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Homework help for students
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Homework help for students



Presentation for the Digital Branch Webinar: "Homework help for students" March 3, 2011, Kenton County Public Library, by Ann Schoenenberger, MLIS

Presentation for the Digital Branch Webinar: "Homework help for students" March 3, 2011, Kenton County Public Library, by Ann Schoenenberger, MLIS



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Homework help for students Homework help for students Presentation Transcript

  • Homework Help
    Online resources for students
  • 11 resources
    Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    Literature Resource Center
    Daily Life Through History
    Biography Reference Bank Select
    World Book Online
  • Why start with these resources?
    Citationsavailable from the interface.
    Authoritative [published, written and reviewed by experts in relevant disciplines]
    Updated frequently
    Consistent and related to curriculum standards
    Original material [not available in other places]
    Organized with subject headings
    Clean search [no ads or intentional bias]
    Student safe [no accidental, inappropriate websites]
  • Other benefits
    Valuable and in-depth reference volumes that can be accessed from home without visiting the library.
    When a teacher requires the information to come from a book, many online resources count because they are ebooks.
    Availble 24/7 with an Internet connection.
    Download, save, print, and search features.
    Save time by not having to identify the source of the articles and content.
    What else?
  • 1
    Opposing viewpoints in Context
    Helps middle school and high school students research, analyze and organize a broad variety of data for conducting research, completing writing assignments, preparing for debates, and creating presentations
    Other types of assignments it can help with:
    • Opinion essays
    • Reports on current events
    • Biography and social justice
    • Court cases
    • Statistics and graphs
    • Politics and media
    • History
  • More than 14,000 pro/con viewpoint essays
  • 5,000+ topic overviews
  • Thousands of podcasts, including weekly presidential addresses and premier NPR programs
  • Ebscohost
    Kids Search
    Designed for students in grades 3 through 8. Kids Search provides students in intermediate and middle schools with the most appropriate research tools to easily obtain the information they need from their EBSCO databases.
    Student Research Center
    Designed for middle and high school students an easy-to-use, graphically appealing interface, which highlights content such as biographies, maps, and encyclopedias.
  • Types of content inKids Search
    Students have access to a variety of sources including magazines, newspapers, reference books and encyclopedias, biographies, radio & TV news transcripts, country/state/province fact sheets, primary source documents, photos, maps, flags and more.
    Students can search their databases by topics and keyword, make use of an online dictionary and encyclopedia, explore the top searches of the day, and even limit their search according to the appropriate Lexile reading levels.
  • Types of content in Student research Center
    Country Reports
    Maps & Flags
    Primary Source Documents
    Speeches, addresses, etc.
    Magazines and Newspapers
  • Literature resource Center
    Designed for high school students [and beyond]
    For assignments in American and World Literature:
    • Biographies and reports on authors
    • Critical essays on literature
    • Book reports
  • Content available inLiterature Resource Center
    More than 145,000 complete entries from two award-winning series for in-depth biographical, bibliographical and contextual information on authors’ lives and works
    More than 70,000 selected full-text critical essays and reviews from proprietary Gale titles.
    More than 850,000 full-text articles, critical essays and reviews from more than 360 scholarly journals and literary magazines
    More than 7,000 overviews of frequently studied works, from sources including Gale’s For Students series, Literature and Its Times and Characters in 20th-Century Fiction
    Nearly 30,000 full-text contemporary poems, short stories and plays
    More than 8,000 interviews
    Nearly 5,000 links to selected Web sites and more than 2,800 author portraits
  • 4
    AccessScience is the digital edition of the 20-volume McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. It contains over 8,500 articles written experts in science and technology, along with 15,000 illustrations, more than 110,000 dictionary definitions and over 2,000 biographies of well-known scientists.
    Designed for middle school and high school students
    Good resource for science research, reports, biographies of scientists, current events in science, and to compliment textbooks.
  • 5
    Daily Life Through History
    What was life really like for ordinary people in other cultures throughout history?
    How did they raise their children?
    What did they do for fun?
    A truly inter-disciplinary resource, the Daily Life Though History series covers arts, religion, food, literature, language, romance, rites of passage and coming of age, marriage customs, social and government structure, sickness and cures, warfare, sports and games, holidays, festivals, and more.
    For middle school and high school students.
  • Content in Daily Life Through History
    More than 2,000 color and black-and-white images, illustrations, and maps let users see history up close
    Thousands of annotated primary documents across all subject areas are presented with a brief introductory paragraph that explains context
    Provides access to 180 titles, including six volumes from The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life; 44 volumes from the critically acclaimed Daily Life through History series; 40 volumes from the Histories of the Modern Nations series; 53 volumes from the Popular Cultures and Customsseries
    CIA World Factbook data is integrated for one-stop ready reference
  • Advanced Search
  • CultureGrams
  • World Edition: Cultural reports for more than 200 countries each include 25 categories such as land and climate, history, personal appearance, greetings, gestures, family, diet, holidays, economy, education, health, and events and trends.
    For middle and high school students.
    Kids Edition: More than 100 country reports teaches upper elementary-aged children more about the world around them. Each report includes cultural information, with images, timeline, facts, and sections on population, “life as a kid,” and more.
    States Edition: These state reports help upper elementary-aged students understand the diversity and history of each U.S. State and the District of Columbia. Reports includes maps, flags, symbols, timelines, history, economy, geography, population and more.
    Provinces Edition: contains upper elementary-agedreports on all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Reports include images, maps, charts, data tables, facts, environment, culture, government, first inhabitants, and more.
  • To complete assignments such as:
    Country and State Reports
    Researching facts
    Creating presentations [images, video, facts, and graphs]
    Studying cultures
  • Example: World Edition
  • Country Profile
  • Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Park
    Each March, people flock to Tokyo’s Ueno Park and other public areas throughout the country to enjoy the annual return of the cherry blossoms. The brief bloom of these flowers (known as sakura in Japanese) heralds the start of spring and is seen as a symbol for the transitory nature of life. Hanami (flower-watching) parties, at which people picnic beneath the trees, are held during the one or two weeks the flowers are in bloom. Tokyo, Japan
  • Biography Reference Bank Select
    Biography Reference Bank Select Edition is an in-depth 100% full-text biographical resource, providing comprehensive coverage of people in the news and a full range of history-makers. It covers over 236,000 individuals, plus more than 36,000 images
    For elementary, middle school and high school students researching individuals and writing biographies.
  • World Book Online
    • World Book Kids
    • Grades K-5
    • World Book Online Info Finder
    • Grades 4-9
    • World Discover
    • Middle and high school students reading below grade level because of language or learning difficulties
    • World Book Reference Center
    • Grades 8-12 & College
    • EnciclopediaEstudiantilHallazgos
    beginner’s Spanish language reference tool
    For students looking up concepts, writing skills and reports,learning Spanish, and science projects.
  • World Book Online for Kids was developed especially for young public library patrons. The site offers easy-to-read articles and a wealth of engaging multimedia, games, science projects, interactive tools, and activities.
  • IntroducingWorld Book Advanced
    World Book Online Info Finder is the optimal resource for patrons in elementary and middle school coming to the library for help with their homework and research projects. World Book Online Info Finder includes all the articles from the print versions of the World Book Encyclopedia, plus thousands of additional articles, learning resources, and research tools.
  • World Book Discover offers engaging reference resources for students reading below grade level because of language or learning difficulties, with content and tools specifically developed for these students. The collection includes reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, learning and life skills activities, research tools, multimedia, and interactive video to draw students into curriculum-related topics and subjects relevant to older students.
  • World Book Online Reference Center is a powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedia, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in a single search. Tailored to the needs and skills of patrons of high school age and above, World Book Online Reference Center includes a customizable interface, streamlined design, and personalized home page content features.
  • The redesigned EnciclopediaEstudiantilHallazgos is the optimal beginner’s Spanish language reference tool. The site offers World Book’s excellent editorial content, rich media, and engaging features in Spanish.
  • World Book Content
    Comprehensive encyclopedia
    Vast collection of primary source documents
    Thousands of complete e-books
    Timeline & citation builder
    Current magazine selections
    Individual research accounts
    Classroom activities, lesson plans, & discussion guides
  • AskWhyKY
    Students of all ages
    All kinds of assignments and research
    Ask Why KY is a virtual reference service that allows questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    Kentuckians can go on-line and "chat" with a knowledgeable and highly trained reference librarian. Questions can also be submitted via e-mail. Within minutes, questions can be researched and a real answer from a trustworthy source can be sent directly to your computer.
  • 10
    Fiction and nonfiction titles for students of all ages. For book reports, research, and literature assignments.
  • Helpful Homework Sites
    Parent Teacher Association
    Allen County Public Library Homework Help http://www.acpl.lib.in.us/children/homework.html
    B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helperhttp://www.bjpinchbeck.com/
    Internet Public Library's Pathfindershttp://www.ipl.org/ref/QUE/PF/
    Wolfram alpha
    Science Fair Project Index
    Kenton County Public Library Kids Page