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O Matrix Overview
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O Matrix Overview


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Complete Technical Analysis and Development Environment An attractive alternative to MATLAB and GAUSS - Physics World
    • 2. What Is O-Matrix? O-Matrix ® is an interactive analysis and visualization tool that combines the programming flexibility and performance of a compiled language with the ease of use of an interpreted, integrated environment. A good alternative and better package than MATLAB - Katsuhiko Kawai PhD., Nagoya University
    • 3. The O-Matrix Advantage
      • Since 1992 technical computing professionals have relied on O-Matrix because of its unique combination of:
        • Power – The O-Matrix language enables rapid implementation of solutions and simplifies the construction, of large analysis applications.
        • Speed – The execution performance of O-Matrix solutions far exceeds that of other interpreted environment and rivals that of compiled applications.
        • Ease of Use – The O-Matrix language and environment makes it simple to quickly obtain solutions.
        • Affordability – O-Matrix and O-Matrix toolboxes have always been priced at a small fraction of the cost of other technical computing solutions.
      • O-Matrix is to be recommended as powerful yet inexpensive.
      • Scientific Computing World
    • 4. The O-Matrix Environment
      • Analysis Functions
      • Plotting and Data Visualization
      • GUI Building Tools
      • Client/Server Computing
      • Extensive Data IO capabilities
      • MATLAB ® -compatible matrix language with many extensions
      • High-performance functions built on hand-tuned C, FORTRAN, and assembler functions.
      • Integrated Editor
      • Integrated Debugger
      • Application Profiling
      • Dynamically link with user-defined C/C++, and FORTRAN functions
      Like an enhanced MATLAB ® - IEEE Spectrum
    • 5. Analysis Functions
      • Matrix Functions
      • Statistics and Simulations
      • Curve Fitting and Optimization
      • Calculus
      • Fourier Analysis and Filtering
      • Optimization
      • Polynomials
      • Elementary Functions
      A useful tool for anyone who needs To perform data analysis - IEEE Computer
    • 6. Data Visualization
      • Extensive 2D and 3D plot types
      • Versatile control of plotting region
      • Control of axis scaling and labeling
      • Efficiently handle large data sets
    • 7. Building User Interfaces With O-Matrix O-Matrix contains a complete set of functions for creating custom GUIs for your applications. A GUI-Based Kalman Filter Tool Built in O-Matrix
    • 8. Programming In O-Matrix
      • O-Matrix is built on a high-performance, MATLAB-compatible interpreter that provides many additional language capabilities for advanced data analysis.
      • Build code in an object-oriented or procedural style
      • Flexible methods for organizing scripts that does not rely on function names
      • Ability to pre-compile code into binary form
      • Use Visual Basic or FORTRAN –like syntax in addition to matrix-oriented syntax.
      Readers should take a look at O-Matrix - Desktop Engineering step = pi/16 x = -pi:step:pi gplot(x,sin(x)) gplot(x,cos(x))
    • 9. Data Manipulation
      • O-Matrix includes a broad range of functions for reading, writing, manipulating, and formatting numeric and character data.
      • High-performance reading/writing of ASCII data
      • Low-level binary I/O functions
      • HDF Data IO
      • Excel Data IO
      • Read Matlab binary data, (.mat files)
      • Text manipulation and conversion
      • Versatile text formatting
      • An excellent product
      • Agustin Alons Rodriguez,
      • Prof. Of Econometrics
    • 10. O-Matrix Performance O-Matrix is much faster than MATLAB, I recommend it wholeheartedly - Dr. Ben Rickman Ultra Electronics
    • 11. Statistics Performance Overall, O-Matrix is the fastest matrix computation package we tested. - SciViews
    • 12. O-Matrix Toolboxes
      • STSA – Statistical Time-Series Analysis Toolbox
      • SPT – Signal Processing Toolbox
      • Excel Link – Add the high-performance analysis capabilities of O-Matrix to Excel
      • ODBC Link – Retrieve and manipulate ODBC/SQL data sources from O-Matrix
      • Data Visualizer – Interactive, OpenGL plotting and graphics manipulation
    • 13. OLE/COM Automation
      • O-Matrix can be used as an Automation client or accessed as a COM server.
      • O-Matrix as an Automation Client:
      • Use O-Matrix as a mathematical scripting language for COM-enable applications such as Excel, Word, LabView, and SigmaPlot
      • Use O-Matrix client scripting to add language capabilities to proprietary applications
      • The O-Matrix COM Server:
      • O-Matrix can be accessed and controlled by any environment or language that provides Automation. Easily pass data and commands to and from O-Matrix with languages such as Visual Basic, VBA, and C++.
      cocreate("Excel.Application") copropput("Visible", 1) # Run a VBA macro coinvoke("Run","ARPlot")
    • 14. Technical Support O-Matrix comes with free technical support. O-Matrix support staff and developers review support questions to ensure accurate, professional support. Most support issues are resolved within one to two business days. Excellent and very prompt customer service - Dr. Wayne Briggs University of British Columbia
    • 15. Contacting Harmonic Harmonic Software Inc. PO Box 7365 Breckenridge, CO 80424 [email_address] [email_address]