SB2 Initiative - The Partnership for Global Growth


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De-risking the international experience of organisations by complementing and extending existing programmes offered by government agencies through a unique multi-sector approach.

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SB2 Initiative - The Partnership for Global Growth

  1. 1. The SB2 Initiative The Partnership for Global Growth Best way to Predict the Future, is to Create it!
  2. 2. About SB2 International Ventures SB2 facilitates International Opportunities and de-risks the International Experience for selected organisations with interests in the Science and High Tech sectors. Our unique business model expedites this process of market entry and expansion through growing and economically strong Regions; this accelerates company success in those markets. We have developed and strategically positioned a strong partnership of appropriate business professionals, advisors, resources and government representatives to ensure in-market support and a safe base for our Clients. Facilitation of enduring economic value will be supported by the establishment and ongoing activities of a Centre for Excellence in International Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship.
  3. 3. Executive Summary SB2 International Ventures Limited provides in-market facilities and services that accelerate the International Readiness and Success of organizations looking to achieve real productivity gains These are the SB2 Expressway programs, extending and complementing Government programmes. This facilitation of enduring economic value will be supported by the establishment and ongoing activities of a Centre for Excellence in International Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship. Through exhaustive research and hence by design, we are a Private Sector firm, responding to the dynamic changes in today’s global economic environment confronting Exporters, with a call to action for strong Public Sector support through investment and progressive policy and regulations to help increase an Exporter's fundamental competitiveness and economic opportunity through an innovative Partnership for Global Growth. The current focus is on establishing the SB2 Expressway between New Zealand, as a gateway to Australasia, and Canada, as a gateway to the North American Market, with a view to replicate the model to other jurisdictions in the future.
  4. 4. Key Messages • Most World Economies are now dependant on Export Trade • Global Financial Crisis is making it tougher for achieving Export Success, negatively impacting Domestic Economic Growth and Prosperity • The other side of the Crisis will not look like the normal of recent years • SB2 is leading a Multi-Sector response to create an Adaptive Model to Accelerate International Readiness and Success • SB2’s Adaptive Model: • Requires active engagement between the Public, Private and Academic/Research Sectors • Extends and Complements Public Sector initiatives • Capable of being replicated to other regions of the World • Phase I focus on New Zealand and Canada (Waterloo-Guelph Region) • Phase II may include Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal etc. • Phase III may include other countries (e.g. Malaysia, Singapore, UK etc.)
  5. 5. Expected Results and Outcomes • Create, grow and retain companies that are able to create new markets with breakthrough innovations • Accelerate the international commercialisation of leading edge technologies, goods and services • Boost company returns to equity through real productivity gains • Draw internationally on existing commercialisation strength, infrastructure, networks and funding sources to enhance capacity • Attract investment • Strengthen domestic collaboration and ensure that benefits spill over to a wide array of firms, sectors and regions • Open up new opportunities to access world-class research equipment, facilities and networks • Develop relationships with major international centres and research programs • Attract top research talent from around the world
  6. 6. Initiative‟s Integrated Approach This approach provides the following measures of success: • Investing in skills and knowledge • Increasing international business connections • Investing in infrastructure for a stronger economy • Lowering business costs • Strengthening the environment for innovation • Forming key partnerships to strengthen the economy • Increasing business exports Three Key Stakeholder Groups: 1) Public Sector 2) Private Sector 3) Academic / Research Three Core Drivers for Success: 1) Enhance Collaboration 2) Drive Economic Growth Business influencing / guiding public and 3) Accelerate International Success academic support
  7. 7. Multi-Layered Stakeholder Engagement This approach and focus spans across countries
  8. 8. The Partnership for Global Growth The Partnership for Global Growth (“Partnership”) is a Not-For-Profit Association. It’s purpose is to support initiatives for accelerating global growth of organisations. The Partnership has both Member Partners, Associate Partners and Sponsors. The former will participate in a Partnership Board, providing direction, ensuring appropriate allocation of funds and managing strategic relationships that will support the achievement Partnership of the Partnership’s three-fold goals: for Global Growth Acceleration of International Success, Driven Economic Growth and Enhanced Collaboration. The Partnership will deliver programs and services through a Private Sector led operating arm, facilitated in the first instance by SB2 International Ventures (“SB2”).
  9. 9. Founding Principles Partnerships are founded on the principles of „Win-Win‟, Trust and Collaboration WIN-WIN - the initiative is structured so that success for one partner is aligned to success for all TRUST – the initiative ensures “fair” exchange of value, and regular communication to ensure aligned understanding of performance and expectations COLLABORATION - the parties co-create value by working together in an open and collaborative manner The Partnership for Global Growth is not-for-profit Association, whose purpose is to accelerate global economic Partnership success for organisations, through collaboration and provision of business services. For Global Growth
  10. 10. Co-Creating the Partnership Requires discussion between Partners to ensure alignment and understanding of: Why we are in it – Shared Vision or Purpose, Expectations of Parties, Contributions How it will work – Engagement Model, Principles, Review Forums, Processes What success looks like – Outcomes and Measures, Performance Monitoring The Partnership for Global Growth is not-for-profit Association, whose purpose is to accelerate global economic Partnership success for organisations, through collaboration and provision of business services. For Global Growth
  11. 11. Partnership for Global Growth: Charter The Partnership for Global Growth is not-for-profit Association. Its purpose is: To accelerate global economic success for organisations, through collaboration and provision of business services The three core objectives are: • Acceleration of International Success for commercial, research and academic organisations • Economic Growth improved for the participant countries, regions and/or cities • Enhanced Collaboration between countries, industry sectors and organisations The Partnership for Global Growth Constitution contains the rules of the Association and is to be amended and ratified by Founding Members The Partnership for Global Growth is not-for-profit Association, whose purpose is to accelerate global economic Partnership success for organisations, through collaboration and provision of business services. For Global Growth
  12. 12. International Engagement Model The Partnership for Global Growth (“Partnership”) is a Not- For-Profit Association that supports initiatives for accelerating international readiness and success of organisations. Initial Member Partners will be expected to fund the Establishment Phase and participate in the ongoing governance of the Partnership, providing direction, ensuring appropriate allocation of funds and managing strategic relationships. Member Partners are expected to actively engage and collaborate with each other. The Partnership and SB2 will work together through a unique symbiotic relationship, characterised by close, long term interactions driving enduring benefits for all involved. SB2 operates as a For-Profit entity engaging with the Partnership through a co-created, collaborative and responsible model. SB2 facilitates the day-to-day operations of the in-market Accelerator Centres, Programmes and Services. Through this Model, SB2 is expected to become self-sufficient , with the expectations that a percentage of profit be channelled back into the Partnership for the expansion of scope and capability.
  13. 13. International Engagement Model The Initiative’s Partners and Network of Networks, create International Success for an Organisation by identifying and applying appropriate competences (knowledge and skills) through targeted programmes and activities. This is an experiential, contextual and meaning laden process whereby Value is Co-Created by all parties involved. The Centre For Excellence ensures that all Programmes and Services offered, including those through the in-market Accelerator Centres, are well aligned with the changing needs of Companies and the dynamic nature of the Global Market Environment
  14. 14. The PGG – how it works A core proposition behind the PGG is that Countries need to collectively and collaboratively co-create value together through Public Sector, Academia and Private Sector engaging globally. This co-creative, collaborative model is a core to the new approach for Excellence in International Commercialization and Entrepreneurship. Countries gain economic benefit from both in-bound and out-bound International Business and Foreign Direct Investment. The PGG raises funds to support and drive Research (relevant to Excellence in International Commercialization and Entrepreneurship), Initiatives that advance its aims, and to support the establishment of Acceleration Programs and In-Market Accelerator Centres. PGG Global Steering Committee PGG Steering Sub-Committees: - Country and Regional co-ordination - Identify initiatives (regional or global) - Driving engagement and membership SB2 Profit % back into PGG PGG NZ PGG Canada PGG Country etc. Initiatives Initiatives Initiatives Initiatives Initiatives In-Market Accelerator Centres SB2 is the Operating Arm of the PGG - Creating and operating the In-Market Accelerator Centres that accelerate International readiness and success. % of Profits obtained through Client Engagement and Success are put back into the PGG for allocation.
  15. 15. Public Sector Engagement Partnership Steering Establishment Committee Commercial Accountability Funding Facilitated In-Market Relationships Partnership Services Board of Directors for Global Stimulate Economic Growth Pay for Services Inward/Outward FDI Growth Public Country Promotion Increased Investment in the Sector Country and Region Access to new Research & IP Initial Funding Support and Advisory Boards: Enhanced Reputation Credibility -Selection Panel Fees for Services - Program Development Stimulated Economic Growth - Client Advisory Boards Transparency and Advice and Guidance Accountability Representatives from the Public Sector and SB2 will have representation on the Partnership for Global Growth’s Partnership Steering Committee, either directly or through sponsorship of a trusted 3rd party
  16. 16. Overview of SB2 Partnerships The Strategic Partners with and through whom the SB2 Expressway Providing initial funding and services are delivered and operated Public and Private Sector ongoing support, with interest organisations with an interest in success and outcomes Strategic in the Venture’s success Service Partners Public Sector Sponsors and Partners Supporters Client Strategic Organisations Alliances Investors The organisations who use the Other Venture Partners who work SB2 Expressway programs together for mutual benefit, Direct financial stake and generally to capture an opportunity expectations for appropriate Return on Investment
  17. 17. What SB2 Does to Deliver Value • Establish the Partnership for Global Growth to ensure accountability and management of Public Sector funding, as well as sustainability of value • Develop and run the SB2 Expressway as the foundation for Driving Economic Growth, Accelerating International Success and Enhancing Collaboration – providing a “fast route for creating International Readiness and Success” • Assess and pre-qualify businesses to use the SB2 Expressway • Ensure delivery of facilitated in-market programs and services • Facilitate value-add collaboration • Develop and run the online Knowledge and Innovation Communities to enhance collaboration and support the SB2 Expressway programs • Develop a Framework for Growth through collaboration with Strategic Alliance Partners
  18. 18. SB2 Contact Details Neil Movold Managing Director (e) (c) +64 21 749 898