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Alternative Dispute Resolution at Romanowski Law Offices, Consistently Voted New Jersey Super Lawyer in Family Law - 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

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Alternative dispute resolution nj

  1. 1. Alternative DisputeResolution (NJ ADR) NJDivorce Mediation, NJCustody MediatonCollaborative Divorce:New Jersey Collaborative Divorce or Alternative DisputeResolution (ADR) is generally less costly and time-consumingthan litigation. Clients are a vital part of the settlement team,which consists of both parties, both attorneys and theoccasional jointly retained expert. The goal is for the parties towork cooperatively with each other to resolve issues.The process is much less fear and anxiety producing thanresorting to court proceedings and focuses on creating aclimate that facilitates "win-win" settlements.To find out if Collaborative Divorce may be right for yoursituation, request a free, confidential, no obligation 20-minuteconsultation: 732-603-8585. Read more about Collaborative DivorceMediation & Arbitration:NJ Divorce and Custody Mediation is a process in which atrained mediator helps a couple to make family law relateddecisions such as child custody, support, alimony and equitabledistribution, without court involvement. Rather than making
  2. 2. decisions for the parties, the mediator helps them to maketheir own decisions with expert guidance. The result is moresatisfying for the parties and generally produces more durablesolutions than those achieved and ultimately imposed upon theparties through litigation.To find out if Mediation is the right solution for you, request afree, confidential, no obligation 20-minute consultation: 732-603-8585. Read More about Mediation and ArbitrationProgressive Divorce:Progressive Divorce is a staged or incremental approach tofamily law.The approach is outcome-focused based on the partiesindividual levels of ability and willingness to participate andreach an agreement. Progression from unwilling and unable towilling and able requires careful facilitation. Finally, there is adefinite consulting methodology.The Four PhasesProgressive Divorce moves through a progression of phases: 1. Value-Added Divorce Facilitation; 2. Trial Collaboration; 3. Recusal Pact and 4. Conclusion.
  3. 3. Read more about Progressive DivorceNew Jersey Divorce & Custody Mediation AdvantagesA divorce or parenting mediation can be what the coupleschoose it to be. It is the mediators job to think of each familyas unique and to help the couple sort out the needs ofeveryone involved, including the couple, their children, andeven — at times — the grandparents.The parties can resolve all issues that comprise the terms of adivorce or separation agreement at the mediation, or they canmediate a portion of their divorce or custody and parentingissues, leaving the remainder for their attorneys to sort outfollowing the mediation.Separation and divorce are among the most painful anddisruptive events that an individual and family can experience.The problems are both financial and emotional, deeplytouching all members of the family. One of the aims ofmediation is to reduce this tension — not add to it. With thehelp of the mediator, couples negotiate their own settlementand learn the techniques for resolving future differences.Mediation is one of the ways separating or divorcing couplescan retain control over the decisions affecting their lives, whilekeeping their children from getting caught in the middle.Mediation is not just for couples who already know how tocooperate with one another. Successful mediators can show
  4. 4. people how to work together productively, in spite of theiranger, disappointment and differences.During mediation other professional services are sometimesneeded, such as those of accountants, lawyers, financialplanners, career counselors, psychotherapists and childpsychologists. Joint hiring of common experts is usuallyrecommended.For more details contact us atAddress: Romanowski Law Offices475 Main Street - 2nd FloorMethchen, NJ 08840Ph No: 732-603-8585