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YouTube has completed beta testing of a new channel page now available to all users and brands. The new “One Channel” design puts featured content front and center and matches the aesthetic of Google+. YouTube has also announced several new features that aid in organizing and promoting videos on individual channels. This POV explains the news design and what to expect in the future.

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  • It's frikkin crap. Anyone who thinks differently has absolutely no experience in branding. What a generic piece of crap. A thin tiny cover photo that is the only branding across an entire huge pallet of white generic background. What happened to the branded channel backgrounds many companies worked so hard to create to really showcase the brand and spent money on? Now we have WHITE. We lost the ability to link to more than three social networks, loss of placement for channel description and info up top. What a complete mess. Terrible move YouTube. We will be considering other venues for video hosting more seriously now. Bah!
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YouTube One Channel Redesign

  1. 1. YouTube One Channel RedesignMarch 15, 2013 Example of a client-themed cover slide
  2. 2. 2Executive SummaryYouTube has completed beta testing of anew channel page now available to allusers.The new “One Channel” design putsfeatured content front and center fornew users and matches the aesthetic ofits social network Google+.YouTube has also announced severalnew features that aid in organizing andpromoting videos on individualchannels.This POV explains the news design andwhat to expect in the future.
  3. 3. 3YouTube’s New One Channel Design Current Channel Page “One Channel” Design In early February, YouTube debuted a new channel page layout and design as well as several new features for video management. As of March 15, the new “One Channel” design is available to all users.
  4. 4. 4New Design Aligns with Google+ “One Channel” Design Google+ Profile Design The new One Channel design features a single column design with sidebars to the left and right. The layout is very similar to the current look and feel of Google+, reflecting Google’s strategy of putting its social network platform at the center of all Google activity.
  5. 5. 5YouTube Integration within Google+ In December 2012, Google announced better integration of YouTube within Google+ profiles. By linking a YouTube account to Google+, users and brands can create a YouTube tab featuring uploaded videos.
  6. 6. 6 YouTube’s One Channel Design Channel Page BannerYouTubeChannelGuide Featured ChannelTabbed ListChannelNavigation Social ProfileUser ButtonsChannelTrailer “Shelf” of Featured Playlists
  7. 7. 7Social Profile Buttons • Links to social networks and web pages are now featured over the channel page banner • Custom links can also be added to any URL outside of YouTube • New features eliminate HTML coding previously needed to hot link channel banners
  8. 8. 8Discussion and About Tabs • The channel description and links have been moved to a separate About tab • Channel comments have been moved to a separate • Featured channels are displayed on Discussion tab the About Tab as well as on the static right hand sidebar of the main channel page
  9. 9. 9Channel Banner and Responsive Design • The Background Image has been eliminated, leaving a single channel banner for customizable branding • When designed to specific guidelines, the channel banner will automatically resize for PC, tablet, and mobile viewing
  10. 10. 10Channel Trailer • Channel pages can feature a video for visiting users that are not subscribed to the page • Subscribers that visit a channel page will not see this video and will see an activity feed instead • The video is an opportunity to introduce users to the channel and encourage them to subscribe
  11. 11. 11Bulk Editing • Within the video manager, users can now apply bulk actions to a selection of videos • Actions include changing privacy setting, enabling ads on videos, adding tags, changing titles, or editing categories
  12. 12. 12Tag Management • Users will be able to view and manage tags used in videos, similar to popular blogging platforms • Along with tag management abilities, playlists can be made on the fly based on common tags
  13. 13. 13Customizable Upload Messages • Users are now able to create a customizable message that will be posted alongside a video when it is published online • New options allow simultaneous posting to social profiles when a video goes public with the custom message • The custom message and share options also work if a video is scheduled to be posted in the future
  14. 14. 14Next Steps for Brands1. Reskin YouTube Channels to Match New Layout Design Creative efforts should focus on designing a channel banner and formatting social and other external links driving from the profile.2. Consider Feature Video Content For Non-Subscribers With the new channel trailer feature, brands will have the ability to create a specialized video shown only to those not yet subscribed to the brand channel. Consider developing introductory or engaging content to encourage users to subscribe to the channel or introducing the current priority marketing program.3. Re-examine Opportunities to Organize and Optimize Content New bulk video actions and tagging features will make it easier for managers to optimize videos for SEO and to implement tags across video to assist in organization.
  15. 15. Presented by Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. All information contained herein, including pricing, program terms and creative, is proprietary and confidential to Meredith Corporation, its subsidiaries or its affiliates.Copyright © 2013 Meredith Corporation.