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Short presentation for the Professional Communities section of the third MSc BOE module on the Heads of eLearning Forum.

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Helf community

  1. 1. Nicole KiparAcademic Enhancement Co-ordinator http://www.hw.ac.uk/AEteam/
  2. 2. The HeLF Community
  3. 3. What? - originsHeLF stands for Heads of eLearning Forum HeLF had its inaugural meeting on 8th December 2003. Draft aims as of October 2003 were  sharing of good practice  benchmarking of progress / quality / strategy  representation to national bodies e.g. JISC, UK funding councils, research councils  promote e-learning - networking and collaboration
  4. 4. Who? - membership No single job description, that covers the role of the Head of e-Learning. Term refers to a person with institution-wide responsibility for support and development of technology enhanced learning. Each member higher education institute (HEI) can nominate a representative to HeLF. HeLF steering group may advise on appropriate representatives, but recognises the right of each institution to choose its representative. Paraphrased from HeLF terms of Reference document
  5. 5. Why? – aims 1 to 41. To act as a network for the communication of ideas and sharing of good practice relating to the institutional role of Head of e-Learning2. To promote, facilitate and mediate discussion about matters of common interest to the membership.3. To represent the common interests or concerns of its members to national organisations.4. To liaise and collaborate with other organisations with common interests to promote the aims of HeLF.
  6. 6. Why? – aims 5 to 75. To act as an advisory body for national and governmental organisations on issues relating to e- learning institutional strategy and implementation. [...]6. To share knowledge on the strategic implications of developing and implementing e-learning.7. To support the processes by which e-learning strategy can be effectively created, and implemented, including advice, support and co-operation between members.
  7. 7. When? - network The HeLF community operates via an email list hosted by Jiscmail. Established community precedes “Web 2.0” The community is run by a steering group, which meets twice a year. The community itself has three annual meetings.
  8. 8. Where? - benefits “ If I have seen farther than others, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton
  9. 9. Where? – personal benefits information of VLE use and VLE type in the UK from each institution information on technology enhanced learning units and roles in UK institutions help and support regarding policies related to TEL help, support, and information about specific technology/tools most importantly: exchange of experiences and - often personal - support
  10. 10. How? – recent topics Guidelines for online marking Calls for conferences iPad management Open source e-assessment tools Support for learning technology Pesonal development Planning (PDP) VLE platforms for CPD-type courses Consultation on UCISA TEL Survey Turnitin and Data Protection Act VLE/portal names External examiners access to VLEs Institutional use of “plagiarism detection tool” Student laptops and tablets Sep – Nov 2011
  11. 11. Resources Heads of eLearning Forum http://w01.helfcms.wf.ulcc.ac.uk/ Terms of Reference (February 2009)http://w01.helfcms.wf.ulcc.ac.uk/fileadmin/documents/HeLF-ToR-2009final.pdf HeLF on Jiscmail http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk