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Possible Documentary Ideas


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 2. Documentary Ideas:Riots Reliance on Youth Parliament Technology
  • 3. Idea 1: London Riots;
  • 4. Research/Brief Explanation. The London Riots in August 2011, opened our eyes to the inequality, youths feel in relation to the rest of society. We will all agree, that the riots opened up our eyes to problems that have been brushed under the carpet for too long. However, the media, and government have not taken the youths issues seriously, and therefore some could argue that this could happened again. There are many factors regarding the cause of the protests, and this episode will aim to answer them and conclude with a possible solution.
  • 5. Episode/s?• This episode will focus on the London riots.• It will focus on hearing the youths perspective, and also asking the question; “What could have prevented this”?• It will also try to speak to members of authority, and the public to hear their perspectives on our generation, and to hear their views on solutions.• The episode will also aim to find and highlight the most important cause of the riots.• Each episode in the series will follow the same format; all from the perspectives of youths.  1st episode; Riots  2nd episode; University Fees Increase  3rd episode; Education System
  • 6. Idea 2: Youth Parliament
  • 7. Episode/s?• This episode will focus particularly, on youth parliament, and how we can get more young people interested.• It will focus on the reason why parliament is not attractive enough for young people to join.• It will also examine ways to get young people more aware of parliament, and involved much more.• Each episode in the series will follow the same format.  1st episode; Youth Parliament  2nd episode; ?  3rd episode; ?
  • 8. Research/Brief Explanation. “We are the youth of today, and adults of tomorrow!” This quotes sums up, why we as youths should take more responsibility into the running of our society. Only 37% of 18-24 year-olds voted in the 2005 General Election – the lowest percentage turnout for any age group. But imagine if 60%, 70% or even 80% of young people voted? It would change the outcome of the General Election. Many young people feel dissatisfied with the way the government are running things, yet half of them even vote in the general elections. “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain”. If we were more involved with parliament, we will get a better understanding of how society is run, and even possibly have a voice ourselves.
  • 9. Idea 3: Reliance on Technology
  • 10. Research/Brief Explanation. “Because we, as a society, are embracing technology without fully understanding the long-term ramifications of this decision. We’re constantly seeking out short-term gains and improvements without really taking into consideration the whole picture for future generations”. In the society where technology is taken for granted and where, tasks are becoming easier due to technology, and short cuts, the question is; Are we ruining our future generations? Are we just moving with time? Or, are we just taking the easiest option for everything? The documentary series will allow us to analyse the society we live in today, and conclude, if we are heading the right way, or jeopardising our future generations.
  • 11. Next Episode/s?• This episode will focus particularly, on mobile phones.• It will focus on how phones/times have changed, and how we rely on mobile phones for basic things nowadays.• It will also examine if we are safe using mobile phones for basic acts, such as internet banking, or instant messaging.• The episode will also point out the pros and cons of our technology reliance.• Each episode in the series will follow the same format.  1st episode; Mobile Phones  2nd episode; Internet  3rd episode; CCTV; Big Brother World?