Fantasy Football Research


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Fantasy Football Research

  1. 1. Fantasy Football Research & InsightsConsumer and| Industry Research 1
  3. 3. Experience Audit Summary Official FF game & NFL-managed Free FF Leagues. Connect through Google+ for chat & hangouts. Yahoo Fantasy Users can manage by PC, phone, TV or tablet. A universal iOS, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle Store apps. CBS Fantasy Fantasy Football Today live shows weekdays and Sundays with live chat feature . App Central – Install apps created by third-party developers for added features. ESPN Fantasy Fantasy Cast: live league and fantasy play-by-play. Users who are ESPN Insiders have access to more resources & features. Fox Fantasy Headlines, podcasts and writer exclusives and a comprehensive “How To Play” page for beginners. | 3
  4. 4. Level of Engagement- Education- help Main Draw Best Page Activities can fans chat with Videos? Watch live? people bring their A Flair each other? game to fantasy- Connect through Game Center – Live HIGH: Connect Interactive one hour Research, stats and - Weekly videoGoogle+ for chat & updates of player and through Google+ to NFL Fantasy Live projections. highlights tailored tohangouts. full team stats, video text or video chat show weekdays & Fantasy podcast & players on user’s - Official FF game & highlights & chat all in with members of Sundays. Send blog with analysis & fantasy team.NFL-managed Free FF one refined page. your league. questions/comments videos. - Button on the pageLeagues. Site-wide discussion for analysts to discuss Fantasy Guru offers to link you to buy board for users. live, or watch suggestions and extra tickets for any of your segments later. advice. players’ games.Userscan manage by Stat-Tracker shows MID: Users can view Video spotlights NFL News, videos & - “TwitterPC, phone, TV or stats in real-time and and post messages to posted weekly. Offers articles by fantasy Intelligence” – showstablet, and also has a live as the games are a FF discussion board, player reviews, Experts accessible what experts areuniversal iOS, Google being played. league message experts’ predictions, from League home saying on TwitterPlay, and Amazon board, or “Smack and “Fantasy Football page. users players.Kindle Store app. Talk” directly to their Live,” a 1 hour long Comprehensive, - Personalized articles opponent for the weekly series. searchable FAQ. recapping each week. player’s weekly fantasy matchups.iOS & Google Play Consolidated stats, LOW: League, site- Fantasy Football All-in-one Fantasy App Central – Installapps. projects, and player wide discussion Today live shows News site with apps created by third-- “Fantasy Football news available in all boards and polls. Live weekdays and videos, live player party developers forFree” perfect for in one Team page. fan chat is housed at Sundays with live news, trends, a added features.casual users. separate Fantasy chat feature. twitter feed, and live News site. chat.The most Fantasy Cast: live Live Draft Chat, Series of short videos Array of relevant FF Users who are ESPNcustomizable free FF play-by-play. Smack Boards, Polls & that cover the basics content: Daily Insiders have accessgame available. Watch List: Put Site-wide FF for beginners. podcasts, videos, to more resources & injured players who discussion board. staff columnists & features. may come back on exclusive insider list so you don’t content. forget.Comprehensive Simple, detailed LOW: Fantasy Chat NFL video highlights, Headlines, podcasts “WhatIfSports NFL”fantasy site not pages without getting Central and polls for no Fantasy-specific and writer exclusives partnership with MSNinterrupted by league lost in the navigation. users to participate. video news. and an in-depth “How offers editorials,or other subsidiary To Play” page. Player fantasy predictions,content. Made for tools and research to projections, andbeginners and expert | 4 help make moves. simulations.users.
  5. 5. | 5
  6. 6. is the Official Fantasy Football game with leagueand fantasy media along with the best tools for socialengagement. Main Draw: The official Fantasy Football game. League and Fantasy news all-in-one. Page Activities: Game Center Live updates of player and team stats, video highlights & chat all in one refined page. Fantasy podcast & blog with analysis & videos. Fantasy Guru offers suggestions and extra advice. Level of Engagement: HIGH Connect through Google+ for chat and hangouts. Interactive one hour NFL Fantasy Live show weekdays & Sundays. Send questions and comments for analysts to discuss live, or watch segments later. Flair: Weekly video highlights tailored to players on user’s fantasy team. | 6
  7. 7. Fantasy Guru offers player suggestions, advice and in- game tutorial. Game Center: Weekly matchup preview, video highlights, and Google+ enabled chat all-in-one.| 7
  8. 8. Yahoo! Sports | 8
  9. 9. Yahoo Fantasy Football is one of the oldest and largest Fantasysites with a simple structure and superior mobile apps forusers to manage their team anywhere. Main Draw: Users can manage their teams from virtually anywhere - on their PC, mobile phone, tablet, or TV. Page Activities: NFL News, videos & articles by experts accessible from League home page. Stat-Tracker shows stats in real-time and live as the games are being played. Level of Engagement: MID Users can view and post messages to a FF discussion board, league message board, or “Smack Talk” directly to their opponent for the week. Flair: “Twitter Intelligence” shows what experts are saying on Twitter users players. Personalized articles recapping each player’s weekly fantasy matchups. | 9
  10. 10. “Twitter Intelligence” – Tweets from experts about players in user’s roster. Personalized editorial-style articles recapping the users’ latest weekly matchup.| 10
  11. 11. CBS Sports | 11
  12. 12. CBS Sports offers a simple, detail-packed site for casual and advanced users but few opportunities for social engagement.  Main Draw: iOS & Google Play mobile apps. “Fantasy Football Free” perfect for casual users.  Page Activities: All-in-one Fantasy News site with videos, live player news, trends, a twitter feed, and live chat.  Level of Engagement: LOW League, site-wide discussion boards and polls. Fantasy App Cental offers 3rd-party apps to add unique features Football Today live shows to your Fantasy game. weekdays and Sundays with live chat feature, found at separate Fantasy News site.  Flair: App Central – InstallManage on the go on youriOS or Android device with apps created by third-partythe CBS Sports Fantasy developers for added features.Football app. | 12
  13. 13. ESPN Fantasy | 13
  14. 14. ESPN Fantasy is the go-to for beginners and advanced usersfor up-to-the-minute sports coverage by expert analystsacross their site and social media.Main Draw: The most customizable free FF game available. Extras for insiders.Page Activities: Fantasy Cast: live play-by-play. Team page – stats & analyses all-in-one. Watch List: Put players who may come bac k from injury or may start for aninjured player here so you don’t forget.Level of Engagement: MID Live Draft Chat, Smack Boards, Polls & Site-wide FF discussion board.Flair: Weekly video highlights tailored to players on user’s fantasy team. | 14
  15. 15. Easy to navigate “My Team” page with player overviews, stats, news, projections, and extras for ESPN insiders.FantasyCast with liveleague and fantasy scoring,player and team updates. | 15
  16. 16. Fox Sports | 16
  17. 17. FOX Fantasy Football page is a comprehensive, fantasy- focused site, with extended resources through a partnership with  Main Draw: Comprehensive League Draft Room fantasy site not interrupted by with live League Chat league or other subsidiary during draft. content.  Page Activities: Simple, detailed pages without getting lost in the navigation. NFL video highlights, league headlines, podcasts and writer exclusives.  Level of Engagement: LOW Fantasy Chat Central and polls for users to participate. Live League chat during draft.Fantasy-focused weekly  Flair: “WhatIfSports NFL”matchup page with real- partnership with MSN offerstime stats and scores as it editorials, fantasy predictions,relates to the user’s game. projections, and simulations. | 17