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The New Media Consortium launched the NMC Commons, a private online community that fuels productivity and enables NMC’s global membership to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. NMC partner, …

The New Media Consortium launched the NMC Commons, a private online community that fuels productivity and enables NMC’s global membership to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. NMC partner, Enterprise Hive, developed this new platform, using their HiveSocial™ social business software. Through the NMC Commons, members will also have access to the most relevant education technology content in real-time.

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  • In 2008, we started off with the vision of bringing people with like interests in the higher education technology community, vendors, associations, institutions together to help them in their jobs and careers and launched edu1world.org which we continue to support and manage to this day. Today the site has nearly 40,000 members. However, with the core team having solid experience in administrative education technology we immediately saw the need for other organizations to have the power of this platform that powers edu1world. Committed to this mission, since 2010, we have been offering to mid-size organizations and enterprises, HiveSocial – a robust, private and secure cloud based social business software solution.
  • Here is a sample organizations and communities that have selected HiveSocial to power their association, user group or customer communities.And I think by now you are all very anxious to see how NMC configured the power of HiveSocial and is offering to its members a robust and leading edge online social community experience. Victoria?After Victoria’s demo
  • HiveSocial is a fully hosted and user configurable which enables you to rapidly deploy online communities with minimum support from IT. However, what sets HiveSocial apart from other social business software offerings is the completeness of the product. HiveSocial delivers leading edge content tools with configurable content management features for branded communities as well as blogs, activity streams, document management, photo gallery and a robust wiki engine. In addtion, HiveSocial provides robust 2-way communication tools such as listserv functionality where you can email to post or email to comment, online chat and RSS feeds. Reporting features that help you manage and analyze community activity plus enable you to easily sustain engagement in your communities. Only HiveSocial embeds its own gamification engine directly into the platform so there is full and complete integration with gamification elements that recognize, award and motivate for long term engagement in a HiveSocial online community. With HiveSocial, there are no third parties. No plug-ins or bolt-ons. HiveSocial social business software delivers the essential elements for healthy, vibrant communities.
  • What is social business? It’s not social media What is a social business? It's an organization that integrates social technologies with critical business processes to improve the productivity of its workforce and create exceptional customer service whether it be for member engagement, driving the up value of a user group, or building brand loyality.And just as social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest changed the flow of information by helping people share insights, opinions, and news with anyone anywhere, social business is changing the way people connect with members, employees, customers and how organizations succeed.Social business deploys comprehensive content management, communication and collaboration functionality, such as document management, wikis, activity streams, real-time chat and dynamic search.Social business allows everyone that matters to your company or organization’s mission to engage, interact, share information and best practices with peers and experts.
  • Poll: My organization would be interested in a community to: engage membersreduce support costsstrengthen user groupbuild brand loyaltyenhance sales and marketing
  • There are a number of benefits that online communities – deployed by Associations, User Groups and Customer/Partner – bring to an organization or company.Social business software – through which one community can be used for both internal and external collaboration; is accessible across unique domains or URLs; and is private and secure – is an ideal answer for member-driven organizations.All Associations continue to seek new and innovative methods when it comes to attracting, retaining and engaging members, which are one of the core activities of Associations. People join associations for access to member services such as events/tradeshows, newsletters, keeping up on industry changes, training and knowledge.They also join for professional or business resources such as networking, access to thought leaders, sharing of best practices, establishing their expertise and being able to influence outcomes in their profession or industry. Social business software is a match made in heaven for associations who need to meet these requirements of their members, especially as the next generation of members who are internet natives come up through the ranks. Associations must be able to connect people by interests or expertise. They must provide for easy collaboration and knowledge sharing for their members and are being forced to do so through other than thru listservs or an annual event. Today, members need access to multi-media content such as videos, photos and the like while the Association is also needs to easily keep it’s members aware of industry changes, events such as tradeshows and webinars. The collaboration tools of a social business solution can reduce the resources to keep your members up-to-date and realize the benefits of being a member of your association.Similar to Associations, social business software that can easily be configured to launch online communities is vital for professional user groups – where users of a specific product or technology need access to product experts and need to share best practices with each other. In addition, providing a secure and private environment where users can directly contribute to the evolution or the innovation of a product or technology is significant to product management and development. Through social business software, online communities deployed for User Groups can also help lower support costs by facilitating peer-to-peer support, reducing calls to your customer services team for redundant questions. Management of user groups for events is enhanced for both attendees and sponsors with a dynamic profile for managing communications. Social business software should enable you to easily create branded communities for your various user groups as well as provide for secure or private areas for your advisory committees or executive boards. An online social business community for user groups should provide you with the collaboration and content management tools that enable you to easily create branded private communities for your various user group activities and advisory boards so that you can strengthen your relationship with your customer base by quickly providing feedback and rewarding their united voice.Customer or Partner Online Communities help you build customer loyalty by connecting your business to your customer and prospects, connecting customers to other customers and connecting customers to prospects. Social business software builds customer relationships as online communities become to the “go-to place” where customers can easily discover how they can get more value from your products and services as well as a cost effective marketing channel for companies to sell more effectively. Customer or Partner communities keep customers informed about new feature products/services and how to deploy them. Engaging customers and visitors that promote your brand, build trust and strengthen relationships is difficult for a competitor to overcome.
  • Finally…Social business is here to stay. As the next generation of digital natives begins to populate the workforce, social business software will be required for attracting and retaining members, building and maintain strong customer user groups and driving brand loyalty.  If your company or organization is thinking about social business software for external or internal facing communities, you should not just focus on the feature set of social business software that builds online communities. Look at the differentiation based on factors beyond end-user capabilities. You should look for how open a product is for integration into existing business systems, brand adaptability, systems management and other factors that can affect deployment success as well as how committed the social business vendor is to the management of your community and provides you with the tools and services for your community to become self-sustaining. Community members are social business’s customers! The social business processes must serve community needs and address their expectations. If not, there will be no value to them and they won’t use it.    


  • 1. The NMC Commons Powered by Enterprise Hive March 6th, 2013March 6th, 2013
  • 2. Presented by Presenters: Victoria Estrada NMC Commons Community Manager New Media Consortium Lauren Hart Piper Vice President, Product Management & Marketing
  • 3. About Enterprise HiveSocial Business Software Enterprise Hive creates social business software and solutions to help organizations, institutions and companies achieve their business goals using private, secure online communities.
  • 4. Communities Powered by Enterprise Hive Associations User Group Customer
  • 5. Hosted & User Configurable HiveSocial Leading Edge Essential Content &Elements Healthy Cloud based Collaboration Vibrant Social Business Software Tools Communities Community Management Administration
  • 6. What is Social Business? Content Management Online tools that empower people to connect • Blogs • RSS Feeds • Document Management • Wikis • Activity Streams • Real-time Chat • Dynamic Search People, Topics Community Management • Track and Analyze • Incent User Behavior • Community Vibrancy
  • 8. Member-Driven Organizations User Group Associations Customer Establish Trusted Engage Members Build Loyalty Network• Attract New Members • Share Ideas & Best Practices • Grow Your Brand• Increase Retention • Drive Innovation • Increase Sales• Build Professional Network • Reduce Support Costs • Reduce Marketing Costs• Secure Member Privacy • Enhance User Group • Build Customer Relationships• Generate Revenue Management • Gain Market Intelligence • Strengthen Customer Base
  • 9. Agenda1 Overview of Commons2 Profile3 My Settings4 Content5 The Future6 Questions & Answers
  • 10. Overview The NMC Commons is a member-directed social content tool that allows: (1) NMC Members to share information, projects, ideas and opinions about innovation and its effect on learning, (2) to provide an archiveable/searchable database about technical and practical advice (3) to provide a Job Listing Service for NMC Members, and (4) to allow NMC Members to find other members who may be of interest or help to them based on the vast areas of expertise represented within the NMC Community.
  • 11. Profile
  • 12. ProfileOrganizations and areas of expertise are searchable!
  • 13. Privacy Remember – a complete profile is a happy profile! Make your profile viewable increases your “connectability.”
  • 14. My SettingsConnecting with others
  • 15. My SettingsStaying on top of what’s new
  • 16. My SettingsStaying on top of the conversation
  • 17. The NMC CommonsWhat’s inside?
  • 18. The NMC CommonsJob searching?
  • 19. The NMC CommonsWhat’s new?
  • 20. The NMC CommonsWhat does the future hold? Up to you! Organizing is key – sub-groups and wikis, meetings, theme teams, #NMCcommons More features – leaderboards, badges, instant messaging among others. Dynamic community evolves with its members
  • 21. The NMC CommonsAre you in? Members –Good news! This is a member benefit, login on nmc.org. Non-members – Join us!go.nmc.org/join For more info, contact us: commons@nmc.org
  • 22. Social Business Going Forward • Social business is here to stay. • Social learning will continue to evolve • Content and gamification is key to build momentum, growth and vibrancy • Community members are social business’s customers! • Select an all inclusive social business software that that is easy for user participation, collaboration, interaction with content and other users.
  • 23. Questions & AnswersLauren Hart Piper Victoria EstradaEnterprise Hive NMC Commons Community Manager804-438-9393 512-445-4200Lauren.piper@enterprisehive.com victoria@nmc.orgwww.enterprisehive.com http://commons.nmc.org/@enterprisehive @NMCorg