NJ-REA Jobology Presentation


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This is the slidedeck for the Summer NJ Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) Workshop

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NJ-REA Jobology Presentation

  1. 1. One minute scanning your resume?This is probably a very generousestimate
  2. 2. Avoid using aol, yahoo, hotmail……get a Gmail address. It’s free andlooks professional.
  3. 3. Add 2-4 bullet points that describeyour overall experience and skills
  4. 4. Remove vague responsibilities andreplace with specific results
  5. 5. How specifically didyou do your job?
  6. 6. • The content of your coverletter is in the job posting• Select three job “criteria”and list how you meet thatcriteria• Be specific with job titlesand company names
  7. 7. Ladies and Gentlemen,I noticed a recent job posting on your website that describes aposition with qualifications that I have attained in my 10years in the banking industry.You listed these requirements:• Handle bank reconciliations – I managed weekly bankreconciliations at TD bank in my role as assistant bankmanager.• Post journal entries – I posted dozens of journal entries dailyin my position at P&C bank. I received severalcommendations for accuracy.• Process payroll with ADP – I processed payroll for 18employees with Quickbooks which is substantially similar toADPI would like to speak with you about how I can add value toyour organization.I have enclosed my resume and look forward to speaking withyou.Kind regards,Me
  8. 8. DO• Be direct -usenames ifavailable• Be detailed –position, qualifications (usejob post)• Be worthy –what valuecan youbring?
  9. 9. DON’T• Be generic –no spray andpray• Be careless –nobody willhire a sloppyperson• Be cocky –bragging is aturn off
  10. 10. CareerBuilder includes a list oflocations that highlights where thejobs are
  11. 11. 250% MOREOPPORTUNITY!
  12. 12. Keywords can be found in the job postings
  13. 13. Decoding the Job Posting
  14. 14. • Arrive 5-10 minutesbefore – if you’re tooearly, wait in the car• Demonstrate positiveframes of mind• Don’t be a stalker• Dig a little dirt…lose alittle ground• Having goalscommunicates thatyou have a direction
  15. 15. Do you have an “elevator” speech?I help (some group of people) solve theproblem of (some problem)ORI help (some group of people) with(some situation)Here’s a simple formula for creating anElevator Speech…
  16. 16. DO:• Digital housecleaning –Googleyourself, clean upyour Facebook
  17. 17. Actual Photo Taken FromFacebook…
  18. 18. Actual Photo Taken FromFacebook…
  19. 19. You Do Not Want Your PotentialEmployer To See These…
  20. 20. DO:• Digital housecleaning –Googleyourself, clean upyour Facebook• Join networking groups –Meetup.com, TheNetworking Exchange• Keep your profile(especially LinkedIn) up todate
  21. 21. Meetup.com
  22. 22. TheNetworkingExchange.com
  23. 23. DON’T:• Post about your job searchon Facebook• Badmouthanybody…anywhere(especially the internet!!)
  24. 24. Dress like you’re going on a first date!No jeans No shorts No sweatsNo hoodies (even if you think it’s cute)No beachwear No flip-flopsMen – wear a tie!
  25. 25. Linkedin.com - search companies
  26. 26. Linkedin.com - search companiesGlassdoor.com – review interviews
  27. 27. Your New Best Friendfor Your Job SearchCompany reviews, interviewinformation, salary historieshttp://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm
  28. 28. Questions that show you’reinterested in companyvalues, revenue, cultureQuestions about the interviewerand their experience with thecompanyDon’t discuss for salary info untilthe second interview
  29. 29. Guidelines:Follow up immediately (sameday) with a thank you emailThen send a printed thankyou notePhone calls are generallydiscouraged
  30. 30. Spend some time researchingcompany cultureUse Glassdoor.com for reviewsUse LinkedIn to contact peoplefor informationDetermine your uniquesituation
  31. 31. Niche Job Search tools
  32. 32. Still Not SureAbout Direction?
  33. 33. My Skills, My Futurehttp://www.myskillsmyfuture.org/
  34. 34. My Next Movehttp://www.mynextmove.org/
  35. 35. Conclusion• Want a copy of this presentation?www.bit.ly/REAslides• Contact InformationREA-Mercer@dol.state.nj.us• Questions?• NJHERCThank you forparticipating!