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integral lens and innovation

integral lens and innovation



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Fractal innovation.njh.2012 Fractal innovation.njh.2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Are you lost in the Innovation Jungle? A map to help you navigate … and some basics of map-readingneil houghton march 2012
  • The purpose here … Discover Connect Discover theory and connect it to your practice A theory is a container … a practice is the contentneil houghton: 2
  • Innovation maps An Innovation map helps you discover theory and connect it to your practice Different theories show different contours, textures and terrains … Different practices require different skills as a map-reader …neil houghton: 3
  • My Starting Point Bill Cockayne (Stanford University) introduced the idea of ‘fractal people’ … multiple capacities multiple roles multiple spaces of practiceneil houghton: 4
  • Innovation Innovation also involves people who … have multiple capacities … perform multiple roles … do what they do in multiple spaces of practice …neil houghton: 5
  • Innovation Containers and Contents Foresight Policy Domain Policy Creativity Maven Connector Arena Policy Improvisation Venue Multiple Capacities Multiple Roles Multiple Spaces of Practiceneil houghton: 6
  • Multiple capacities Innovation capacities include … (5 examples only) … think of more! systems thinking … (e.g. Peter Senge) speed thinking … (e.g. Ken Hudson) design thinking … (e.g. Tim Brown) hypothesis thinking … (e.g. Jeanee Liedtka) anticipatory thinking … (e.g. Robert Rosen)neil houghton: 7
  • Multiple roles Innovation roles include … (4 examples only) … think of more! improviser … collaborator … prototyper … implementer …neil houghton: 8
  • Multiple spaces of practice Innovation spaces include … (2 examples only) … think of more! Individual spaces for … practice and action … thinking and creativity Collective spaces for … delivery and execution … collaboration and powerneil houghton: 9
  • A Second Look Multiple capacities … (4 examples only) … think of more! foresight … exploration of the future as a virtual field of novelty entrepreneur … improvising with agility coaching … coaching, mentoring & teaching others in a collective space social action … as a collective space of change & transformationneil houghton: 10
  • A second Look Multiple roles … (3 examples only) … you can think of more! [Braden Kelley, 2010] {revolutionary, conscript, connector, customer-champion, evangelist, judge, artist, magic-maker, trouble-shooter} [Jeffrey Phillips, 2011] {bulldozer, matador, futurist, jester, tinkerer} [NetCentrics, 2005] {connector, librarian, framer, judge, prototyper, scout, story-teller} Underlying these roles are stages of consciousness {e.g., Spiral Dynamics; Integral Theory Altitude}neil houghton: 11
  • A second Look Multiple spaces of practice … (4 examples only) … think of more! mindset … neuro-semantic space of meaning making scenarios … virtual spaces of possibility & potential collaboratories … collective space of problem solving culture … collective space of organisational performance and powerneil houghton: 12
  • Fractal people Do lots of stuff and act out multiple roles … Act out multiple rolesneil houghton: 13
  • Fractal capabilities With different levels of skill development … Examples … (5 scale) authority mastery elegance uniqueness relevanceneil houghton: 14
  • Fractal spaces Within different cultures … Example … AsOne Deloitte Emergent Dominant Residual cultureneil houghton: 15
  • Fractal practices Across and between different systems or domains of practice … Examples… global complexity policy arenas networks & clusters wicked problems ecosystemsneil houghton: 16
  • Fractal innovation Example: Creating ‘Hotspots’ (that buzz!) Lynda Grattan (2007) mindsets signature practices igniting novel purpose connectionsneil houghton: 17
  • Fractal time horizons Innovating across the time-horizons … Examples … Horizon 1 Requires thinking about Horizon 3 preferred futures from the present Horizon 2 Horizon 1 Horizon 2 Requires thinking about probable and plausible futures Horizon 3 Requires thinking about possible and potential futuresneil houghton: 18
  • A Map and a Legend Psychological Influences Behavioral Influences (Individual Mindsets) (Individual Actions) Tribes Meaning Practice Practices Shared Collaborative Cultures Meaning Performances Systems Cultural Influences Systemic Influences (Collective Values) (Collective Power) Legend Quadrantsneil houghton: 19 (Ken Wilber, Integral Theory)
  • A Map and a Legend Examples … ‘Ba’ (Nonaka) Levels virtual … Is an emergent physical, mental mental, virtual space physical Body - Physical … eg. Rapid prototyping Mind - Mental … eg. Speed thinking Spirit - Virtual … eg. Time horizons Legend Levels (or Realms)neil houghton: 20 (Ken Wilber, Integral Theory)
  • A Map and a Legend Examples … (3 fractal lines) Lines of development Structures Leadership People (Inventium) Legend Linesneil houghton: 21 (Ken Wilber, Integral Theory)
  • A Map and a Legend Innovation Capability Example … (3 scale) States or Stages optimization graduation foundation Structures Leadership People (Inventium) Spiral Dynamics provides another example … (underlying consciousness) {Beige, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Turquoise … } Legend States (or Stages)neil houghton: 22 (Ken Wilber, Integral Theory)
  • A Map and a Legend Examples … Leader-Follower pairs Types Legend Types (e.g. leader – follower)neil houghton: 23 (Ken Wilber, Integral Theory)
  • Example: AsOne Tribes Practices ‘Shared Identity’ ‘Directional Intensity’ Level of Connection Level of Commitment • Core to Identity • Committed • Strongly Identify • Supportive • Identify • Undecided • Do not identify • Unaware • Never identify • Opposed Level of Strength Level of Execution • Dominant • Systemic • Secondary • Disciplined • Emerging • Aligned • Background • Tactical • Faint • Random ‘Common Interpretation’ ‘Systematic Execution’ Cultures Systemsneil houghton: 24 (Deloitte)
  • Example: XBC and Multiple spaces Each space is a container for multiple contents … XBC changes the shape of the container Cross-Boundary Collaboration XBC A space of collective power XBC is a Theory of collaborative innovation … Connect it to your practice The boundaries are spaces of discovery .. new theory and new practice emergeneil houghton: 25 (Deloitte)
  • Example: Innovation coaching Motivation Creation Coaching Roles Coaching Roles • Awakener • Co-creator • Challenger • Actualizer prober Decision Solidification Coaching Roles provoker Coaching Roles • Prober • Tester • Provoker • Reinforcerneil houghton: 26 (Michael Hall)
  • Navigating the Innovation Jungle With a fractal map … contours, textures, terrains … Theory Behavior Theory Behavior Models of Aspect Aspect Aspect Aspect Models of Innovation Innovation Capacities Culture Performance Culture Performance Roles Aspect Aspect Aspect Aspect Models of the Future & Time Theory Behavior Theory Behavior Aspect Aspect Aspect Aspect Models of Models of Innovation Innovation Culture Cultures Performance Aspect Culture Aspect Performance Aspect Spaces of Practice Aspectneil houghton: 27