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Crackrepair 101125002131-phpapp01


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Copyright 2011 All images on this web site are copyrighted. Display of the copyright symbol on every image is not necessary for copyright protection. It is a violation of US copyright law to use …

Copyright 2011 All images on this web site are copyrighted. Display of the copyright symbol on every image is not necessary for copyright protection. It is a violation of US copyright law to use any image on this site for any purpose without a license agreement or written authorization from www,apacheowners,com. It is a violation of US law to copy, download, store, reproduce or distribute any image on this site without such authorization or license.

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  • 1. Overview The ABS panels are some of the most precious and important parts of your Apache and need to be well cared for as the years and seasons go by. Cracks, deterioration and discoloration are very important to safe guard and protect your ABS from. This presentation will show ways we have found to repair and protect the integrity of your ABS.
  • 2. About ABS ABS is easily machined and may be bored, turned, drilled, milled, sawed, die-cut, routed and sheared using high-speed carbide-tipped tools. ABS plate can also be filed, sanded, ground, buffed and polished. PROPERTIES: High rigidity and impact strength. Excellent abrasion resistance. Excellent electrical properties, moisture, and creep resistance. ABS resists inorganic salts, alkalis and many acids. ABS SHEET: ABS combines toughness and rigidity with chemical, stress-cracking, and creep resistance. Extruded ABS sheet can be easily thermoformed with excellent mold detail with most conventional equipment.
  • 3. About ABS As it is important to wash and wax and use UV protectants on the painted aluminum box of your Apache, it is probably more important to apply this practice to the ABS panels. UV rays and constant weather changes take a toll on plastics and the ABS panels are no exception. From the factory your ABS has come painted to help cut down the Damage time and weather can do to the ABS but alone it will only last for so long. I have found a very nice product that will deoxidize and resign glaze in one step. It works equally as well on ABS, aluminum and automotive painted surfaces. A good Carnuba wax is also a great protectant. Later on in this presentation I will give the web address of where you can purchase the resign glaze, deoxidizer.
  • 4. About ABS ABS can be liquefied with a powerful solvent called M.E.K Mixed with ABS chips you can make a paste that will fill cracks and harden. You can also use a PVC / ABS glue that can be purchased at most hardware stores. I have found that either product will give a strong bond that will last. Remember, only use these products in a well ventilated setting and use proper eye, hand and breathing protection. Read the manufacturers recommendations and follow all safety precautions. You can also purchase a pre-made mixture from Ole Elmer at Apache sales Corp. in Lapeer, Michigan. ABS can be purchased at plastic companies and ground or shaved to add to M.E.K to make your paste. Use a glass jar with a good lid to mix your paste in, you can also add M.E.K. to dried ABS paste to soften and use again.
  • 5. Prep the area Clean the are to be repaired and brush on some MEK to prep the area for good adhesion of ABS glue and mixture. From here on we will refer to the MEK with ABS chips melted in it as “mixture.” Drill a small hole at the end of any crack to be repaired, this will prohibit the crack from expanding under stress.
  • 6. Fix the Damaged area Apply ABS glue to the crack or damaged area. Try to be as neat as possible as the end product will look much nicer.
  • 7. Strengthening the Area By using nail fiberglass you can strengthen the damaged area and have something to form to. Cut the fiberglass to overlap the area and apply to the area you want to form or strengthen.
  • 8. Adhere the Fiberglass Brush the glue or mixture over the fiberglass, make sure fiberglass soaks in the glue or mixture. If it does not soak in the glue or mixture it will have air pockets in it and not be strong and may crack under stress.
  • 9. Coat Fiberglass Area Coat the fiberglass area with the ABS glue or mixture to build up and strengthen the area. Coat in layers building up to the desired thickness and allowing to dry between layers.
  • 10. Sand Area Sand the repair with a fine sand paper or a nail file to smooth area. Do not over sand and enter into the fiberglass portion of the repair. Make sure that The ABS repair is cured fully before starting this portion of the repair.
  • 11. Prime ABS Repair To prime the ABS repaired area use an automotive plastic primer. This can be purchased at any auto parts store. The plastic primer will allow good adhesion of the paint to the ABS.
  • 12. Paint the ABS Repair When primer has dried, paint area with an automotive touch up paint. I have found Tuffcote #1589 to be the closest match to the paint on the Apache’s. Tuffcote paints can be purchased at automotive parts stores, the store I buy it at is “Advance Auto Parts”. I apply (3) even thin coats.
  • 13. Rub Out Painted Repair To rub out the paint use a fine grit rubbing compound or a carnauba wax and an electric buffing wheel. Either way produces fine results and leaves a great finish and shine.
  • 14. Resin Glaze TR-3 resin glaze is much more than a wax. The resign glaze sets up to a hard shell finish in four hours and will protect up to five years, no kidding! Along with the resin glaze, it also deoxidizes and shines unlike any wax I have seen before. The resin glaze will last much longer than the normal three months a car wax will and it protects against the elements and UV rays from the sun. This will bring your Apache back to looking show room new, heck, it even shines the aluminum to look like chrome! This is a hard to find item and is mainly sold on the west coast. You can purchase this product from my web site at