Cyber bullying prevention

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This is a presentation about cyber bullying and how it is bad.

This is a presentation about cyber bullying and how it is bad.

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  • 1. Cyber Bullying Prevention
    By: Noah Holliger
  • 2. What Is Cyber Bullying?
    Cyber-bullying is the use of the Internet and related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.
    This includes rumors spread online, sending mean text messages, stealing somebodies account information, and pretending to be someone that you aren’t online.
  • 3. Why Do People Cyber Bully
    Some people think that when you cyber bully some one it doesn’t really matter or hurt there feelings.
    Some people don’t even think it is bullying but it is and it hurts just as bad as verbal or physical bullying.
  • 4. Cyber Bullying Statistics
    About 50% of teens have been a victim of cyber bullying.
    Only 1 in 10 tell there parents.
    To make that worse only 1 of those that tell there parents tell law enforcement.
  • 5. 80% use cell phones on a regular basis making it the most popular and most common form of cyber bullying.
    10-20% of teens get cyber bullied regularly.
  • 6. Cyber bullies don’t just effect one race but all of them.
    Boys are more likely to be cyber bullies or a victim of a cyber bully.
  • 7. Thank you for watching!
    I hope you liked it!
    Don’t cyber bully!
    It’s not cool or funny.
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