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Women and cars   gender project
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Women and cars gender project


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  • 1. Can they fix them without men?
  • 2.
    • The kicker of the fact: Women are a big part of automobiles history.
    • Contributions still show in today's models.
  • 3. History
    • Deep historical relationship between cars and women.
    • America on Wheels
    • 1909- 22 yr old Alice Ramsey
    • 1917 – Mary Anderson and Charlotte Bridgewood
    • 1930’s – Helena Barlett
    • 1950’s – Denise McCluggage
    • Janet Guthrie and Danica Patrick
  • 4.  
  • 5.
    • Men love cars and they love tools.
    • They pay more attention to cars.
    • “ It’s a guy thing”.
    • Personality and physique
    • Victorian Ideals, Title IX, Media and Culture.
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  • 9. Even children have formed beliefs on what is male and what is female? I work at toys r us and see many parents shopping for children, why are the girls always bought dolls and babies and boys cars and trucks. In the book, sex bias in schools, Ruth Hartley and Armin Klein examine the sex role concepts among elementary school students. In the book it states “from birth males and females are viewed differently often in a way suggesting inferiority for women. They state the encouragement children receive during the preschool years makes a difference in thinking and behavior.
  • 10. We all need to learn how to accept the changes around us. My project according to me was learning another tool for everyday survival, what exactly am I suppose to do when my brother, my dad or anyone else is not available or around to help? Learning how to do small time repairs should be very important for everyone. Some don ’ t know much about cars, but the way people view cars and motorcycles is predominately a male point of view.
  • 11. In my culture the everyday things such as car repairs taking out the garbage has been seen as a man ’ s job. In old times it was a completely conservative mindset which stated women were to stay home raise and take care of kids, clean and cook. Some families (old school traditional) still follow that protocol, but living in the United States I have seen and experienced the difference. I completely agree that traditions and values are a big part of who you are, but this kind of stereotyping against women is completely unfair.