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Lou Zweier, CSU Center for Distributed Learning presentation at 2007 NMC Summer Conference

Lou Zweier, CSU Center for Distributed Learning presentation at 2007 NMC Summer Conference

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  • Transcript

    • 1. ELIXR: Video Case Stories of Exemplary Teaching Practice Lou Zweier Video Narrative Lead, ELIXR Director, CSU CDL NMC 2007 • IUPUI
    • 2. Talk Overview
      • What is the ELIXR Project
      • What is an ELIXR Case Story
      • Building an ELIXR Case Story
    • 3. What is an ELIXR Case Story? A worked example told as a [teacher-to-teacher] narrative about Engaging Learners with [a topic] X using [a set of reusable] Resources
      • Attributes
      • provide discipline-specific case stories around particular themes
      • for faculty development & access in repository
      • use video and digital story telling methods
      • may not be a complete case study, if that interferes with story telling
      Project wiki:
    • 4. Primary ELIXR Hypotheses:
      • Increasing the impact of faculty development activities through…
        • Increasing faculty awareness of the benefits of new teaching approaches
        • Enabling faculty to more readily acquire/apply information on the approach
        • Accelerate implementation through the provision of sample resources
        • Provide relevant personal models of success
      • Leading to more appropriate and extensive implementation…
      • Delivering improvements in student learning.
      The use of discipline-specific case stories will enhance student learning by
    • 5. Spring 2007 Process in California
      • Initial theme is Universal Design for Learning
        • UDL helps address Accessible Technology requirements
        • already some momentum and exemplars [EnACT]
      • faculty learning communities & critical friends groups on 6-8 campuses
      • best stories from groups to become ELIXR case stories
        • may have impacts as case stories of FLC or CFG …
        • some will have student reflections
        • some aspects of CSU processes may not transfer
      • great example of aligning ELIXR theme with institutional priorities for long term sustainability
    • 6. FIPSE Grant Partners
      • The California State University
      • Brigham Young University
      • University System of Georgia
      • Coastline Community College
      • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System
      • Indiana State University
      • Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
      • The Ohio State University
      • Teach the Earth
    • 7. CSU ELIXR Campuses
      • Dominguez Hills
      • San Francisco State
      • CalPoly Pomona
      • Sacramento State
      • Sonoma State
      • CalPoly San Luis Obispo
    • 8. Prototype ELIXR Case Story Active Learning Groups in Organic Chemistry
    • 9. Building the CaseStory: Video
      • Instructor interviews
      • Classroom footage
      • Screen Recordings
      • Student Interviews
      • Personal Narrative
    • 10. Shooting in the Classroom
      • Hand held Camera
      • Wireless Mics
      • Split audio channels
      • Use available lighting
      • Minimal movement
      • Connect with students
    • 11. Open Classroom
    • 12. Tiered Classroom
    • 13. Interviews
    • 14. Interview Setup Tips
      • Bg relevant to subject
      • Create visual variety
      • At least two light sources
      • Alternate eye-line direction
      • Use stationary chair
    • 15. Building a CaseStory: Pachyderm
    • 16.  
    • 17.  
    • 18. Questions? Contact Info: [email_address]