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  • 1. Module II – MAGNETISMObjective:2.1 Distinguish magnetic substances from ferromagnetic, and non- magnetic substances.2.2 Map the magnetic fields of magnetized objects.
  • 2. History of Magnetism Discovered by the Chinese Used by magicians and sailors Illusions…..  MagneticHill, New Brunswick  Bermuda Triangle
  • 3. Categories of Substances Three Categories  Magnetic  Ferromagnetic  Non-magnetic
  • 4. Magnetic Invisible fields Attract or repel Object that has a field and that can attract some other objects.  Example: horseshoe magnet
  • 5. Not a magnetFerromagnetic Is attracted by a magnet Can be magnetized Must contain iron, nickel or cobalt  eg: paper clip or nail
  • 6. Non-Magnetic Is not attracted by a magnet Example: glass, plastic, or wood
  • 7. Important Facts about Magnets Facts:  All magnets have two poles, a North (N) and a South (S). They are known as dipoles.  Fields are infinite in size & 3-Dimensional  Similar poles repel & Repulsion opposite poles attract.Important Attraction
  • 8. ImportantPolesN attracts South Opposites attractS attracts NorthN repels North LikesS repels South repel
  • 9. Mapping Magnetic Fields Remember Around lines never cross •the a magnet there are lines of •Always force that goes fromstronger the attraction have direction South strength •Closer the lines, North to and (magnetic field).
  • 10. Compass North  The needle of the compass is end magnetic  Red Tip of needle is North Important  Red Tip will always be attracted towards South Tip of arrow Is North thereforeExample #1 It is attracted to SouthExample #2
  • 11. Why the Compass Works
  • 12. Why the Compass Works
  • 13.  Magnetism is a property that makes certain material attract or repel. Ferromagnetic  Attracted by magnet  Must contain Fe, Ni, Co HINT Nonmagnetic Nerd  Not attracted by magnet to Sexy Opposites attract (i.e N & S) Likes Repel (i.e. S & S or N & N) Magnetic Field  Arrows always go from north to south (outside magnet)  Lines of force never cross  The closer the lines, the stronger the field Compass  Red portion of compass needle is North and is always attracted to South
  • 14. Activities Worksheet Mod II, # 1