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Purdue's Engineering Fountain

Purdue's Engineering Fountain



Don't Judge a Fountain by its Structure

Don't Judge a Fountain by its Structure



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  • I made this photo black and white to appear dull and almost cold. Also the individual present in this photo seems to not even notice the fountain. It is just something to pass by on this rainy day without drawing any attention to itself. The color background of the slide also compliments the photo as it is a grey tone with a brighter top like the sky in the picture. The edges of the photo are faded into the slide to make the image appear like its blending in without making any sort of statement in the frame. The word “Cold” is used to further enhance the photos look and feel. It is placed at the bottom so the viewer can look at the photo first and then see the enhancement of the message. It is done in a serif font called Bell MT. The ends are sharp and thin lines make the word appear more weak like the fountain.
  • The angle of this photo communicates the rigid feel of the fountain. The construction and design of the fountain look sharp in this photo. The black and white keeps the photo dull and plain. The black and white looks more rigid than a color photo. It also keeps it less friendly. The word “rigid” emphasizes the idea in the photo and is done in the Bell MT for a sharp serif look. The word is also placed in a more modern placement on the side of the photo.
  • The placement of the word “Welcome” is placed above the heads of the individuals in the photo to suggest this is the message they are thinking and trying to convey to an onlooker. The photo is also in the middle of the fountain structure to suggest that the fountain with its wing like dividers is “open” and “welcoming” to passerby’s. The text used is yellow to suggest a happy bright emotion from a viewer. The font Cooper Black is used which includes a soft serif style that conveys a more friendly appeal. By adding the word “welcome,” the photo is given a meaning that is related to the expression on the individuals faces but is now conveyed with a word of invitation to the viewer. The individuals may also seem even more friendly by adding this word.

Purdue's Engineering Fountain Purdue's Engineering Fountain Presentation Transcript

  • Purdue’s Engineering Fountain is more than what meets the eye
  • At first glance the fountain appears…
  • Cold
  • Rigid
  • Abandoned
  • But after awhile it becomes a fountain of…
  • Adventure
  • Friendship
  • Memories
  • See the difference?
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