The Evolution of Technology and Content as told at SXSWi


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It was an evolutionary year at the 2013 SXSWi. How will new technologies like Google Glass play into the existing landscape? How are we using existing technologies to create authentic, emotional experiences between brands and fans? How are we using the context of daily routines to inform our business?

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The Evolution of Technology and Content as told at SXSWi

  1. 1. SXSWi 2013 Recap An Evolutionary Year
  2. 2. 2Emerging Tech Provides First Person POVOn-the-Go• Google Glass – Aids in content creation • Takes pictures or video • Stream experiences live • Builds upon popular video services like Vine now from first person POV – Hands-free communication • Make calls • Video chat • Speak to send messages – Next great augmented reality tool • Acts as personal assistant • Get directions • Ask contextual questions • Translate language live
  3. 3. 3Centralized Content Streams• Fatigue has set in. – There are now more than 230 million homepages on the Internet – Consumers are overwhelmed by social network news feeds• How do we curate and view streams in a concise way? – Looking for aggregators after demise of Google Reader – Do we seek out new ways to curate content, e.g. variant Facebook news feeds, or trust publishers to curate?• How do pay walls and paid content platforms play into this? – Brands like NYT beginning to redesign experience to focus on interactivity, responsive design and story curation
  4. 4. 4 Telling Authentic and Emotional Stories• Personalizing content strategy to connect 1:1 with audience is next evolution of social marketing, whether in online gaming, social TV or marketing of consumer products• Crowd sourcing content is the way to relate emotionally with your audience and put your customer front and center – Facebook’s acquisition of Storylane supports this movement – Companies like Airbnb and Modcloth preached importance of creating authentic and original experiences• In entertainment, customized episode endings and directly conversing with fans to gain production feedback is the current trend
  5. 5. 5Contextography• Foursquare is beginning to have a greater understanding of what consumers do on a daily basis in and out of their routine: what types of places they travel to and when• Can create a predictive string outlining how a city behaves – even during natural disasters• Allows business to understand who might be their best customers if targeted correctly• Audience is expanding rapidly with pre-installed app on Android and Blackberry, in addition to integrations with Vine, Instagram, et al.
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