Building in Second Life


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Building in Second Life

  1. 1. Building in Second Life Nikki Price Engl 197 Professor Raley 3/9/12
  2. 2. Helpful Links for Building in Second Life• SecondLife/HowToBuildInSecondLife.html•••• /Weapons_in_Second_Life•
  3. 3. Upon my arrival in the virtual world, many strangers immediatelystarted instant messaging me. Some offer help, whereas others chatobnoxiously with each other.**Note the sign in the image: it specifically warns against the use of weapons. Manydifferent locations in Second Life have similar signs.
  4. 4. The first sandbox where I began building. I found this locationsimply by typing “sandbox” into the search engine in SL.
  5. 5. A sign displaying a series of rules and regulations. Again notethe specific ban of weapons within this area.
  6. 6. My avatar beginning construction of a house.
  7. 7. Stretching cubes to form a floor and a wall.
  8. 8. Adding a “brick” texture to the cubes, creating a wall likeappearance.
  9. 9. Adding a roof on top of my semi-completed structure. Istretched a pyramid shaped prim to form the roof.
  10. 10. Unable to link the parts together!
  11. 11. Trying to gain more insight on the building process. There are many tutorialswithin the virtual world of SL. In my perspective, these virtual tutorials did notdiffer much from the ones I viewed on youtube.
  12. 12. My avatar visiting “The Ivory Tower Library of Prims,” a popularlocation in SL that has several tutorials demonstrating how to builda variety of different items.
  13. 13. An example of a demonstration within the Ivory Tower of Prims.
  14. 14. Visiting a new sandbox. This particular sandbox invites me to join a group, forming aspecific community in relation to this space. Also note the “notifications” that haveappeared on the right hand corner of my screen. The prims I left in the last sandboxhave been returned to my inventory.
  15. 15. My avatar struggling with the prims that are supposed to makeup a house. I give up on this construction and decide to buildsomething new.
  16. 16. Successfully linking cynlinder-shaped prims together to form agun.
  17. 17. Putting the finishing touches on my gun…
  18. 18. …but I can’t figure out script! Note the website behind the SL viewer.I found many online tutorials to script writing, but they were all verycomplex—too much for a beginner in SL to learn!
  19. 19. After giving up onbuilding a gun, I decide tobuild a couch. I stretchtwo cubes andsuccessfully link themtogether to form a modernlooking couch/loungechair.
  20. 20. I give my couch a “zebra skin” texture, and name it “Zebra Couch.”Next, I modify the object so that when an avatar clicks on it, he or shehas the option of sitting on it.
  21. 21. My avatar sitting on my new couch.
  22. 22. Here, I am trying to “rez” my couch, but it will not work in thisparticular region. The owner “does not allow it.” Differentregions have different rules and regulations.
  23. 23. I return to “Sandbox Ferox,” where I originally created the couch.Other avatarsimmediatelycome sit on it.
  24. 24. Other avatars engaging withmy couch and with each other.Left: Chatting with my newfriend “Sakura.”
  25. 25. Making an official new “friend” in the virtual space as a resultof interacting with the object together.