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This presentations shows how applications & services are measured, monitored even controlled in the cloud along with some novel approaches.

This presentations shows how applications & services are measured, monitored even controlled in the cloud along with some novel approaches.



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    Jinspired june2012 Jinspired june2012 Presentation Transcript

    • William Louth JINSPIRED @jxinsight www.jinspired.comwilliam@jinspired.com
    • Data
    • LocalRemote Past Present Predicted
    • Information Management Model Model
    • Measurement
    • Method Metering Metric Analysis Causality Correlation Accuracy Event SampledAllocation Thread ProcessAssignment Direct Apportioned
    • Model Activity ResourceDevice Probe MeterDevelop Code CounterDesign Behavior Usage Data Group Metering
    • Complexity
    • Space Complexity ity rs ve ism Di m na Dy Time
    • HTTP API ta da Cloud data/code Service dataApplication HTTP Application Activity API data da ta Cloud Cloud code Service Service/Shell Activity Cloud Service/Shell
    • Client sf://.......cl:clock.time= cl Response sf:clock.time= sf:cpu.time= sf:io.bytes= sf:charge.unit= ☁ sf ☁ ☁ salesforce.comsf:clock.time=sf:cpu.time=sf:io.bytes=sf:charge.unit= Metering Management Service
    • Client sf://..........cl:clock.time= cl ☁ Response sf:clock.time= sf:cpu.time= sf:io.bytes= sf:charge.unit= sf:db.time= sf:db.count= s3:clock.time= s3:io.bytes= s3:charge.unit= ☁ ☁ sf salesforce.com db Response ☁sf:clock.time= s3:clock.time= ☁sf:cpu.time= s3:io.bytes=sf:io.bytes= ☁ s3:charge.unit=sf:charge.unit= s3sf:db.time=sf:db.count=s3:clock.time= aws.amazon.coms3:io.bytes=s3:charge.unit= MeteringManagement Service
    • ControlAwareness& Adaption
    • Profile Protect Police Prioritize Predict Provision
    • Self Adaptive SoftwareSelf Adaptive Software evaluates its own behaviorand changes behavior when the evaluationindicates that it is not accomplishing what thesoftware is intended to do, or when betterfunctionality or performance is possible.” DARPA
    • Evidence Observation 1 Self RegulatedAction 4 Feedback Loop 2 Relevance Reaction Judgement 3 Consequence
    • DisturbancesGoals Control Process Sensor
    • public int func(...) { QoS reserve(func) Resource................................ Rate...... Limiting........... Priority..... Queueing... release(units)} Reservation Lanes
    • User WebPage Resource
    • SystemDynamics
    • + _Inflow Stock Outflow + _ + _ Sensor + _ Births Population Deaths + + reinforcing balancing loop loop
    • + _ + _Thread Pool Reserved Concurrency Released initial size + _ + _QoS Resource Reserved QoS Reservation Released initial capacity
    • operations System { system execution model } Dynamics Application unification System Dynamics Software development Application{ software execution model } Software
    • Finally....Faster
    • Sweeper (Secondary Processor) Reduce Friction Increase the Speed Thrower Trajectory Curling Stone Target[Primary Processor] Predicted Path Reduce Curl Straighten the Path Shorten Sweeper (Secondary Processor)