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Gillette Sensor Travel
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Gillette Sensor Travel


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Marketing Plan For Disposable Razor (from college)

Marketing Plan For Disposable Razor (from college)

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Gillette’s Sensor Travel Anytime, Anywhere By Nikhil Pahwa
  • 2. The Opportunity in Disposable Razors (research conclusion)
    • Usage both general and travel
    • Belief among non-users/irregular: disposable razors don’t last long; hence more expensive
    • Cheap and flimsy
    • Non users doubt quality; fear cuts and nicks
    • Purchase out of necessity.
  • 3. The Opportunity (contd)
    • Impulse purchase
    • Advertising does not create a need, only a brand image.
    • Expensive and do not last long
    • Hair gets stuck between blades
  • 4. Recommendation (Value Perception) Mach 3 Sensor Excel Vector Plus Presto 7 O’Clock Ready II
  • 5. Recommendation
    • New segment – Travel
    • “ Travel” (not disposable) razor backed by promotion
    • Eventually reduce price of Presto and make it a transitioning product
    • Increase space between blades
    • Enhance life of the blade.
  • 6. Brand Profile
    • Gillette Sensor Travel is the latest travel variant of the Gillette Sensor brand. It combines the smooth shave and the long-lasting blades of the Gillette Sensor brands, with a great new hassle-free usage convenience.
    • Kabhi Bhi, Kahin Bhi
    • (Anytime, Anywhere)
  • 7. Target Segment
    • We’re targeting travellers:
    • Urban students and working professionals in the 16-30 years age group.
    • Those who like adventure sports and travel
    • This positioning would appeal to even those who would like to belong to this segment (aspirational)
  • 8. Marketing Mix
    • Product
    • B lack with neon blue and neon green outlines, communicating a futuristic product.
    • Twin blade shaving system with a non-replaceable head.
    • Increased gap between blades to ease cleansing
    • S ingle razor pack only
    • Packaging to emphasise lasting quality of the blade
  • 9. Marketing Mix
    • Place
    • Travel hubs: railway stations, airports, bus stations, and at retailers through our normal distribution channels.
    • Introductory phase: on the Railway Stations and Bus Depots only
    • Price: Rs.16/piece
  • 10. Promotion
  • 11. Introduction
    • Advertisement will communicate both the long lasting nature and easy usage of the product.
    • Print: travel supplements of newspapers, Outlook Travel and the Outlook Travel website.
    • TVC launch three weeks after product launch, with advertising on niche market channels like Discovery Travel & Living.
    • Hoardings at Bus Depots and Railway Stations.
    • Sales Promotion: 1 free 15gm Gillette Shaving Gel with the razor.
  • 12. TVC A group of 4 friends go for trekking in the picturesque mountains Day Three: all but one have stubbles Day Five: Three have beards, fourth is clean shaven. Three follow fourth to a mountain stream. He’s shaving with a Gillette Sensor Travel Gillette Sensor Travel – Anytime, Anywhere.
  • 13. Print Anytime Anywhere Product Features Advernture Sports Or Travel (One guy is rock climbing, other is sitting on a ledge and shaving)
  • 14. Growth Stage
    • Run TV campaign on niche market channels like HBO, MTV, Channel [V] for a two-week period every four months.
    • Advertise during 1 cricket series featuring India, every year.
    • Product to now be made available in packs of 3 to take advantage of increasing volumes.
  • 15. Maturity
    • Free razor with a 200gm bottle of Gillette Shaving Gel.
    • Sponsor shows on the Sports Channels – Barclay’s English Premier League, and on Discovery Travel & Living.
    • Tie-up with Indian Railways to print a simple (removable) advertisement or a watermark on the Railway ticket, to increase sales as decline approaches
  • 16.
    • Railway Ticket
    Gillette Sensor Travel
  • 17. Decline
    • Introduce a product variant: Gillette Sensor TravelX – an adventure sport variant, with a shaving gel tube embedded in the handle, priced at Rs.20.
    • Offer at 10% discount to Railway travellers.
  • 18. Conclusion
    • Initial F/b & Test marketing response to determine marketing strategy
    • Impulse purchases: POP advertising & Indian Railway tie-up critical
    • Poor initial response – shift the tie-up with the Indian Railways to the growth stage.
  • 19. Thank You Questions? Suggestions?