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Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
Treaty Of Lisbon
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Treaty Of Lisbon


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. 2009 – A turning point for the European Union The Treaty of Lisbon
  • 2. A treaty for a new Europe
    • In Lisbon on 13 December 2007
    • Signed by European leaders
    • According to the expectations of the European public
    • Consider the changes
      • Political
      • Economic
      • Social
    • Enter into force on 1 January 2009
    • Has to be ratified by each members
  • 3. A more democratic Europe
    • The power of the European Parliament
    • The role of national parliaments
    • Council of Ministers
    • More participation
    • Relations – EU & member countries
  • 4. A more efficient and modern Europe
    • European Parliament
    • European Council
    • The Council of the European Union
    • European Commission
    • EU high representative for foreign and security policy / Commission vice-president
    • The other institutions
    • National parliaments
  • 5. A more valued Europe
    • Core values
    • More detailed objectives
      • Social justice and protection
      • Fight against social exclusion and discrimination
    • Protection of fundamental rights
    • Enforcement of the Charter of Fundamental Rights
    • Introduction of a new right
  • 6. A more global Europe
    • Biggest trader and provider of aid
    • A global player
    • Institutional innovations
      • President of the European Council
      • High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice - President of the Commission
    • European External Action Service
    • Single legal personality for the Union
    • Higher profile to the principles
    • Common security and defense policy
  • 7. A more free Europe
    • Justice, Freedom and Security
    • Considerable influence
    • Increased democracy and transparency
    • A bolition of the existing separate policy areas
    • Legislative initiatives will remain possible
    • More active role for the National Parliaments
    • G uarantees of freedoms and rights set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
    • F acilitate the creation of more comprehensive, legitimate, efficient, transparent and democratic decision making
    • Specific national arrangements for three Member States
  • 8. A better Europe
    • Climate change and the environment
    • Energy
    • Civil protection
    • Public health
    • Public services
    • Regional policy
    • Research
    • Commercial policy
    • Sport
    • Economy
    • Data protection
    • Tourism
  • 9. Our Europe
    • Better life
    • Job security
    • A place of freedom and peace
    • Future
    • Flexible but guardian frame
    • Opportunities close to our homes
  • 10. Thank you for the attention!