Ordinary People Of The World(53) 市井小民53


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Ordinary People Of The World(53) 市井小民53

  1. 1. The lice hunter by patpatch 印度 India Auld Man rolling a nail by weetrees Scotland 蘇格蘭
  2. 2. Ordinary People of The World 市井小民 53 李常生 Eddie Lee (Lee Chang-Sheng) 4/9/2010 Nanijing [email_address] All photos from: http://www.trekearth.com/gallery Thinking by MrCairo Poland 波蘭 Music: barry_white_-_kiss_and_say_goodbye_GSM
  3. 3. Sur le chemin du Daimonzaka by litutuc 日本 Japan Futbol / Football / Soccer by guitianmiranda Spain 西班牙
  4. 4. traditional.. by denizmore 克羅埃西亞 Croatia
  5. 5. Friendly Monk by PixelTerror Bhutan 不丹
  6. 6. Rio Dulce by josdon Guatemala 瓜地馬拉
  7. 7. Copyright: Lysander Jugo Dubai 杜拜 lady in red Copyright: monika drzewicz 倫敦 London
  8. 8. Copyright: Michael Dolby Denmark 丹麥
  9. 9. Louis Vuitton
  10. 10. Self-confident by wolf38 突尼西亞 Tunisia The Fort Mahon. by mathieu_greg France 法國
  11. 11. grandma smile and the phone by dedhez 印尼 Indonesia
  12. 12. Shibuya calling by missclow 東京 Tokyo Greeting tourists in Viña del Mar by Paul57 Chile 智利
  13. 13. Market-place, men only by holmertz Afghanistan 阿富汗
  14. 14. Job by raszid62 波蘭 Poland
  15. 15. Stairs to hell by ninaL Portugal 葡萄牙
  16. 16. Harajuku posers by missclow 日本 Japan
  17. 17. A Peaceful Day in Kyrgyzstan by Wandering_Dan
  18. 18. gathering outside a pub by polter Landon 倫敦 abyaneh ladies by siamakjafari 伊朗 Iran
  19. 19. a Madona in Rajasthan by patpatch India 印度 morning press :) by anneke 尼泊爾 Nepal
  20. 20. Nazarenos! by barrufeto_77 Spain 西班牙
  21. 21. Lesson number 2 by ninaL 法國 France Catwalk by claudees Dubai 杜拜
  22. 22. Copyright: pedro meira 葡萄牙 Portugal
  23. 23. Louvre Decisions Copyright: Neil Peggie 羅浮宮
  24. 24. home stay in Kerala... Copyright: Danielle Dupre India 印度 Copyright: Phong Bui Texas 德州
  25. 25. Copyright: Teresat Teresat 義大利 Italy
  26. 26. Late discussion Copyright: Muhammad Ali Musa Pakistan 巴基斯坦
  27. 27. Copyright: Olgierd Rozycki Poland 波蘭
  28. 28. Copyright: Darek Marcinkowski 波蘭 Cat
  29. 29. David, fisherman by philcap India 印度 A tilted world by InasiaJones India 印度
  30. 30. relaxation by tetixxx 土耳其 Turkey
  31. 31. Harajuku photo shoot by missclow 日本 Japan
  32. 32. Photo Session on The Street by hantulaut Java 爪哇 Romance in Havana Copyright: Loic Pravaz 哈瓦那
  33. 33. 荷蘭 Netherlands Copyright: Sarge He Back to Venice 威尼斯
  34. 34. Copyright: Ali Raza 巴基斯坦 Pakistan
  35. 35. Copyright: Peter Riemslag Baas 荷蘭 Netherlands
  36. 36. Copyright: JeanPaul Rollet France 法國 Copyright: Giuseppe Franchina 西西里 Sicily
  37. 37. Farmville addict Copyright: jr lingcaso Philippine 菲律賓
  38. 38. Copyright: Andy Domondon 杜拜 Angelica Dubai
  39. 39. Copyright: Arman Taylo Splash Philippine 菲律賓 Copyright: Lysander Jugo 杜拜 Dubai
  40. 40. Copyright: Wellington BR Swiss guard training Vantican 梵諦岡 A guardian angel by yzzy Poland 波蘭 [email_address]