Using NLP to Cope with Cancer & Other People


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‘Exhibition’ stand version of the slideshow introduction to No More Bingo Dresses using NLP to Cope with Breast Cancer and Other People, it’s a real story, it’s fun and there’s NLP in it!

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Using NLP to Cope with Cancer & Other People

  1. 1. Using NLP to Cope with Breast Cancer and Other People Rosie O’Hara
  2. 2. 5th January 2009 Not a care in the world The 3 Kings arrive
  3. 3. 26th January – the Baguette
  4. 4. Wordies wi’ Jim  Inside my head I’m saying – • ‘the positive consequences of this will be . . .’, • ‘I’m interested in the benefits for me and Jim’  and • ‘my goal is to have something to look forward to and get that, my compelling purpose, being with Jim, being with my grandsons and being there for their Mum’.
  5. 5. What I said was ‘we need to prevent things from getting worse’, ‘help me get rid of these problems’, ‘I can’t do this on my own’, and I’m avoiding negative people and what they have to say’.
  6. 6. Reasons to be cheerful 1 & 2
  7. 7. Rosie O’Hara – NLP Highland Concentrate on What you Want  I can’t do this I will do this  I know they’ll be…. I imagine they’ll be….  I have to be here I choose to be here  I must do this now I want to do this now
  8. 8. So what did I do?  I had an incident with some castor oil  I did some visualisation – coming later  I worked on an incident in my past  I spent a lot of times getting into a good and resourceful state  Oh yes and I  got plastered
  9. 9. Rosie O’Hara – NLP Highland See what you want in colour
  10. 10. Rosie O’Hara – NLP Highland Hear it in surround sound
  11. 11. Rosie O’Hara – NLP Highland Feel it in every cell of your body
  12. 12. Rosie O’Hara – NLP Highland And then what? Practice Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect. If you really want to change, you have to practice perfectly – that is, with attention and intention.
  13. 13. Visualisation How do you want things to be?
  14. 14. I never thought!
  15. 15. Support From my belove-ed Jim From my daughter Kristin From my grandsons From my friends From these people
  16. 16. The Class of 2009
  17. 17. My tips  Take a friend with you  Ask many questions and listen for the answers  Make a plan or a compelling purpose  Always believe you ‘have fallen through the cracks’  Make a plan for after, never mind now!  Enjoy life it’s not a rehearsal
  18. 18. Eyes Down and Look in! You got your bingo dress on tonight?
  19. 19. And  Buy the book from cations.html or on Amazon  Surf to  Find me on Twitter @RosieHighland  Phone me on 01309 676004/01224 900748  Thanks for reading