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Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
Laments From ‘Holes’
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Laments From ‘Holes’


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  • 1. Laments From ‘Holes’ Students have created poetry describing the strong feelings that are felt by the main characters, writing the poem as if the feeling itself was a person.
  • 2. Stanley’s Lament by SooJung Kim
    • Loneliness is my best friend.
    • The dark of night wraps around me like a shawl.
    • True friends are what I need.
    • No one is related to me. I have no one.
    • A dark, wet and quiet place,
    • Is the only vacation I may have.
    • Isolated with loneliness is my life.
  • 3. Zero’s Lament by Hee Won Bang
    • I am Loneliness
    • I dress in rags, cold winds drifting past me as my only comfort.
    • Warmth and love is what I need.
    • I am related to emptiness, that has no family.
    • The stupidity of cold, crackling commands is where I vacation.
    • My job is digging holes, crying for water all day long.
    • My desire is to live in the warmth of a person’s love, to melt away my chilliness.
  • 4. The Warden’s Lament by Gaby Darmawan
    • I am loneliness.
    • Dark clouds cover me like a cape,
    • The shadows are always there to accompany me.
    • I vacation into a vacant space where no one can see me.
    • Misery is my family because happiness won’t come my way.
    • Companionship I always want to have,
    • But it’s not going to come because I destroy people’s joy and laughter.
  • 5. Stanley’s Lament by Sameer Nathani
    • I am courage.
    • Deeply wrapped in bravery, I dwell.
    • In need of understanding, I cry out.
    • Silence is my sibling.
    • I vacation in the abode of bitterness.
    • I labour under the weight of accusations.
    • In freedom, I seek desired relief.
  • 6. Zero’s Lament by Lennart Mak
    • I am loneliness.
    • The dust of sands are my clothes.
    • A friend is what I need.
    • A friend who cares about me long enough to see the real me.
    • I hate my cousins’ sorrow and pain.
    • The depth of a hole is my home.
    • My cursed fate is to dig until I die.
  • 7. Stanley’s Lament by DaSol Lee
    • I am loneliness.
    • My T-shirt is white and forlorn.
    • I desire friendship; those who give me a chance to show the ‘real’ me.
    • I vacation in the vast desert of lonely solitude.
    • I need kindness. Not isolation.
  • 8. Zero’s Lament by Ji Ho Park
    • I am loneliness.
    • I dress in black as death and dark as night.
    • Friendship is what I crave the most.
    • The silence of a wave-less ocean is where I vacation.
    • People view me as garbage; A rotten good for nothing.
  • 9. Stanley’s Lament by Joel Mak
    • I am loneliness.
    • Fog is all I wear; no one cares about me.
    • Kindness is what I need but I know it will never come.
    • The fish deep in the ocean are just like me – ugly and bulgy.
    • My vacation is in the hot, scorching desert.
    • Digging holes with constant danger surrounding me is my life.
    • I desire the comforting presence of a friendly smile.
  • 10. Zero’s Lament by David Dadlani
    • I am Loneliness
    • I dress in the dark of the night.
    • I need compassion from others
    • I am related to emptiness
    • I vacation on the dirty and grotesque streets.
    • My job is digging holes and being dumb.
    • I desire to be jolly and kind.
  • 11. Stanley’s Lament by Jin Hee Kim
    • I am loneliness.
    • I dress in responsibility,
    • ‘ Without Rights’ is the shirt I wear.
    • Hard labour is my life,
    • A true slave is my job.
    • I suffer silently in the hot desert with my friends,
    • I desire freedom.
    • I need my rights.
  • 12. Zero’s Lament by Fidelia Franto-Fong
    • I disinherit the holes at Camp Green Lake.
    • Escaping the barren wasteland that is the desert is my dream vacation.
    • My parents are ghosts in heaven.
    • 5 ft long and 5 ft wide is my life,
    • A life alone.
    • Friendship is one of my desires,
    • The other is to read and write.
    • I need a future.
  • 13. Stanley’s Lament by Ireh Kim
    • I am loneliness.
    • I am ‘blank’, so I dress in white.
    • I feel like nothing is in the world.
    • I am related to a rock that is silent and still,
    • Cold and hard.
    • I vacation in the ocean in the dark night.
    • I desire a friend to stay with me.