Who & What Shaped The Boomer Generation


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Who & What Shaped The Boomer Generation

  1. 1. This is perhaps the most controversial article on my entire site. The selectionsbelow I made are strictly personal with the help of my wife and a few friends. Iinvite your comments at njfineliving@gmail.com which I’ll publish in the blogsection.Some Famous Boomers That Made a Difference Ron Howard John Belushi 1949 Reggie Jackson 1946 Jay Leno 1950 John Roberts 1955 1954Steve Jobs 1955 George Bush 1946 Rush Limbaugh 1951 Billy Joel 1949 Steven Spielberg 1946 Jeff Shapiro David Letterman Prince Charles 1948 Oprah 1954 Bruce Willis 1955 1946 1947Elton John 1947 Madonna 1958 Hillary Clinton 1947 Mitt Romney 1947 Bill Gates 1955Bill O’Reilly 1949 Billie Crystal 1948 Tom Hanks 1956 Howard Stern 1954 John Travolta 1954 Bill Gates 1955 Donald Trump Oprah Winfrey 1954 Princess Diana Robin Williams 1946 1961 1951 Meryl Streep John Travolta 1954 Sylvester Stallone Bruce Springstein George Clooney 1949 1946 1949 1961
  2. 2. Jeff’s Greatest Boomer Songs… Agree? Me and Bobby American Pie-Don Do You Believe In What I’d Say-Ray McGee-Janis McLean Magic-Loving Spoonful Charles Good Vibrations-Beach Bad Moon Rising- All Shook Up-Yesterday-Beatles Boys Credence Elvis Satisfaction– Judy Blue Eyes-Crosby, Maggie May-Rod Stones Stills & Nash The Wanderer- Dion Stewart All Along the Rock & Roll Is Light My Fire– The Watchtower- Be My Baby-Ronettes Here To Stay- Doors Jimi Hendricks Danny & The Juniors Bridge Over TroubledThese Times Are a Magic Carpet Ride- Fire & Rain-James Water-Simon & Changing-Dylan Steppenwolf Taylor Garfunckel Let’s Stay Stairway To Heaven- My Guy-Mary Wells Chances Are- Together- Al Led Zeppelin Johnny Mathis GreenIt’s To Late-Carole Born To Run– I Want To Hold Your Book of Love-The King Springsteen Hand-Beatles Monotones
  3. 3. Jeff’s Top 10 Artists That Changed a Boomer’s Life Billy Joel Diana Ross The Beatles The Who Led Zeppelin Woody Guthrie The Rolling Stones The Byrds Bob Dylan Johnny Mathis
  4. 4. Jeff’s Best Boomer TV Shows…Agree? American Love, American All In The Family Twilight Zone Laugh In Bandstand Style Dir.s Kildare & Mission The Young and M*a*s*h Gilligan’s Island Casey Impossible The Restless Star Trek Shindig I Dream of Jeanie The Mod Squad Naked City Taxi Dallas Three’s Company Beretta My Three Sons The Fact’s Of The Mary Tyler The Ed Sullivan Soul Train Hogan’s Heroes Life Moore Show ShowChico and The The Odd Couple The Love Boat Kojak The Rifleman Man The Adam’s Huckleberry Happy Days Fantasy Island Bonanza Family Hound
  5. 5. Jeff’s Best Boomer Movies…Agree? Hard Day’sGodfather 1&2 Lawrence Of Arabia Love Story Annie Hall The Sting Night The Deer Blazing Dr. Zhivago The Graduate Easy Rider The Exorcist Hunter Saddles Saturday Night Jaws Rocky 1-3 Star Wars Animal House Marathon Man Fever Rosemary’s Raiders of the When Harry Back To The Future Princess Bride Tootsie Baby Lost Ark Met Sally Dog DayThe Wild One Dirty Harry Deliverance Tommy Scarface Afternoon