20th Medical Group Patient Handbook        2013
FROM THE COMMANDER         Welcome to your medical group! The health care professionals of the20th Medical Group are dedic...
INTRODUCTIONThis pamphlet was prepared to assist you in understanding the servicesavailable from the 20th Medical Group, S...
TABLE OF CONTENTSFrom the Commander                                  2Introduction                                        ...
Clinical Services and Programs                                 14        Ambulance Services                               ...
PATIENT POLICIESEligibility for Health Care    The principal mission of the 20th Medical Group is to provide health care t...
Smoking PolicyThe 20th Medical Group is a TOBACCO-FREE campus. Tobacco use is a serioushealth hazard. Our goal is to provi...
Do you have health insurance? You will be asked this when you schedule anappointment and upon arrival at the clinic. There...
PATIENT INFORMATIONPatient AppointmentsVisits for all 20th Medical Group Clinics are by appointment only.In the event of a...
ReferralsWhen you need specialty care, your Family Health Provider will refer you to anetwork of other specialists. You an...
CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE/CONCERNSPatient Advocate ProgramThe Patient Advocate Program is designed to ensure you are satisfied w...
PATIENT’S RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIESPatient RightsAs a Patient, You have the Right to:Receive emergency care without prea...
Patient ResponsibilitiesAs a Patient, You are Responsible to:Have respect for the rights of other patients and MTF staff.B...
A written notice of privacy practices from health plans and providers. To access theMHS policy practices, contact the priv...
Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)Family Health Providers are health care providers specially designated to manageall he...
Women’s Health ClinicThe Women’s Health Clinic is co-located within the Family Health Clinic and pro-vides a variety of gy...
Exceptional Family Member Program—Medical (EFMP-M)The Exceptional Family Member Program—Medical (EFMP-M) is designed topro...
AD and civilian employees in the Occupational Health program are seen fortheir annual assessment. All medical needs of per...
The Force Health Management Element oversees issues related to forcemobilization. These include tracking and completion of...
Dental ServicesDental Services (Bldg. 1046) provides comprehensive dental care to active dutypersonnel in an effort to ens...
Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services (X-Ray)Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services (Bldg. 1048) provides routine radiograp...
You must present your Identification Card (ID) to the Pharmacy window whendropping off a prescription or picking up medica...
ACCREDITATION ASSOCIATION FOR AMBULATORY HEALTH CARE(AAAHC)AAAHC has committed to its mission to remain the preeminent lea...
20 TIPS TO HELP PREVENT MEDICAL ERRORS1. The single most important way you can help to prevent errors is to be an activeme...
7. If you have any questions about the directions on your medicine labels, ask.Medicine labels can be hard to understand. ...
Surgery13. If you are having surgery, make sure that you, your provider and your sur-geon all agree and are clear on exact...
WEB RESOURCES   Shaw Air Force Base                          http://www.shaw.af.mil/   TRICARE                            ...
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20 MDG Patient Handbook


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The 20th Medical Group Patient Handbook provides patients with important information from every area in the clinic. Be sure to check it out!

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20 MDG Patient Handbook

  1. 1. 20th Medical Group Patient Handbook 2013
  2. 2. FROM THE COMMANDER Welcome to your medical group! The health care professionals of the20th Medical Group are dedicated to providing the best health care prevention andtreatment services possible. This pamphlet will help you understand how to accessmedical services while at Shaw Air Force Base. The availability of specific programs or services may vary according tooperational requirements of the 20th Fighter Wing. In the event we cannot providethe care you require, our TRICARE office staff will work with you to arrangefor your health care at another military treatment facility or through our civilianprovider network. Total quality health care through your Patient Centered Medical Homeincludes a responsive appointment system, a prompt and accurate pharmacy ser-vice, health prevention, health education and health promotion programs that reachout to our community. We strive to provide these services and many more. We relyon your help to identify areas for improvement through questionnaires and sugges-tions through our Customer Feedback Program. These tools help us to constantlyre-evaluate the methods and types of services we provide. We invite and encourageyou to take an active part in this process. Also, if you wish to share your time andtalents, we would love to have you as part of our Red Cross volunteer team. If in-terested in becoming a volunteer, call 895-6654. Again, welcome to the 20th Medical Group! We look forward topartnering with you for all of your healthcare needs. ////SIGNED//// DEAN B. BORSOS, Colonel, USAF, MSC Commander, 20th Medical Group 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONThis pamphlet was prepared to assist you in understanding the servicesavailable from the 20th Medical Group, Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the contents of this pamphlet, asit will aid you in obtaining health care and other services.About the 20th Medical GroupThe 20th Medical Group (20 MDG) provides ambulatory medical and dentalservices to the 20th Fighter Wing, Headquarters 9th Air Force, USAFCENT,USARCENT, Shaw associate units and thousands of military retirees in the area.The Shaw clinic is accredited by the Accreditation Association for AmbulatoryHealth Care (AAAHC). The 20 MDG provides primary care services withaerospace medicine, limited specialty care and ancillary (pharmacy, laboratory,radiology) capabilities. We do not provide inpatient or emergency services butambulance services are available to on base personnel at all times by calling 911.Outpatient care is provided for pediatric through geriatric patients. Shaw clinic’srange of services include pediatrics, family health, flight medicine, limitedgynecological services, oral surgery, general dentistry, periodontics,prosthodontics, physical therapy, optometry, mental health, family advocacy,laboratory, pharmacy, public health, radiology, health & wellness, andimmunizations. All care not performed at Shaw AFB is arranged through referralsto a robust network of military hospitals and TRICARE civilian medical resourcesin the surrounding communities. We are fortunate to be surrounded with extremelyhigh caliber medical services and most specialties within a reasonable distance ofthe base. Mission Statement Prepare and maintain medically ready forces… Prevent, Heal, Deploy, Anytime, Anywhere. Vision Statement Maximize combat capability by providing unparalleled healthcare.Medical Group OrganizationThe 20th Medical Group is comprised of four squadrons, which operate underthe direction of the group commander and his support staff.Key telephone numbers for each of the major functions are listed inside the backcover of this pamphlet. The single access telephone number for the 20 MDG is 895-CARE (2273). 3
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTSFrom the Commander 2Introduction 3Table of Contents 4Patient Policies 6 Eligibility for Health Care 6 DEERS 6 Appearance and Behavior 6 Smoking Policy 7 Medical Records 7 Third Party Collection Program 7 No Show Appointments 8 Late Show Appointments 8Patient Information 9 Patient Appointments 9 TRICARE Online 9 TRICARE Service Center 9 Referrals 10 TRICARE Dental Program 10 Beneficiary Counseling/Claims Assistance 10 Advance Directives 10Customer Assistance/Concerns 11 Patient Advocate Program 11 Ethics Hearings 11Patient Rights and Responsibilities 12 Patient Rights 12 Patient Responsibilities 13 Privacy Rights/HIPAA 13 4
  5. 5. Clinical Services and Programs 14 Ambulance Services 14 Medical In-processing 14 Patient Center Medical Home 15 Family Health Clinic 15 Pediatric Clinic 15 Women’s Health Clinic 16 Mental Health Clinic and Family Advocacy 16 Exceptional Family Member Program 17 Physical Therapy 17 Immunizations 17Aerospace Medicine 17 Flight Medicine Flight 17 Health Promotion Flight - Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) 18 Public Health Flight (occupational health) 18 Optometry Services Element 19 Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight 19 Aerospace Physiology Flight 19Dental Services 20Ancillary and Support Services 20 Laboratory 20 Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services (X-Ray) 21 Pharmacy 21 Volunteers 22Performance Improvement, Patient Safety 22Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) 23What are Medical Errors? 2320 Tips to Help Prevent Errors 2420th Medical Group Key Numbers 27Web Resources 28 5
  6. 6. PATIENT POLICIESEligibility for Health Care The principal mission of the 20th Medical Group is to provide health care to active duty military patients. Many of the Clinic’s services are available to active duty dependents, as well as retirees and their dependents if enrolled in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Plus. There is very limited capacity for space available services to those not enrolled in TRICARE Prime. For health care with the best outcome, we strongly encourage you to choose a TRICARE plan that facilitates regular wellness exams as well as emergency and hospitalization coverage. To substantiate eligibility for health care, all patients must be enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS), and present a val- id military identification (ID) card (if 10 years of age or older) to clinic personnel before receiving health care. Patients who have neither a valid ID card nor DEERS enrollment may be subject to denial of health care and/or billed for services. These patients will be required to sign a statement of eligibility certifying they are eligible beneficiaries; they must prove eligibility status within 30 days or pay the Air Force an established rate for the health care furnished. Patients requiring emergency treatment to save life or limb are treated immediately without regard for eligibility and questions regarding eligibility are addressed after the emergency situation is resolved.DEERS DEERS is a Department of Defense program designed to help secure military beneficiaries’ health benefits by eliminating fraud. This program is as important to you as your military ID card. To find out if you are enrolled, you can call DEERS toll free at 1-800-538-9552. If you are not enrolled in DEERS, please contact the Military Personnel Section Customer Service at (803) 895-1596. Enroll your newborns in DEERS as soon as possible after birth. DEERS is our only source for your address and phone number. Please submit changes via the TRICARE web site: www.tricare.osd.mil/DEERSAddress Check the A-to-Z list for DEERS Address Change.Appearance and BehaviorWhile in this medical facility, it is necessary that all patients maintain a neatand presentable appearance in accordance with military standards and courtesies.Proper dress is appreciated, and the wear of footwear is required for your ownprotection. Additionally, we do not permit drinking of alcohol or possession ofalcoholic beverages, gambling, boisterousness, weapons (except by lawenforcement officers in the performance of their duties) or profane languagein the clinic. 6
  7. 7. Smoking PolicyThe 20th Medical Group is a TOBACCO-FREE campus. Tobacco use is a serioushealth hazard. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible health care environ-ment. Please respect all posted signs. Smoking is allowed only in a designated areaoff campus.Medical RecordsIn accordance with DoD policy, medical records are the property of the UnitedStates Government, and it is the responsibility of the 20th Medical Group tomaintain the record while each patient is a beneficiary of this medical treatmentfacility. The health record is an important record which provides a current, conciseand comprehensive account of an individual’s medical history. If the record isnot available to our medical personnel, valuable medical documents may be lostand part, if not all, of the patient’s medical history may be missing. All patientswhose servicing medical facility is the 20th Medical Group will have their recordsmaintained at this facility. Patients who periodically come to this facility for care,but reside outside of our catchment area, will also have their medical recordsmaintained here. In addition to maintaining the medical records, a medical recordscopying service is available upon request. We require 30 days advance notice toprovide a copy of your medical record.When you receive care from civilian providers, ask them to send copies of anytreatment provided to the MTF for inclusion in your outpatient record. Thesedocuments will give our providers valuable information about your medicalcondition and will improve their ability to provide quality health care. For allappointments with the 20th Medical Group, the health record will be forwarded tothe appropriate clinic prior to each patient’s appointment. Medical records will not,under any circumstances, be hand-carried by a patient.Consistent with SC law; an individual cannot obtain the records of a spouse or childover 18 years of age for any reason without a signed, witnessed release from thatindividual. Children under 16 years of age cannot receive routine care without thepresence of a parent or guardian, or an adult possessing a medical power ofattorney. Medical powers of attorney are available by appointment only through theBase Legal Office, 895-1560.Third Party Collection ProgramThis program was established in 1986, under the U.S. Code, Title 10 to authorizemilitary medical treatment facilities to bill health insurance carriers (i.e. BlueCross Blue Shield, Aetna, etc.) for the cost of medical care provided to health carebeneficiaries who are covered by these programs. Health insurance does not includeTRICARE, Medicare or any of their supplemental programs. Below are some of themost common asked questions.What medical services are billed to insurance companies? Insurance companieswill be billed for each clinical visit and any pharmaceutical costs. 7
  8. 8. Do you have health insurance? You will be asked this when you schedule anappointment and upon arrival at the clinic. There is no paper form to be filled out.The Clinic will verify and update your information with the Electronic 2569 (E2569)on file. If a current E2569 is not on file, the information will be asked so a new E-2569 file can be generated. Other Health Insurance Information, is used to certifywhether or not you have civilian health insurance. If a health insurance program co-vers you, we need you to provide your policy number and any other related infor-mation. Always having your cards with you will make the process faster.Health care is one of my service benefits; why does the military clinic haveto bill my insurance company? Your health care is paid by federal tax dollars. Thelaw requires military treatment facilities to recover these costs if they arecovered by another health insurance company.If the full cost of care is not recovered from my insurance company, will Iget a bill from the military clinic? No. You will not be billed for any costs wecannot recover.Will I need to pay my deductible? No. The government will absorb thedeductible. Additionally, charges billed by military medical treatment facilitiesshould be credited toward your deductible, thus reducing your out-of-pocketexpenses if you receive care from a civilian provider.What will I receive from my insurance company? You will receive anExplanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company explaining howmuch was paid to the military treatment facility and what deductible orco-payments were subtracted from the claim. This is not a bill. You are notresponsible for co-payments or deductibles not paid, even if they appear on the EOB.For additional information, please contact Resource Management office at895-6418No ShowAn appointment is designated a No-Show when a patient does not keep a scheduledappointment or cancels less than two hours prior to a scheduled appointment. Pa-tients arriving past the start time of the appointment will be considered a ―no-show‖and will need to reschedule the appointment or seek care from a network urgent carefacility. Appointments before 0900 need to be cancelled prior to the close of busi-ness the previous duty day. A patient who fails to provide notification as specifiedabove is considered a No-Show.Commanders may be notified of No-Shows of Active Duty members under theircommand. The 20 MDG is not required to record these as disclosures underHIPAA, as this falls under the definition of treatment.Late ShowsAn appointment is designated a Late-Show when a patient arrives at the clinic greaterthan 10 minutes after their scheduled appointment time. The 20 MDG will try to ac-commodate Late-Show patients, however, it is the patients responsibility to be ontime for their appointment or notify the 20 MDG in advance if they must cancel. 8
  9. 9. PATIENT INFORMATIONPatient AppointmentsVisits for all 20th Medical Group Clinics are by appointment only.In the event of an emergency, immediately call 911 or go to the nearest emergencyroom.Appointments are available by calling: (803) 895-CARE (2273) 0700 – 1600, Monday through FridayOur long distance patients can also call by dialing our toll free number,1-877-796-Care (2273). Unscheduled ―walk-in‖ visits are strongly discouragedsince they cause delays for patients with scheduled appointments. Please call aheadso we may give you proper service.After normal duty hours, for urgent medical issues that are not life threatening butrequire treatment within 24 hours, contact the on-call PCM at (803) 895-CARE todiscuss the condition and possible referral to an Urgent Care facility. It is importantthat you coordinate follow-up care with your PCM to ensure both required care andreferral authorizations are appropriately completed.TRICARE OnlineTo make appointments 24 hours a day 7 days a week, visit www.tricareonline.comto register for an account. TRICARE Online (TOL) is an interactive site that offersenrolled beneficiaries who register for an account the ability to book appointmentwith their provider.TRICARE Service CenterThe TRICARE Service Center (TSC) and Managed Care Office are your overallcontinuity of care departments, which facilitate your care throughout the militaryand civilian health care systems. A listing of 20 MDG providers is also availablefor your review in this office. If you have any questions concerning thisinformation, please call HUMANA, our Managed Care Support Contractor at1-800-444-5445 or visit the Shaw AFB TSC/Managed Care Office, Monday-Fridayfrom 0730 to 1630.Many of you have relied on military medical treatment facilities for most, if not all,of your health care. Our medical treatment facilities are an integral part ofTRICARE. TRICARE expands your options to include a growing civilian providernetwork. These providers have been carefully selected to participate in TRICAREbecause of their high quality care standards.There are three different TRICARE plans from which you can choose: Prime,Extra and Standard. Each plan has different cost shares and degrees of freedomfor choosing your health care providers. For more information call 1-800-444-5445,or visit the Shaw AFB TRICARE Service Center/Managed Care Office. 9
  10. 10. ReferralsWhen you need specialty care, your Family Health Provider will refer you to anetwork of other specialists. You and your providers will be notified of yourauthorized referral within 10 business days. Notification will either be by phoneor in writing. You can also check on your authorization, 24-hours a day by calling1-800-444-5445 or by logging onto www.humana-military.com and registering forbeneficiary services. If you need any changes to a referral, you should contact theReferral Management Center at (803) 895-6559.TRICARE Dental Program (TDP)This is a private insurance program for family members of all uniformed servicesactive duty, Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve personnel of theUniformed Services. The plan is voluntary, requiring the sponsor to enroll his/herdependents into the TRICARE Dental Program. A list of participating dentists andadditional information can be obtained from the TRICARE Service Center.The TRICARE Retiree Dental program is currently administered via MetLife.They may be contacted at 1-855-MET-TDP1 (1-855-638-8372, toll-free) or athttp://mybenefits.metlife.com/tricare.Beneficiary Counseling and Claims Assistance (BCAC) and Debt Collection As-sistance Officers (DCAO)This office provides assistance to beneficiaries with questions and/or medicalclaims issues. The Health Benefits staff will assist all eligible beneficiaries toinclude those with Prime, Standard and Extra coverage. Simply call (803) 895-6228for assistance.Advance DirectivesAn Advance Directive contains written instructions you have made concerningyour future medical care in case you become unable to make decisions for yourselfor become unable to communicate to your provider about your decisions. It is alegal document and can be in the form of a Living Will and/or a Medical Power ofAttorney. Be sure to inform your provider, nurse, or health technician if you haveor desire an Advance Directive. The Legal Office will answer your questions andprovide legal advice. If you have any questions or would like to complete anAdvance Directive, contact the Legal Office at 895-1560. 10
  11. 11. CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE/CONCERNSPatient Advocate ProgramThe Patient Advocate Program is designed to ensure you are satisfied withyour medical care. Through this program, the 20th Medical Group provides animmediate response to your concerns. Contact the patient customer servicerepresentative in the area where you have a concern. His or her name andphotograph are posted in the waiting room. If your problem is not addressed toyour satisfaction, you may also speak with the OIC or NCOIC, who will try toanswer your questions or work with you towards a solution before you leave theclinic. If the OIC or NCOIC is unable to do so, he or she may refer you to theirSquadron Superintendent or Squadron Commander. Another avenue to express anyconcern is the 20th Medical Group Patient Advocate Office, where your concernwill be documented and sent for review. All patient complaints should be in writtenform and signed by the patient, which will allow clear communication and account-ability. You may also call the Patient Advocate Office during normal duty hours at803-895-6817.The men and women of the 20th Medical Group strive to provide excellent qualitycare. We would like to know your concerns and how you feel about the serviceyou receive while visiting our facility. Please take a moment to comment on thecare provided by filling out our customer comment cards available in the clinicwaiting areas. This program is important to the medical group and to you, becauseit allows us to measure the level of your satisfaction while identifying andcorrecting problem areas, thus providing better care and service in the future.In addition, you may receive a call from an independent party who serves as agatherer for our Service Delivery Assessment survey that provides the 20 MDGwith customer service information. You will receive an e-mail survey to evaluateyour dental clinic experience.Ethics HearingEthical issues or differences of opinion concerning treatment options may arisebecause the physician and patient/family have different value systems, whichmay stem from different religious beliefs, ethnic backgrounds or upbringing. If aconflict arises that cannot be resolved through discussion between the provider,their supervisor and patient/family, an ethics hearing may be called by our Chief ofthe Medical Staff (Senior Provider) to discuss and make recommendations to helpresolve the issue. This does not include differences of opinion concerning treatmentoptions that are medically or legally contraindicated. 11
  12. 12. PATIENT’S RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIESPatient RightsAs a Patient, You have the Right to:Receive emergency care without preauthorization where and when acute symp-toms are so severe that a ―sensible layperson‖ would want emergency care to pre-vent serious harm or death.Timely, considerate, and respectful care at all times and under all circumstances.An environment of shared respect which is free from discrimination.Accurate information about the TRICARE program to include covered health bene-fits and health plan options.A choice of healthcare providers, either within TRICARE Prime network or theMilitary Treatment Facility (MTF).Receive accurate, accessible and understandable healthcare information.Ask questions and receive timely answers to those questions.Choose someone to make decisions on your behalf if you cannot do so.Know all of your treatment options including the option of no treatment.Know the risks, benefits, and consequences of each of these options.Refuse care as allowed by law.Privacy and protection of your personal health information.Communicate with healthcare providers in confidence as allowed by law and regu-lation.Review and obtain a copy of your own medical records through the release of infor-mation request.Request amendments to your records, within specific legal limits.A fair and efficient process to appeal medical necessity decisions by your MTF orby TRICARE that includes both internal review and independent external review.To discuss complaints with your provider or Patient Advocate.Contact a TRICARE Debt Collection Assistance Office if unable to pay fees.Review a provider directory maintained in Managed Care to assist with understand-ing your provider’s education and training and selecting a Primary Care Manager.Review publicly-reported MTF quality measures; please view MTF slide presenta-tion in main patient waiting area. 12
  13. 13. Patient ResponsibilitiesAs a Patient, You are Responsible to:Have respect for the rights of other patients and MTF staff.Become educated about TRICARE coverage, options, and rules, to include requiredfees.Tell your healthcare professional everything you know about your illness or condi-tion, past healthcare, and any and all medications or supplements you are taking,and any legal healthcare directives that affect your care.Inform the provider or nurse about any changes in how you feel.Participate in decisions related to your healthcare and ask questions if you do notunderstand any part of the proposed treatment.Follow your treatment plan(s), which is established by your provider (s).Provide an adult attendant if required by your healthcare team.Maximize healthy habits, such as increased exercise and a healthy diet as well asreduced tobacco use and knowingly spread disease.Accept the consequences if you refuse to follow the plan of care.Keep appointments or call to change or cancel them at least 24 hours in advance.Report wrongdoing and fraud to appropriate authorities.If you have any questions regarding your rights and responsibilities pleasetalk with your healthcare provider or the respective Department PatientAdvocate.Patient Privacy RightsCongress recognized the need for the national patient record privacy standards andenacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA),which became effective 14 April 2003. The law included provisions designed tosave money for health care businesses by encouraging electronic standards, but inthe process required new safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality ofthe information. Patient’s rights include: 13
  14. 14. A written notice of privacy practices from health plans and providers. To access theMHS policy practices, contact the privacy officer at any DoD Medical TreatmentFacility or go to this website: http://www.tricare.mil/tma/hipaaRight to access, review and request correction of and obtain a copy of yourprotected health information (PHI), such as your medical record.Right to an accounting of certain disclosures of your PHI.Right to request restriction of uses and disclosure of PHI.Right to file a complaint regarding privacy infractions.The 20th Medical Group will serve as your advocate for privacy issues andthe proper dissemination of your health care information in compliance with theHIPAA legislation. The Privacy Officer can be reached at (803) 895-6455 for anyconcerns or assistance you may require.CLINICAL SERVICES AND PROGRAMSAmbulance ServicesThe 20th Medical Group does not have an emergency department or urgent carecare services. For all emergencies (i.e., off- or on-base), call 911. Ourambulance transports patients directly to the emergency room at Tuomey RegionalMedical Center. For emergencies occurring in the civilian community, the SumterCounty Emergency Services will only transport patients to the Tuomey RegionalMedical Center Emergency Room. The hospital and physician’s bills for activeduty members and their dependents should be brought to the TRICARE ServiceCenter as soon as you receive them. Make sure you speak with your Family HealthProvider prior to (when the situation permits), or within 24 hours, if you go to anemergency department or seek urgent care outside of the military treatment facility.Routine care outside the MTF obtained without a prior approved referral isgenerally not a covered (reimbursable) benefit and the member may be subject topoint-of-service charges.Medical In-processingTo help smooth your transition into your new home here at Shaw AFB, the20th Medical Group asks each newly enrolled dependent beneficiary to completea medical assessment form. These forms are reviewed by your Primary CareManager so that they may address your current and preventative health care needs.Additionally, all active duty members are required to in-process throughTRICARE, Public Health, and the Dental Clinic. The goal is to ensure you knowwhat health care services are available here at Shaw and how to get help when youneed it. For more information, contact Managed Care at 895-6228. 14
  15. 15. Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)Family Health Providers are health care providers specially designated to manageall health care needs of active duty members and other individuals enrolled toTRICARE Prime. The goals are for the Family Health Provider to become familiarwith the needs of their assigned patients, and to ensure that all care is appropriatelymanaged. To the maximum extent possible, patient visits will be scheduled withthe assigned Family Health Provider or one of their Family Health team partners.Family Health Providers are designated in Family Medicine, Pediatrics and FlightMedicine.Family Health Clinic (Bldg. 1048): The Family Health Clinic functions as one ofthe main entry points of care in this facility. Specialty care referrals are initiatedthrough this clinic by your Family Health Provider, and then transmitted to theTRICARE Service Center/Managed Care Office for authorization and scheduling.NOTE: The Family Health Clinic cares for patients of all ages, from pediatrics togeriatrics. Call 895-CARE (2273) or go to TRICAREOnline.com to scheduleappointments.Duty Hours: The Family Health Clinic is open Monday through Friday from0730 – 1630. The Family Health Clinic is CLOSED on weekends, holidays anddown days. The Family Health Clinic has no emergency services. If you have a truemedical EMERGENCY, call 911.Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) Appointments: Active duty members mayschedule their PHA appointments by calling 895-6373.School and Athletic Physicals: School and athletic physicals are normallyperformed in the summer months before school begins, and are publicized.Appointments can be made by calling 895-CARE (2273), Monday through Friday.Provider On-Call: The Provider On-Call can be reached by calling 895-CARE(2273) after hours. The Provider On-Call is not located within the facility.NOTE: If you are on flying status, an air traffic controller, parachutist, weaponscontroller or administratively qualified for the Personnel Reliability Program, theFlight Medicine Clinic is your Family Health Provider. You can contact the FlightMedicine Clinic by calling 895-2273 during non-duty hours (ask to be forwarded tothe on-call Flight Medicine provider).Pediatric ClinicThe Pediatric Clinic (Bldg. 1053) is open for children 16 years and under. Childrenof any age with chronic or special needs may also be seen in this clinic.Duty Hours: The Pediatric Clinic is open Monday through Friday, 0730 – 1630.Call 895-CARE (2273) to schedule appointments. 15
  16. 16. Women’s Health ClinicThe Women’s Health Clinic is co-located within the Family Health Clinic and pro-vides a variety of gynecological services to female patients assigned to the 20thMedical Group. Gynecological services include all active duty pap smears (no re-ferral needed), space available dependent spouse pap smears, abnormal pap follow-up and treatment, specialized gynecological problems, limited procedures, familyplanning and individualized patient counseling and education. Patients with gyne-cological concerns are seen on a referral only/case-by-case basis, based on the na-ture of the referral. Civilian consultation is utilized for any patients whose medicalhistory requires additional support.Pregnancy tests are available on a walk-in basis. Please note that Shaw AFB doesnot provide obstetrical services. Once a woman has a positive pregnancy testfrom the lab, she will be scheduled for a new parent briefing and provided withappropriate information for obtaining obstetrical services in the local community.Duty Hours: The Women’s Health Clinic is open Monday through Friday,0730 – 1630 daily. All injections are done on a walk-in basis, Monday throughFriday between the hours of 0800 - 1100 and 1300 – 1500.Mental Health & Family AdvocacyThe Mental Health Flight provides triage, clinical assessments, evaluations, andoutpatient treatment psychiatric services for active duty members. Substance abuseevaluations and treatment are also available. Care for dependents, retirees and de-pendents of retirees is limited. Mental Health care for these beneficiary categoriesis referred to the civilian community. Outpatient appointments for active duty per-sonnel can be made through self-referral, referral from health care providers, com-mand, or other Air Force agencies. The Family Advocacy Program is designed to provide therapeutic, preventive andeducational services to military families at risk for and/or experiencing family vio-lence. The Family Advocacy Outreach and Prevention Team develops programsand services in cooperation with other community agencies aimed at strengtheningand enriching Air Force families. The New Parent Support Program offers supportfor new parents, provides parenting classes, and many psychological, educationaland de-velopmental classes.Access to Care: To schedule an appointment with the Mental Health Clinic, pleasecall 895-6199 between 0730 – 1630, Monday through Friday.For more information about the Mental Health Clinic, please call 895-6199. Forinformation about Family Advocacy, please call 895-6201. 16
  17. 17. Exceptional Family Member Program—Medical (EFMP-M)The Exceptional Family Member Program—Medical (EFMP-M) is designed toprovide assistance to eligible personnel with dependents who receive specialeducational or medical attention for chronic physical or mental conditions or whorequire frequent services by a specialist. This assistance may be in the form ofreferral to available support services or counseling on special assignmentconsiderations. For more information on this program, call 895-6776.Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy (Bldg. 1048) provides health care devoted to relieving pain,restoring function and preventing injuries and disabilities to all active dutypersonnel and DoD beneficiaries. Those eligible for care are seen by referral froma physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or dentist. NOTE: The PhysicalTherapy Clinic does not provide services for patients requiring long-term care forpediatric or adult neurological conditions, neonatal intensive care intervention ordevelopmental disabilities. These patients are referred through TRICARE tospecialty facilities to better meet their needs.Access to Care: To schedule appointments, please call 803-895-6562 or come bythe Physical Therapy Clinic front desk.Duty Hours: Physical Therapy is open Monday, 0730-1630;ImmunizationsThe Immunization Clinic is a walk-in clinic. Childhood immunizations arescheduled to follow standard well-baby check-ups. Parents should bring copy oftheir child’s immunization record. NOTE: PPD tests (TB skin tests) require twovisits (one to administer the test and one to read it 48 to 72 hours later) and are notadministered on any Thursday or on the Friday before a long weekend.Information: For additional information concerning specific immunizations, pleasecontact the clinic at 895-6492.Duty Hours: Immunizations is open 0730 – 1600, Monday through Friday. This section is closed daily from 1200 – 1300.AEROSPACE MEDICINEFlight MedicineFlight Medicine (Bldg. 1005) provides primary medical care for all personnel onflight /special operator status and their dependents. This includes aircrew, air trafficcontrollers, space operators, and other special operational duty personnel. Addition-ally, certain 17
  18. 18. AD and civilian employees in the Occupational Health program are seen fortheir annual assessment. All medical needs of personnel on flight/special operatorstatus must be coordinated through the Flight Medicine Flight.Active Duty Sick Call: Hours for sick call are 0730 and 1300, Monday throughFriday. Sick call is limited to acute problems or return to flight controlling status.Access to Care: To schedule an appointment, please call 895-CARE (2273)from 0730 – 1600, Monday through Friday. Arrive 20 minutes early for scheduledappointments.Duty Hours: Flight Medicine is open 0730 – 1630, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursday and from 0730 – 1530 Friday.Health Promotion Flight (Health and Wellness Center (HAWC))Health Promotions is a program designed to promote healthy lifestyles byidentifying health risks and establishing programs that facilitate changes towardsthe adoption of healthier behaviors in our Air Force community. The HAWCprovides a ―one-stop-shop‖ for health and fitness assessment, awareness andprevention programs.The HAWC (Bldg. 901) provides tobacco cessation programs, nutritionalcounseling, disease risk counseling (cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure),health risk appraisals and exercise prescriptions, and supports the commander’sfitness program. Books and videos on various health topics can be signed out,and educational materials are available on all the above topics. The HAWC is amember of the Shaw Prevention Team and partners with Family Support, FamilyAdvocacy, Family Member’s Program Flight, the Chaplain, and Mental Health inproviding programs to meet the needs of our Shaw AFB community. Stop by andsee if we can make a difference in pointing you in the direction of getting healthyand staying healthy.Information: For additional information, call the HAWC at 895-1216/17.Duty Hours: The HAWC is open 0730 – 1630, Monday through Friday.Public Health FlightThe Public Health Flight (Bldg. 1054) is organized in two major elements,Community Health Management and Force Health Management.The Community Health Element oversees issues related to the base populationas a whole. These programs include Communicable Disease Surveillance,Epidemiology, Food Safety, Facility Sanitation and Disease Vector Surveillance. 18
  19. 19. The Force Health Management Element oversees issues related to forcemobilization. These include tracking and completion of the Preventive HealthAssessment and Individual Medical Readiness database, oversight of OccupationalMedical Examinations, hearing testing, and Pre/Post Deployment Processing.Duty Hours: Public Health is open from 0730 – 1630, Monday through Friday.Call 895-6193/6185 to access services.Optometry Services ElementOptometry (Bldg. 1048, 2nd Floor) provides comprehensive vision care, to includeroutine eye examinations and urgent eye care (red eyes, eye injuries, etc.) for activeduty personnel. Family members and retirees receive eye care through TRICAREwith a civilian provider. Optometry provides Diabetic Eye exams for all TRICAREbeneficiaries, and Corneal Refractive Surgery pre-operatively and post-operatively.Active Duty and retiree patients can bring their eyeglass prescriptions to the clinicto order military eyewear.Access to Care: To schedule an appointment, please call 895-CARE (2273), op-tion1, option 4 from 0700 – 1600, Monday through Friday. For urgent eye careappointments, call 895-CARE (2273).Duty Hours: Optometry is open 0730 – 1630 Monday through Thursday 0730 – 1530 FridayBioenvironmental Engineering FlightThe Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight (Bldg. 1005) applies knowledge ofengineering and the sciences to assist commanders in employing risk managementprinciples to meet their mission in peacetime and during contingency operations.Our top priority is to perform risk assessment surveys evaluating systems,installations, facilities, and planning documents for chemical, physical andbiological stress factors which may cause illness, injury, reduced productivity,performance or significant discomfort among Air Force personnel in occupationalenvironments. The flight advises commanders on impact to mission ofunacceptable risks and provides possible solutions.Call 895-6196 to access services.Aerospace Physiology Flight (APF)The Aerospace Physiology Flight (Bldg. 1047) acquaints aircrew and high altitudeparachutists with the stresses and equipment of aerospace operations in order toprepare them to successfully function and survive during all situations. Our goal isto improve aviation safety by providing academics in a controlled environment thatwill ultimately increase human performance. By working as a team, we provide ourcustomers the highest quality of physiological training while maintaining combatreadiness and efficiency for High Altitude Airdrop Mission Support.Access to Care/Training: You may reach us at 895-6791 from 0700-1600, Mondaythrough Friday.Duty Hours: Aerospace Physiology is open from 0700-1600, Monday throughFriday. 19
  20. 20. Dental ServicesDental Services (Bldg. 1046) provides comprehensive dental care to active dutypersonnel in an effort to ensure Shaw AFB is ―dentally ready‖ for worldwide duty.Eligible active duty family members should be enrolled in the TRICARE DentalPlan (www.metlife.com). Retirees and their families can enroll in the TRICARERetiree Dental Plan (www.ddpdelta.org) or may seek other types of dentalinsurance coverage. Covered benefits/procedures should be provided by theindividual’s participating network dentist. Space-available care is very limited,due to primary mission demands and other requirements.Dental Emergencies: Same-day evaluation and management of dental emergencies(trauma, bleeding, swelling, infection, severe pain, etc.) is available for allbeneficiary categories. Call 895-6988/6989 during duty hours and 895-CARE(2273) during non-duty hours. NOTE: Non-active duty personnel must first at-tempt to access their network dentist, as this provides continuity of care. Thecost of emergency service is covered by the TRICARE Dental Plan.Access to Care: To schedule an appointment, please call 895-6988 or you maymake it in person.Duty Hours: Dental Services is open 0730 – 1630, Monday through FridayANCILLARY AND SUPPORT SERVICESLaboratoryThe Laboratory (Bldg. 1048) supports Family Health, Pediatrics, Women’s HealthClinic and Flight Medicine in conducting various clinical laboratory tests. Tests notperformed in-house are processed through our shipping department to be tested atvarious military and civilian reference laboratories.All patient encounters are conducted at the laboratory reception desk. Specialcollection directions are available for some requested tests. All military health caresystem beneficiaries with a legible laboratory request signed by a licensed militaryor civilian provider are eligible for our services.Access to Care: The Laboratory is a walk-in clinic, or you may contact our frontdesk at (803) 895-6515 for any further questions.Duty Hours: The Laboratory is open from 0730 – 1630, Monday through Friday. 20
  21. 21. Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services (X-Ray)Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services (Bldg. 1048) provides routine radiographyservices. Special procedures to include fluoroscopy, ultrasound and mammographyare referred to other military or civilian sources. All examinations require a healthcare provider’s request. Requests from civilian providers will be honored with alegible prescription. Routine radiography will be performed on a walk-in basiswhile all special examinations will be scheduled through TRICARE.Information: You may reach us at (803) 895-6625 for any additional information.Duty Hours: Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services is open from 0730 – 1630,Monday through Friday.PharmacyThe 20 MDG Pharmacy dispenses medications upon receipt of a written prescrip-tion from a military or civilian provider. New and existing prescriptions from 20MDG providers and from civilian providers are filled at the main pharmacy.The 20 MDG Pharmacy will gladly fill civilian provider prescriptions.If you receive your care from a civilian provider, please come by the Pharmacy andpick up a list of medications stocked at the 20 MDG Pharmacy or access our for-mulary online at www.shaw.af.mil/units/medicalservices/index.asp.We will not be able to fill a prescription for a medication not on our formulary.The 20 MDG Pharmacy must follow South Carolina State law with regard to phar-macy practice.All patients must pull a ticket from the ticket station located in the pharmacy lobbyfor their prescription to be processed. Your ticket number will be called to the firstfree pharmacy window in the order it was pulled from the machine. Prescriptionrefills are filled at the Satellite Pharmacy (located in the Base Exchange complex).Pharmacy hours of operation are:Main Pharmacy Satellite PharmacyMonday-Friday: 0745 - 1700 hrs. Monday-Friday: 0900 – 1700 hrs. Closed on Sat/Sun/Holidays/Wing Down DaysThe satellite Pharmacy has a convenient call-in refill service.Refills called in before 1200 are ready the next duty day. Refills called in after1200 are ready within two duty days.The phone numbers for this system are 895-6678 or toll free at 1-877-796-2273. 21
  22. 22. You must present your Identification Card (ID) to the Pharmacy window whendropping off a prescription or picking up medication. Pharmacy staff members willdispense medications when presented with a valid ID card.Patients may also elect to have their prescriptions filled at either the TRICAREMail Order Pharmacy (TMOP) or a local civilian pharmacy that accepts TRICARE.Unless you are active duty, there will be a co-pay for each prescription filled atthese locations. There is no co-pay for active duty members. Keep in mind thosemedications that are non-formulary at Shaw AFB may be formulary medications atthese two pharmacies, and may therefore be available at the lower co-pays.Prescriptions filled at local civilian pharmacies are limited to a 30-day supplyof medication. Most prescriptions filled through the TMOP can be filled up to a90-day supply of medication if the prescription is written for that quantity.The co-pay for a 90-day supply of medication through the TMOP is the same asa 30-day supply of medication from a local civilian pharmacy.In order to utilize the TMOP, patients need to register with TMOP. Registrationforms can be obtained at the Shaw Pharmacy. They can also be obtained bycontacting the TMOP at the following toll-free number: 866-363-8667.Additional questions about the TMOP can be answered by your pharmacy staff atShaw, the toll-free number provided above, or through the following website:www.express-scripts.com.Patients with civilian prescriptions, may also utilize the prescription drop-off boxlocated in the waiting area of the main pharmacy. The beneficiary must fill out theprovided envelope completely. Prescriptions that are dropped in the prescriptiondrop box may be picked up 2 hours later at window 4.Please call the Pharmacy at 803-895-6464 if you have questions.VolunteersWe have a very active volunteer staff working in the 20th Medical Group.Volunteers perform many vital functions that help the everyday operations of theclinic flow smoothly. If you are interested in becoming one of these valuablevolunteers, contact the Red Cross Volunteer Coordinator, 895-1251.PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT/PATIENT SAFETYIt is the goal of the 20th Medical Group to provide our patients with safe,quality medical and dental care. You have the right to report any unsafe conditionor patient safety concern to the 20th Medical Group Leadership, by requesting any20th Medical Group staff member or Customer Service Representative to completethe documentation in the DoD Patient Safety Reporting System.You are also an important part of this on-going commitment to excellence. Yourcomments regarding care you receive at the clinic are important to us. You mayreceive a call asking for your comments regarding a recent visit; the informationyou give will help us maintain our high standards of excellence. The survey isbrief; please take the time to participate. In addition, you are welcome to completea comment card (located throughout the facility) at anytime. 22
  23. 23. ACCREDITATION ASSOCIATION FOR AMBULATORY HEALTH CARE(AAAHC)AAAHC has committed to its mission to remain the preeminent leader in develop-ing standards to advance and promote patient safety, quality, value and measure-ment of performance for ambulatory health care through peer-based accreditationprocesses, education and research. Anyone believing that he or she has pertinentand valid information about such matters may contact the AAAHC at any timethrough the following mechanisms:Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care5250 Old Orchard Road, Suite 200Skokie, IL 60077Phone: (847) 853-6060Fax: (847) 853-9028Email: info@aaahc.orgWeb: www.aaahc.orgWHAT ARE MEDICAL ERRORS?Medical errors are one of the nation’s leading causes of death and injury. Govern-ment agencies, purchasers of group health care and health care providers are work-ing together to make the U.S. health care system safer for patients and the public. Inrecent years, medical errors have received much attention. Steps are being taken toreduce the number of errors that occur. One of these steps is to educate patients onwhat they can do to help prevent medical errors. Listed below are tips to help makeyour health care experience safer. You are an important part of your health careteam; if you have questions, SPEAK UP.Medical errors happen when something that was planned as a part of medical caredoesnt work out, or when the wrong plan was used in the first place. Medical errorscan occur anywhere in the health care system: Hospitals Clinics Outpatient Surgery Centers Providers Offices Nursing Homes Pharmacies Patients HomesErrors can involve: Medicines Surgery Diagnosis Equipment Lab reports 23
  24. 24. 20 TIPS TO HELP PREVENT MEDICAL ERRORS1. The single most important way you can help to prevent errors is to be an activemember of your health care team.That means taking part in every decision about your health care. Research showsthat patients who are more involved with their care tend to get better results. Somespecific tips follow.Medicines2. Make sure that all of your providers know about everything you are taking.This includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and dietary supple-ments such as vitamins and herbs.At least once a year, bring all of your medicines and supplements with you to yourprovider. "Brown bagging" your medicines can help you and your provider talkabout them and find out if there are any problems. It can also help your providerkeep your records up to date, which can help you get better quality care. With thePatient Centered Medical Home a partnership is one of our main goals. So that youwill have a list of current medication readily available, please list them on the lastpage of this pamphlet.3. Make sure your provider knows about any allergies and adverse reactions youhave had to medicines.This can help you avoid getting a medicine that can harm you.4. When your provider writes you a prescription, make sure you can read it.If you cant read your providers handwriting, your pharmacist might not be able toeither.5. Ask for information about your medicines in terms you can understand--bothwhen your medicines are prescribed and when you receive them. What is the medicine for? How am I supposed to take it, and for how long? What side effects are likely? What do I do if they occur? Is this medicine safe to take with other medicines or dietary supplements I am taking? What food, drink or activities should I avoid while taking this medicine?6. When you pick up your medicine from the pharmacy, ask: Is this the medicinethat my provider prescribed?A study by the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciencesfound that 88 percent of medicine errors involved the wrong drug or the wrongdose. 24
  25. 25. 7. If you have any questions about the directions on your medicine labels, ask.Medicine labels can be hard to understand. For example, ask if "four doses daily"means taking a dose every 6 hours around the clock or just during regular wakinghours.8. Ask your pharmacist for the best device to measure your liquid medicine. Also,ask questions if youre not sure how to use it.Research shows that many people do not understand the right way to measureliquid medicines. For example, many use household teaspoons, which often do nothold a true teaspoon of liquid. Special devices, like marked syringes, help people tomeasure the right dose. Being taught how to use the devices helps even more.9. Ask for written information about the side effects your medicine could cause.If you know what might happen, you will be better prepared if it does, or ifsomething unexpected happens instead. You can then report the problem toyour provider right away and get help before the problem gets worse.Hospital Stays10. If you have a choice, choose a hospital at which many patients have theprocedure or surgery you need.Research shows that patients tend to have better results when they are treated inhospitals that have a great deal of experience with their condition.11. If you are in a hospital, consider asking all health care workers who havedirect contact with you whether they have washed their hands.Hand washing is an important way to prevent the spread of infections in hospitals.Yet, it is not done regularly or thoroughly enough. A study found that whenpatients checked whether health care workers washed their hands, the workerswashed their hands more often and used more soap.12. When you are being discharged from the hospital, ask your provider to ex-plain the treatment plan you will use at home.This includes learning about your medicines and finding out when you can get backto your regular activities. Research shows that at discharge time, providers thinktheir patients understand more than they really do about what they should or shouldnot do when they return home. 25
  26. 26. Surgery13. If you are having surgery, make sure that you, your provider and your sur-geon all agree and are clear on exactly what will be done.Doing surgery at the wrong site (for example, operating on the left knee insteadof the right) is rare. But even once is too often. The good news is that wrong-sitesurgery is 100 percent preventable. The American Academy of OrthopedicSurgeons urges its members to sign their initials directly on the site to be operatedon before the surgery.Other Steps You Can Take14. Speak up if you have questions or concerns.You have a right to question anyone who is involved with your care.15. Make sure that someone, such as your personal provider, is in charge of yourcare.This is especially important if you have many health problems or are in a hospital.16. Make sure that all health professionals involved in your care have importanthealth information about you.Do not assume that everyone knows everything they need to.17. Ask a family member or friend to be there with you and to be your advocate(someone who can help get things done and speak up for you if you cant).Even if you think you dont need help now, you might need it later.18. Know that " ore is not always better. mIt is a good idea to find out why a test or treatment is needed and how it can helpyou. You could be better off without it.19. If you have a test, dont assume that no news is good news.Ask about the results. Consider asking when the test is ordered when and how youshould hear back about the results.20. Learn about your condition and treatments by asking your provider andnurse and by using other reliable sources.Reference: ―Patient Fact Sheet, 20 Tips to Prevent Medical Errors‖www.ahrq.gov/consumer 26
  28. 28. WEB RESOURCES Shaw Air Force Base http://www.shaw.af.mil/ TRICARE http://www.tricare.mil/ TRICARE (Humana) http://www.humana-military.com/ TRICARE (General and local info) http://www.tricareonline.com/ TRICARE Regional Office South http://www.tricare.mil/trosouth/ Delta Dental (Retiree Dental Program) www.trdp.org/ MetLife (TRICARE Dental) http://mybenefits.metlife.com/tricare DEERS Address Changes http://www.tricare.mil/deers/default.cfm National Mail Order Pharmacy (NMOP) www.express-scripts.comAs of 31 Jan 13 28 MDGP 41-119