Smart Economic Growth Presentation Sept 2011 Se Ed Network Launch


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Smart Economic Growth Presentation Sept 2011 Se Ed Network Launch

  1. 1. SMART Economic Development …..forward through Smart Economic Growth Surrey Connects
  2. 2. South EastEconomic Development Network Launch 28 September 2011 Surrey Connects
  3. 3. Mark Pearson Chief ExecutiveSurrey Economic Partnership 28 September 2011 Surrey Connects
  4. 4. Quotations for smart economic development?“The most valuable commodity I know is information– wouldn’t you agree?” Gordon Gekko“It’s the economy – stupid!” Bill Clinton“A little less conversation, a little more actionplease” Elvis Presley“Look and see what others are doing, adapt theirinnovations, borrow their brainwaves” Greg Clark MP Surrey Connects
  5. 5. Elements of smart economic growth Surrey Connects
  6. 6. A rationale for smart economic growth?“In a time of social fragmentation, vulgarity becomesa way of life. To be shocking becomes moreimportant – and often more profitable – than to becivil or creative or truly original.” Al Gore Surrey Connects
  7. 7. The new paradigm? It is Not New! Building Prosperousand Sustainable Communities Surrey Connects
  8. 8. Evolving the renaissance of business (1)The Third Industrial Revolution? – as issues ofinternet/ social media and renewable energy cometogether: – driven by exports – powered by low carbon – fuelled by innovation – rich with opportunity Surrey Connects
  9. 9. Evolving the renaissance of business (2)What is needed now is a different set of macropolicies to reposition manufacturing and services forthe economics of growth – a different kind of policyresponse: – green production – low carbon buildings – deployment of inventions – new business models Surrey Connects
  10. 10. National Economic Development Policy"It’s an unprecedented opportunity for local leadersto take choices and make decisions. This is one ofthose points in history where individuals really dohave a chance to make their mark. The next year hasto be about turning ambition into results.""Government is ready to listen. There is no limit towhat partnerships might want to propose but theirown imagination and ambition, nothing is off thetable.“ ‘Just get on with it!’ Eric Pickles MP Surrey Connects
  11. 11. Integrated approach for smart economic growthFor the local community – however big it is!: – Encourages local enterprise – Serves local needs – Promotes stable employment and revenues – by building on local competitive advantages – Promote open innovation and high value added activity – Protects the natural environment – Increases social equity – Is capable of succeeding in the global market place – Promotes a strong sense of place Surrey Connects
  12. 12. Core tools (1)Approaches to delivery: – Planning – mix land uses to support growth and development and efficient use of land and premises – Direct investment to existing business locations – Incubation – Sense of place – distinctive and sustainable communities (not ghettos!) – Housing – Communications networks – transportation/ superfast broadband Surrey Connects
  13. 13. Core tools (2)Approaches to delivery: – Environment – enhancement of quality of life – Promoting the low carbon economy – Technology – for flexible working/ internet use to drive business growth – Inward investment – targeted and focused – Innovation – high growth, low impact – Finance – PE/ VC/ BankingPartnership – collaboration in delivery decisions Surrey Connects
  14. 14. To achieve thisThere is a need for: – Leadership and vision and energy – Focus – local to global and vice versa – Co-ordination and marshalling of resources – Influence and advocacy – Identification of key clusters/agglomerations – Skills development – education for business – Collaboration – business and public sector – Information – is power – get it out there Trust Surrey Connects
  15. 15. Surrey Connectsforward though Smart Economic Growth Surrey Connects
  16. 16. Smart Economic Growth (1)• will help to achieve a sustainable Surrey rather than growth at any cost.• is about extracting ‘more from less’• using technology, and innovative ways of working to increase productivity without damaging the quality of life or the environment in Surrey Surrey Connects
  17. 17. Smart Economic Growth (2)• Surrey Connects will optimise the potential of people, land, space and technology• a focus on sustainability creates business value, equally in times of economic difficulty as in periods of growth• by driving innovation that can inform a market-leading position• is a new and evolving approach Surrey Connects
  18. 18. Smart Economic Growth (3)• Surrey Connects will explore, understand, and then drive forward, what this means in practice for economic development across Surrey• it may include new forms of development and the application of local authority housing, transport and planning powers in new ways• the aim of Surrey Connects is to create a new space in which business and local government can come together to develop and implement this approach Surrey Connects
  19. 19. Growth Sectors – focus! Surrey Connects
  20. 20. Outcomes Global Competitiveness Driving Enterprise 100% super fast broadband coverage Higher business survival ratesPromotion of Surrey as a inward investment Stimulation of business creation location Delivery of flexible workspace to accommodate Delivery of major infrastructure projects – new businesses through Transport for Surrey Getting the right local business support offer Smart Economic Growth Knowledge Economy Innovation Culture Development of a world-class business/ Higher rates of R&D spend management school Support for innovation agenda Increasing the number of people ready for Increase of patent/ IP applications employment at all skill levels Development of the Community of InnovationMaximise university, education and business and the Ambassador Academylinkages through the Surrey Employment & Skills Board Surrey Connects
  21. 21. Closing quotations!Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself Zen Do not let the fear take root – fear is part of the dark side Yoda Surrey Connects
  22. 22. Surrey Economic Partnership progressing….. Surrey Connects –forward through Smart Economic Growth Surrey Connects
  23. 23. Mark Pearson e: 07581 098 157 t: 01483 685230 @NMPearson @SurreyConnects Surrey Connects
  24. 24. Surrey Connects