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CCNP, Data centre, Network Engineer, Cisco, CCIE Written, Cisco 6500, Cisco 12000, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Cisco Call Manager

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Techcv 4 3 2010 2003london

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae NEIL MEADOWS 7 Theydon Grove Woodford Green Essex IG8 7HQ Tel: Mobile 07554 122264 e-mail: Personal Born London (England) Nationality British Profile Organised reliable and commercially aware (with a bias toward technical sales and marketing) network and systems analyst with in-depth experience in the management and the development of both corporate (private) and public networks, (voice and data) including large financial Institutions, I.S.P.s and large multi-national telecommunications carriers. Professional Qualifications CISCO C.C.I.E R&S (written) C.C.N.P. Cisco Credential Verification Services (URL: key=lzdDi6SurRL30cvaaQZx Authorization Code: PDLSNKNI ) C.C.N.A. C.C.DA. Prince2 Registered practitioner P2R/349666 CSTP (Penetration Testing) Certified Security Testing Professional, CSTA (Penetration Testing) Certified Security Testing Associate, NOVELL C.N.E 3 C.N.A 3 CNA4. MICROSOFT M.C.S.E NT4 M.C.P. NT4 Achievements • Strong organisational, administrative and time management skills that help teams within various businesses achieve their targets. • Analysed, designed, developed tested and implemented different successful systems including a “hosted” email platform solution for Colt Internet. • Planned, analysed and implemented business network management systems for two large Internet Service Providers across 3 data centres • Analysed, planned and implemented complex in-house network support strategies to cover 4 large data centres, for a medium sized I.S.P. • Analysed and implemented a migration of a large financial institutions business infrastructure to a data centre solution. • Designed and implemented a satellite (Vsat) network migration for a large financial institution. • Implemented support and infrastructure moves and changes systems, for a satellite network deployed across a large financial institutions business interests in Africa and the Indian Ocean.
  2. 2. • Implemented a Microsoft desktop and server rollout across a newly installed high cost, high latency, and very low bandwidth satellite network. • Implemented and supported a 10,000 I.P. phone roll-out on a high profile site in Canary Wharf, which was also a migration from an analogue phone system across a number of sites. • Analysed, planned and implemented network designs for a variety of businesses under a large financial institution’s umbrella. Providing cost-effective and secure networking and system solutions, to businesses based in areas of the world with infrastructure challenges. • Designed, and planned a Q.O.S. policy for a large financial institution to cover its expanding influence across “emerging markets” and to provide a predictable network performance across a low bandwidth network infrastructure. • Detailed and in depth application bandwidth usage and profiling to determine an applications profile per user at the busy hour with extrapolation to predict overall network capacity usage, using wireshark, Fluke and satellite and network simulations, leading to a 10 node roll-out of Peribit (Juniper WAN Accelerators), after successful pilot with successful implementation. • Analysed and implemented an I.T. security policy across a large financial institution’s overseas business interests, implementing critical systems, complying with security frameworks, prescribed by the organisation, and to comply with F.S.A. regulations. • Adaptable to change in the work style and business environment as shown by range of positions and environments, especially including many different customers whose first language is not English. EXPERIENCE Jan 2009-Present Day ProTekks Network/Systems Support • Remote business support, via webconferencing and remote tools • Installation and support of network management system, both remotely and on-site. • Network support and analysis tools, sales, design, installation and support • Router and Firewall Pix/ASA configuration (PCI DSS) and troubleshooting, including broadband router support. • Application deployment planning and profiling. • Aphellion and Colubris wireless configuration, support, troubleshooting and management, online web server mgt and on site inspections. May 2008-Dec 2008 Research Machines Network/VOIP Specialist • Development of IPT (VOIP) as a marketable product at Research machines, to enable the company to add IPT to their portfolio of “infrastructure” offerings. • IPT design and installation for the government’s “Building Schools For The Future” project, including detailes technical proposals aimed at non technical buyers. • Designed and implemented N.O.C. procedure for voice support and troubleshooting • Large multi-site, migration and “green field”, planning, design, implementation, pre-sales requirements gathering and customer consultations. • Cisco Unified Call Manager 5/6, Mitel and Cisco Call Manger Express, IPFX, Unity and Unity Express. June 2007-May 2008 Barclays Bank PLC Threats And Vulnerability (Network Security) Analyst. • Responsible for I.T. based security across all of Barclays Africa “emerging markets” interests, in accordance with network customer demands and expectations, marketing services internally to member countries and departments. 2
  3. 3. • Internal and external network security, data protection, penetration testing, operating system integrity and business continuity • ASA/Pix installation, configuration, management, troubleshooting, monitoring, VPNs • Payment Card Industry (PCI) planning and compliance. • Installation, maintenance and implementation of LANDesk and Symantec Antivirus V 8,9,10 • Assessment of the enterprise’s vulnerability in terms of known attack vectors. • Provision of weekly and monthly management information on the business’s technical investment. • Provision of third line support from within the Barclays NOC at the IT centre Poole. • Minimising the potential for “loss of reputation” and other risks. • Service delivery and sales to businesses under Barclays umbrella but wholly owned by external companies. June 2006-June 2007 Barclays Bank PLC Senior Communications Specialist • Design, Installation and Support, for Wide Area satellite (Vsat) / terrestrial, and Local Area networks across 14 countries in Barclays Emerging Markets. • Design and implementation of an enterprise Quality Of Service schema that delivered a predictable delay across a very high cost, high latency, low bandwidth Vsat network, including complex application testing pre and post quality of service installation. Ongoing support and maintenance based on VSAT and WAN traversal metrics. • Design and implementation of I.P. based voice solutions, including Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Unity (voicemail) • Provision of third line support from within the Barclays NOC at the IT centre Poole. • Installation of a traffic compression network, using Juniper (Peribit WXC 500 & 250s compression devices), resulting in 30 to 40% increase in data throughput, without a corresponding increase in bandwidth costs. • Traffic and information security both logical and physical, including Cisco Secure, PIX firewalls, Cyberguard firewalls and Lucent firewalls. • Cisco ASA installation, configuration, management, moves and changes, OSPF, BGP Cisco 6500, 12000, cat 5000 and assorted technologies. Nov 2005-June 2006 NTL/Telewest Senior Network Engineer • Responsible to Network Data Planning director. • Planning the NTL national rollout of a Voice Over Broadband Product • National roll-out of “Allot Deep Packet inspectors” with a complex revenue and service management back end, providing an effective network traffic management system nationwide, and facilitating a control system for network investment. • Investigate the network bandwidth, customer effects, latency, cost and support implications of all projects on NTL’s (now Virgin Media’s), national network. • Estimating and budgeting for projects, working alongside implementation teams to ensure planning parameters, adjusting them to reflect the reality of the traffic profile and physical capacity. Sept 2005-Nov 2005 Reuters, Canary Wharf, London Network And VOIP Engineer • Installation of 10,000 phone VOIP network • Planning, procurement of outside contractors and services • Installation of Cisco 6500s, Pix firewalls. • Installation of Cisco Voip gateways, configuration, troubleshooting of Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Unity, Witness and a whiteboard and call centre solution. 3
  4. 4. • User support post implementation from the Reuters Network Operations Centre on a shift basis. • Planning and execution of a stepped migration from an analogue phone system to a VOIP system. January 2005-Aug 2005 British Telecommunications (B.T. Exact) Network Designer • Responsible for pre-sales, designing customer solutions within the 8 Internet Data Centres operated by B.T. in the U.K. • Designs complex customer systems for a range of functions including application hosting, operation of a share trading platform, V.O.I.P and CIPT planning for B.T.’s next generation I.P. network (21C.N.) • Design and implementation of voice/computer integration applications, cantering on Cisco Unity. • Site implementation of designs including Cisco “Call Manager (3.x and 4)”, Cisco Unity (4.0), VPNs and large integrated enterprise systems into data centre designs. May 2004-Jan 2005 NTL (Hook, Hants) Principal network design Team Leader • Detailed technical designs for implementation by Operations Engineers. • Design National Ethernet (MPLS over various media) design. • Design ADSL ‘unbundling of the local loop’ from B.T. • Design National Voice over IP design. • Design Quality of Service for voice over WAN links and Call Manager, Cisco Unity installation. Jan 2003-May 2004 Barclays Bank Technical Communications Consultant • Desktop renewal project in Barclays African businesses. • Planning, design and oversee of implementation, including various sub-contractors, to replace legacy corporate desktop • Replace bridged Layer 2 satellite network (Vsat) international network infrastructure, with Microsoft Active Directory based network with Exchange, over an international Layer 3 Satellite network, based on a Cisco routed network • Technical and security design components included, installation and config of Cisco network equipment, firewalls, VPN concentrators, VOIP over LAN and WAN to avoid using unreliable telephone networks on African countries • Management of third party, suppliers and provision of technical design authority. • Network security, on a bank’s network, the main deliverable. • OSPF, BGP Cisco 6500, 12000, cat 5000 and assorted technologies. Nov 2000-Jan 2003 Colt Internet (Colt Telecom) Design and security authority • Responsibility for network planning and security. • Design and implementation of a security frame work policy, based around IDS and counter measures • Responsible for Multilayer switching network using Cisco 6509, 3500’s and 12000 GSR’s, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP Cisco 6500, 12000, cat 5000 and assorted technologies. • Including BGP routing, OSPF, inter Vlan routing and switching. • Design and implementation of a brand new data centre (Colt Powergate) and design of support function. • I.S.P. responsibilities include, BGP peering and I.P. address planning and management. • Pre-sales technical presentation, customer solution engineering and troubleshooting, pre- sales presentation for VPNs and IP telephony. 4
  5. 5. May 2000-Nov 2000 Ipcenta/Completel Network management team leader April 2000-May 2000 British Telecom Network Engineer January 2000-April 2000 Tektronix Europe W.A.N. analyst October 99-january 2000 Cable and Wireless Network Analyst April 99-AuGUST 99 British American Tobacco Network support Engineer August 98-March 99 British American Tobacco Network And Desktop Support June 98-August 98 Sony Broadcasting Citrix Engineer May 98-June 98 Siemens Nixdorf L.A.N. and W.A.N. support December 97-April 98 Hambros Bank (Societe Generale), Server Support Engineer July 97-december 97 Rolls Royce Systems engineer Mar 97-June 97 Environment Agency Systems Engineer Nov 96-Feb 97 ICL Sorbus LAN and WAN support July 96-October 96 RIO Systems PC Engineer February 96-May 96 Ocean Technical Services Network Engineer MAY 95-October 95 Ocean Technical Services (British Gas) Network Engineer November 94-Feb 95 Ocean Technical Services for Arco (U.K.). Network Engineer May 94-August 94 Ocean Technical Services for Arco (U.K.) Network Engineer Education Plymouth College of Further Education 2 ‘A’ levels 9 ‘O’ levels Interests Football, Mountain Biking, Running, Judo, and Golf. 5