Korea Regional Development Week 2010

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Invest KOREA cordially invites you to the 1st K...
■ Outline of Korea Regional Development Week 2010

 Date :                     September 15(Wed)-17(Fri), 2010
 Venue :   ...
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       Tour to Korean Local Governments (All attendees must reply by August 17 )

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Local Development Week


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Local Development Week

  1. 1. <Invitation> Korea Regional Development Week 2010 ■ Greetings Invest KOREA cordially invites you to the 1st Korea Regional Development Week (KRDW) to be held from September 15-17, 2010 at EXCO in Daegu, Korea. The KRDW is expected to function as a marketplace for those of you interested in spotting a new location to invest in, or in expanding or relocating your business in Korea. We are hopeful that this event will play an important role as a catalyst to actualize your investment plans through the exchange of ideas and precise information offered by Korea’s central and local governments. As this four-day event is organized to be a one-stop reference source, guests will be able to gather specific details on many business related aspects of Korea, and its 16 local governments. On 15th of September, Invest KOREA offers our distinguished guests 1:1 consultation opportunities with the officials from each local government. This business matchmaking will offer both foreign and domestic investors specific and customized information that can be expected to generate actual business opportunities within Korea. Furthermore, on 16th, we offer a field tour around project sites of each local government to provide our dear guests the chance to eye witness the projects 16 local governments have in plan. At last year’s Korea Regional Investment Fair (KRIF), which was the predecessor of this event, a total of 16 MOU agreements were concluded between Korean local governments and global businesses and investors. The KRIF served as an excellent venue to witness the strong attraction of Korea’s investment opportunities among businesses and investors from around the globe. To meet your and also our expectations, the central and local governments along with KOTRA are doing their utmost in preparation for the successful holding of the Korea Regional Development Week, while eagerly awaiting your visit to the Fair. On behalf of KOTRA and Invest KOREA I thank you for your continued interest in Korea, and I hope to see you in this September in Daegu. Sincerely Yours, Hank Ahn Head of Invest KOREA 1
  2. 2. ■ Outline of Korea Regional Development Week 2010 Date : September 15(Wed)-17(Fri), 2010 Venue : EXCO, Daegu ■ Program Overview (for Foreign Investors) Date Time Program Venue Details Individual Arrival Schedule Sep. 14 Hotel Inter-burgo Visit from President of (Tue) 19:00~20:30 Welcome Dinner Daegu KOTRA 10:30~11:50 Opening Ceremony 11:50~13:40 KRDW Official Luncheon Orientation to Guide Consultation Session 13:40~14:00 Consultation Session EXCO Daegu Interpreter Allocation Sep. 15 Investors Relation & (Wed) 14:00~17:30 Consultation Session with Individual Exhibit Booth Visit 16 Local Governments Luncheon Hosted by Daegu 18:00~19:00 Local Government (provisional) Sep. 16 Site Tour 09:00~18:00 Local Governments (Thu) & Individual Consultation Sep. 17 Individual Departure Schedule (Fri) ■ Attendee Incentives  Accommodations - 3 Nights, 1 Room per company (including breakfast) - Hotel Inter-burgo Daegu (5 stars); Hotels in other areas (near Incheon airport or Seoul metropolitan area) are also being considered. - Guests are responsible for additional expenses.  Airfare Support - Economy Class Round Trip: 1 ticket per company - Reimbursed after participation has been confirmed - KOTRA’s approval is needed in advance. ※ Participation in Welcome dinner, Opening ceremony, Consultation session and Local government site tour is mandatory. ※ Investors who register via a method other than through a KOTRA KBC are not entitled to benefit from the above incentives. 2
  3. 3. ■ Registration Form th  Registration Details (All attendees must reply by August 17 ) The Fields marked with a (*) are mandatorily required information. Registration Info. *Company Name *Country *Representative Website *Address Established Year *Number of Employees *Capital (USD) *Sales Revenue (USD) *Industrial Classification *Company overview Please briefly introduce your company (around 50words) *Products/Services Project History in Korea Yes/No Project Specifics *Interpreter Necessity & Yes/No, Ex) English Language Participant Info. Participant 1 *First Name Middle Name *Last Name Department *Position *Tel (country code first) *Mobile Phone *Fax (country code first) *E-mail address Participant 2 *First Name Middle Name *Last Name 3
  4. 4. Department *Position *Tel (country code first) *Mobile Phone *Fax (country code first) *E-mail address  Other Details Other Details Airfare Reimbursement Yes/No Amount Date Date Arrival Time Departure Time Flight No. Flight No. Accommodations Necessity Yes/No Room Type Single/ Twin Check In Date Check Out Date Other Requests th  One-on-One Business Consultation (All attendees must reply at least 3 Meetings by August 17 ) One-on-One Business Consultation Interested Investment Fields Local Government Interested Projects Other Requests Ex) Regional development Ex) Mythology and history Ex) Jeju project park 4
  5. 5. th  Tour to Korean Local Governments (All attendees must reply by August 17 ) Tour to Korean Local Governments Province Tour Details Participation Seoul - Seoul Digital Media City & Digital Pavilion □ Gyeongsangbu - T.B.A.(Gumi Foreigner Exclusive Investment Complex) □ k-do Chungcheong - T.B.A. □ nam-do Jeollanam-do - T.B.A. (Islands in Sinan) □ □ - T.B.A. (Participants Jeju - Healthcare Town Tour are responsible - Educational City & Mythology and history park for domestic flight fares) Please fill out the registration form and send it back by August 17th, 2010 to appropriate Korea Business Center. (Name of KBC) (Fax: ) 5
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