict - Provide clearly visible methods for submitting violations problem spots. - Allow guest reporting, or force members to log in Identify potential liabilities MANUAL MODERATION: CONTENT MANAGEMENT - Copyrights - Allow your members to build their community: They will take "ownership," if you - Libel provide the tools; It is natural - Corporate secrets (insider trading) - Allow for open and honest feedback and discussion: Be prepared for criticism and negative comments; Allow champions or evangelists to defend your actions/project 2. De ne Rules - Be prepared for "competitor" conversations & comparisons: Easiest and quickest way Identify potential liabilities to review what your community and others are saying, direct feedback - Members should "agree" to terms during registration 3. INTERNAL VS. OUTSOURCED MODERATION? - Terms of Use is a contract - what is Why hire a 3rd party to enforce rules and policies? and is not allowed - Objectively observe and take appropriate action - Community rules should be easy - You can be viewed as an active participant, rather than the "enforcer" to read and understand - Emotions can interfere with rational decisions - Reduces the overtone that "big brother" is always watching Require registration when possible - Free up internal sta time for program development - Allow anyone to read content, but require log-in to participate - Be aware of who your community members are - Assist in member management “ Only professional and serious website service providers will invest on their image. ” New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  3. 3. JANUARY 2011 ISSUE JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER INFORMATION HIGHWAY TIPS FOR AN ONLINE FORUM MODERATOR Engage members in thinking and responding Provoke curiosity and stimulate intelligent discussions about a critical, controversial or intriguing topic Embed one or more questions in your messages, and use an inquiring tone to invite others to join the discussion Ask good questions that stimulate thought Share and compare experiences as a way of learning from others Invite others to help problem-solve a dilemma youre facing Opening the Conversation The title of the topic and the content of the rst message all have a bearing on who will be attracted to the topic Use witty or intriguing titles, but ensure that the topic is clearly identi ed i the title Keep your intros short and to the point Asking Good Questions Good questions are fundamental aspects of moderating a group discussion. Ask questions that could be responded to without a thoughtful answer, often referred to us "open questions" - questions that cannot be answered with just a simple yes or no Questions that speci cally ask about another idea of point of view can lead to a rich and re ective dialogue. Answering Questions Posting thoughtful answers can help sustain the ow of conversation beyond a simple question/answer rhythm For questions that needs to be answered by the website owners, make sure that someone from the company is noti ed so that a response is posted in their behalf Types of Blog Comments New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  4. 4. JANUARY 2011 ISSUE JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER WWW MODERATION WHY CREATE A MODERATION DEPARTMENT WHEN YOU CAN HIRE EXPERTS WHO ARE ALREADY TRAINED AND WILLING TO WORK FOR YOU? New Media Services WWW Moderation is a moderation system o ered to clients who want professional service for their website needs. It ranges fro text posts to le uploads and adheres to a set of guidelines that are tailor-made for and by any client. New Media Services has in its employ, a large team of experts to handle client-demands and assist in your com- panys goals by shouldering the weight of moderating undesired website threats like SPAM, Flames, Trolling, False Advertising, Outside liking, Illegal Programs/Scripts, Piracy and Censor Bypassing. We shoulder the weight of moderation so you can focus on other concerns. FEATURES: Our moderation scope handles multiple mediums of posts and uploads and may be modi ed to t your needs. Our current moderation features lter: Media: Text: Miscellaneous Images Blogs Tags Videos Comments Status Wallpapers Descriptions Updates Ringtones an Music Usernames Avatars We have in our employ, live operators, reports analysts and quality control teams ready and able to serve you 24/7. (This is an excerpt from the o cial business document of WWW Moderation, NMS online moderation services, written by Ian Jason De La Cruz. You can download the full version at POST MASTER FEATURES: Reveals your real-time posts Locates the site of each postTrack and monitor Web Posts De nes the channel of your postwith ease, speed and accuracy. Quanti es your post for each channel and each operator PRIVILEGES: Easy post detection and correction Admins, Full access to the product function Client, View latest post, statistics and own pro le Operators, Add post, view latest post, PostMaster is an invisible watchdog that will track your marketing methods view their pro les online in terms of bloging and social sites. OUR FEBRUARY ISSUE IS ALL ABOUT THE CREATIVE WORLD OF WEB / MOBILE APPLICATIONS! New Media Services e the Go-To company w