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  • 1. 26-2 <br />Great Britain and Northern Ireland<br />Who became the first female prime minister in Great Britain<br />Margaret Thatcher<br />What did Thatcher argue?<br />Thatcher argued that the government regulated industry too closely and taxed people to heavily. She worked to reduce the role of government in the economy.<br />In 1982 what did Thatcher order troops to do?<br />Defend the British-held Falkland Islands.<br />What was the Good Friday Peace Accords?<br />Transfer of power from England to Catholic-Protestant government <br />What was Thatcher’s poll tax?<br />The poll tax charged all taxpayers the same percentage, regardless of their income.<br />France<br />What did Pompidou work to widen?<br />French trade involvement overseas and focus on domestic issues.<br />What forced the renovation of Paris to be halted? <br />Economic crisis brought on by the OPEC oil embargo of 1973<br />How did Mitterand sought to strengthen the economy by increasing the role of what?<br />Government. He nationalized banks and taxes on the wealthy were raised.<br />What became a source of social tension in France in the 1990s?<br />Arab immigration from North Africa<br />What did France do that caused international protest in 1996?<br />Tested nuclear weapons in the South Pacific<br />Germany<br />Who did Willy Brandt believe Germany had to stay allied with?<br />Western Europe and the United States<br />What was Germany’s policy called that called for reduced tensions between itself and the communist Nations of Eastern Europe?<br />Ostpolitik <br />Who’s conservative policies did Kohl use to return Germany to prosperity? <br />Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher<br />What year did the Berlin Wall fall?<br />1989<br />What did Gerhard Schroeder pledge to do?<br />Reduce unemployment and stimulate the economy<br />Northern and Southern Europe<br />Why couldn’t one of Italy’s political parties gain the majority in the Italian parliament.<br />There were 14 political parties<br />How was northern and southern Italy different?<br />The north as mostly industrialized and the south was mostly rural.<br />What did Portugal join that helped spur the economy?<br />EEC<br />What region of Spain called for independence?<br />The Basque region<br /> In 1974 what did Greek voters decide?<br />They chose to make their country a republic rather than return to monarchy.<br />European Cooperation<br />What was the Helsinki Accords?<br />These accords gave European nations a new framework for economic and Technological cooperation, and Provided a peaceful means for settling Certain boundary disputes.<br />What did the United States demand of other NATO members?<br />That other NATO nations pay a larger share of the expense of defending Europe.<br />Why were Eastern European countries eager to join NATO? <br />NATO would protect them against any possible Russian effort to reassert control in the region<br />The EEC became what?<br />EU<br />What were the terms of the Maastricht treaty?<br />It created the EU and ended trade barriers between member nations. They agreed to pursue closer cooperation in defense and their foreign relations. Accepted the idea of a common currency. <br />