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2deHands.be - Tuning a Big Classifieds Site

2deHands.be - Tuning a Big Classifieds Site



2dehands.be is the market leader for classified ads in Belgium. ...

2dehands.be is the market leader for classified ads in Belgium.
You don't get to become big without proper performance of your site. In this talk I will focus on the solutions we came up with in terms of frontend performance, which tools are available and how to interpret the results. The second part I will also give insight on backend tools like Varnish, Memcached, Redis. Especially which performance related problems you might encounter when amount of users and pageviews increase.



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    2deHands.be - Tuning a Big Classifieds Site 2deHands.be - Tuning a Big Classifieds Site Presentation Transcript

    • Tuning a Big Classifieds Site Enno van AmerongenTechnical Lead @ 2dehands.be
    • Introduction- Who am I- 2dehands- TTY- Startups: Zwapp.com, EU1.tv, Paypool.com
    • Tuning a Big Classifieds Site- 3 Year Journey- Consistently Growing- Dev & Ops
    • Performance KPIs- Availability- Average page load times- Pages per visit per browser- Bounce Rate- User complaints / User experience
    • Business KPIs- Availability- Unique/returning visitors- Revenue- User complaints / User experience- And much, much more
    • What did the KPIs say?- Availability problems @ peak time- User Complaints!
    • Investigate- Server / Cluster statistics using Munin- Manually check servers- Google Analytics- Use tools
    • Tools- webpagetest.org- Google Pagespeed / Critical Path Explorer- YSlow- Browser tools / plugins
    • Prioritized Problem Overview- Capacity issues- Barely functioning Image Cluster- Unoptimized Frontend
    • Solutions- Scale up and out - more servers - more bandwidth - more cores - more disks - more memory
    • Introduce HTTP Cache using Varnish- Replace frontend load-balancer (pound)- Cache every asset forever- But test it first!
    • Varnish Gotchas- Use tmpfs for the shared memory file- Do not deploy on the wrong server- Use -smalloc (in memory cache)- Files never change (LRU works)- Normalize compression
    • Varnish Full Deployment Result- 80% Cache hitrate- 1000s of requests per second- Doesnt break a sweat- No more user complaints- Faster pageload times
    • Unoptimized Frontend- No combination of static assets- No minification- No compression of javascript- No asynchronous loading of external scripts
    • Minimize requests and filesize- Split head/tail- Combine and minimize css and javascript- Yahoo UI Compressor (or any other)- Use compression
    • Asynchronous script loading/execution- Facebook Connect- Google Analytics- Google Adsense- Others (and still some to do)
    • The Repeat View
    • Result- Average pageload ~2.5 sec- No more complaints- Lots more returning visitors- More revenue- Decreased bounce rate
    • Are we done yet?- Introduce async scriptloader (LABjs or HEADjs)- CSS Sprites- Reduce TTFB on Apache backends- and ...
    • Still Time?
    • Memcached vs Redis- Memcached is running great for years- Currently testing Redis- But what about the client?
    • Any questions?Or contact me: enno@2dehands.be / enno@tty.nl
    • Thanks for your attention!