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Utpt 2011 prelims
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Utpt 2011 prelims



Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. UTPT 2011- Magnum Open Prelims QM: Nitish Khadiya
  • 2. Rules:1. 35 questions2. 11-20 are starred(*) and will be used toresolve ties.3. Sudden death from 1 onwards if there is atie after 24. Top 8 teams will make it to the finals5. Quizmaster’s decision is final
  • 3. 1 This is a rock carving from Halebid. What does it signify?
  • 4. The answer is…
  • 5. Abhimanyu entering the Chakravyuh
  • 6. 2 First a Labrador was tried and then a Golden Retriever but they were too big. Next a Fox Terrier was tried but it lacked energy. What was tried next?
  • 7. The answer is…
  • 8. Pug
  • 9. 3 In 1989, he flew into China to witness the uprising at Tiananmen Square. In 1992 he slipped into Burma and conducted seminars for the guerillas. His most famous work was created here for Burmese consumption only. However, a Polish-American activist smuggled it to Kosovo and in time it lead to Milosevic’s downfall. Hugo Chavez says that this person leads a CIA conspiracy which is a threat to regimes everywhere. Who is this person ?
  • 10. The answer is…
  • 11. Gene Sharp – authoredFrom Dictatorship to Democracy
  • 12. 4 The Mevlevilik or the Mevleviye are an order founded by the followers of Jalal-ud-din Rumi, the famous poet. Something very famous associated with them came about when Rumi heard the rhythmic hammering of goldbeaters. They were organised into a battalion during WW1 which was later disbanded. Who am I talking about?
  • 13. The answer is…
  • 14. Whirling dervishes
  • 15. 6 Chiron was a wise creature who tutored many a Greek hero including Heracles, Theseus and Jason of the Argonauts. As per legend, Chiron was accidentally injured by one of Heracles’ poisoned arrows and fled away in pain and died. How did Heracles honor Chiron’s death ?
  • 16. The answer is…
  • 17. Chiron was a Centaur. Heracles gavehim a place among the stars and theconstellation of Centaurus was born which contains stars like Alpha and Proxima Centauri
  • 18. 7 This company helped Tata Motors create their first commercial vehicles in 1954. This company has now re-entered the Indian market and launched a wholly owned subsidiary to manufacture and market trucks in India. Under what brand name will these trucks be sold in India?
  • 19. The answer is…
  • 20. BharatBenz
  • 21. 9 The 1st generation of these included the British made Godwin and were made of super heavy duty material like cast iron and hardened steel to withstand the rigors of a 3rd world country. The 2nd generation came about in the 60s, the most popular being the India Mark II, some 5 million exist all over the world (though approx. 1 million of these need urgent repair in India alone). A new generation called Afridev, was also produced in 1970s to meet the rigours of Africa. Ironically the cheapest versions of Afridev are produced in India. What object am I talking about?
  • 22. The answer is…
  • 23. 10 Which team topped the medal tally at this year’s National Games held at Ranchi in Jharkhand?
  • 24. The answer is…
  • 25. Services
  • 26. 13* A 2006 article by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting outlined the numerous times X had used “the next 6 months” as the period in which “we’re going to find out…whether a decent outcome is possible” in the Iraq War. The article mentioned that X had made such predictions 14 times in the past 2.5 years! Blogger Duncan Black(Atrios) picked up X’s surname and coined a new term Y that has come to represent a time equal to 6 months in the future eg. “This time I really mean it - - were just a Y away from victory over the terrorists.” Y was picked by Huffington Post as the Best New Phrase of 2006. Who is X?
  • 27. The answer is…
  • 28. X = Thomas Friedman/ Y = Friedman
  • 29. 14* First European to scale this was Jacques Cartier who named it in honor of King Francois I of France. The park around it hosted an Olympic cycling event. Gives its name to a city. Which city?
  • 30. The answer is…
  • 31. Montreal from Mount Royal( Mont Real/Royal in French)
  • 32. 15* Josiah Henson was an author, abolitionist and a minister. Born into slavery in Maryland, he escaped into Ontario and founded a settlement and a school in Kent County, Ontario. He published his autobiography in 1849. Something that happened in 1852, prompted a great interest in his autobiography and he expanded on this in 1858. What prompted a surge of interest in Henson’s autobiography? (Pic next slide)
  • 33. The answer is…
  • 34. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published in 1852! Many people believe that Henson wasthe inspiration behind Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom
  • 35. 17* William Thompson was a trickster who operated in NYC in 1840s. Gently- dressed, he would approach his mark and pretend that they knew each other. After gaining the mark’s trust, Thompson would often ask “ Have you ________ __ __ to trust me with your watch till tomorrow?” Upon taking the watch, Thompson would disappear never to return. What term was first used to describe Thompson by The New Orleans Picayune?
  • 36. The answer is…
  • 37. Confidence Man
  • 38. 18* It appears that John Galliano is the not the first anti-Semitic fashion designer. At the beginning of WW2, X resided at Hotel Ritz in Paris, a known Nazi haven and also bedded a few of them. X also petitioned to the Nazi to try and gain control of the Jew owned organization that manufactured the product most associated with X. X’s partial victory in this case made X a multi-millionaire. X was later charged as a collaborator but avoided trial due to intervention by the British Royal family. X?
  • 39. The answer is…
  • 40. Coco Chanel
  • 41. 19* Whose self portrait?
  • 42. The answer is…
  • 43. Ansel Adams
  • 44. 21 Which scientist left his eyes to research in the hope of discovering the reason for the disease that afflicted him? This scientist died in 1844, but it was only in 1995 that the reason behind his illness was finally deciphered.
  • 45. The answer is…
  • 46. John Dalton who suffered from Daltonism or Color Blindness
  • 47. 22 Started in 1995, this company initially offered its users ( called Homesteaders) the ability to choose either “Colosseum”, “Hollywood”, “RodeoDrive”, “SunsetStrip”, “WallStreet” or “WestHollywood” as their default neighbourhood. To make their URLs unique, each Homesteader was also assigned a “street address” number. Which company?
  • 48. The answer is…
  • 49. Geocities
  • 50. 23 A place for public executions, this complex derives its name from Persian for “Sandy Place”. In the heart of which city (which has a connection with Bangalore) would you find this monument
  • 51. The answer is…
  • 52. Samarkand
  • 53. 25 From the archives of the Wall Street Journal: October 1967: “The Presidents Commission on Civil Disorders communicated with the Chairman of the FCC on this subject which was referred to the Defense Commissioner who got in touch with the top officials at AT&T. The FCC strongly urged AT&T to make every effort to find a means of establishing X that could be put into effect as quickly as possible and then take steps to see that this was done.“ Jan 15, 1968: “AT & T announced the new system at an estimated cost of $50 million. It said it will take several years to extend it throughout the Bell services areas. But it has said that work with various agencies and municipalities will begin immediately to set up the system in large metropolitan areas” What is this all about?
  • 54. The answer is…
  • 55. 9-1-1
  • 56. 26 Here is a work of this person in an exhibition in NY. Where would you find his most famous creations? (Specific answer)
  • 57. The answer is…
  • 58. Nek Chand’s Rock Garden in Chandigarh
  • 59. 27 Identify the 2 people
  • 60. The answer is…
  • 61. Dwight Eisenhower Hellen Keller
  • 62. 28 It was believed, albeit erroneously, that people suffering from this disease often saw everything around them in a particular color. Hence the name now also means to have a biased or distorted opinion. Which disease is this which is also a word in the English language?
  • 63. The answer is…
  • 64. Jaundice
  • 65. 29 Some of the many myths regarding the number in the name of this dish are as follows: 1. It represents the year of introduction 2. Number of days of marinating required 3. Introduced for soldiers during a famous war 4. Age of the main ingredient of the dish 5. Number of pieces that the main ingredient must be cut into 6. Serial number of the dish in the menu Which dish?
  • 66. The answer is…
  • 67. Chicken 65
  • 68. 31 This is a next-generation research platform for computers that can we worn on your body, being developed at MIT. Prototypes of this have been developed for health and communication sectors. This derives its name from something found in a literary work. What is this platform’s name?
  • 69. The answer is…
  • 70. MIThril, from the metal in LOTR
  • 71. 32 Fan generated cover art for which publication?
  • 72. The answer is…
  • 73. The New Yorker
  • 74. 33 The saliva of vampire bats, contains a specific anticoagulant that keeps the blood of the bitten victim from clotting while the bat is drinking. Over a 100 times stronger than any other known anticoagulant, it is prescribed for heart attacks and stroke patients. After whom is this anticoagulant named?
  • 75. The answer is…
  • 76. Draculin named after Count Dracula