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  • During your presentation don’t be complicated. People come to here you speak the slides are not what is going to attract the people attention.
  • Like the last slide don’t but a load of information on your slide know what you are going to talk about.
  • Don’t just use clip art for your slides add in exotic photos that will catch the audience eyes and help you attract their attention.
  • Connecting with the last slide don’t use the animation’s use high quality photos not just off Google put other sights like flicker.
  • Use a visual theme and try to avoid using the power point templates will help you with your success.
  • Pie charts will help your audience visualize what you are talking about.
  • Color evokes feeling and emotion so try to be as bright and unique as possible
  • Don’t just use a boring times new roman font pick something bright and vivid that catches their eyes.
  • Use a video that is appropriate to what you are talking about to help them connect.
  • Present the information in charts to help them organize and under stand the information
  • Don’t mumble in front of your audience be as load and clear as possible
  • Going along with the slide above don’t have things in your mouth make it so you can be as loud and clear as possible.
  • Don’t only make the slide look professional but come professional in a suit or just well dressed so they know you mean business
  • Don’t just sit down and stand in one spot when talking make sure to get up and move around.
  • Handouts will help the audience go along with what you are talking about so they don’t get lost.
  • Avoid putting your hands on your face so the crowd can see you.
  • This will help the crowd stay focused on you so that they no your aren’t a nervous nelly.
  • Make sure the crowd knows what you are talking about
  • The presentation is all about your delivery. If you can sell your idea or product then you can walk out of that presentation feeling satisfied.

Top10slide31 131016104636-phpapp01 Top10slide31 131016104636-phpapp01 Presentation Transcript

  • Top 10 Slide Tips
  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid a lot of bullet points
  • Use unique pictures
  • Make It Look Professional 04/6707403319
  • Use appropriate charts Sales 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
  • Color well
  • Choose your font
  • Video or audio
  • Slide sorter
  • Be loud and clear /originals/24/cf/ a1/24cfa1c0a5a 8f5571c35e61b 2d99e781.jpg
  • Chewing
  • Look professional http://sebastiancr
  • Don’t stand still
  • Handouts
  • Keep your hands off your face http://us.12 0wm/400/4 00/dandam anwasch/da ndamanwas ch1111/dan damanwasc h11110006 5/1126170 7-manthinkingwith-handon-face.jpg
  • Look and feel comfortable http:// www.f urnime .com/w pcontent /uploa ds//20 11/11/ myapplelove-
  • http:// www.k nowled gejump .com/k nowled ge/iSto ck_000 003541 361Sm all.jpg
  • Delivery