Diabetic Foot Complications, Foot Ulcers and Problems


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Many herbal supplements that can be of help like Diabkil Capsules.You should take these capsules regularly to cure from this problem.

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Diabetic Foot Complications, Foot Ulcers and Problems

  1. 1. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com
  2. 2. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • You should take these capsules regularly to cure from this problem. • In the present times diabetic foot complications is a major factor resulting in no traumatic lower extremity amputations. • People suffering from this disease are more at the risk of lower extremity amputation than people who do not have diabetes mellitus. • The main factor contributing to diabetic foot complications resulting in amputation are skin ulcers.
  3. 3. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • Timely detection and proper treatment of these ulcers may prevent amputations. • Skin Changes – Diabetes can cause the skin to become dry, peel and crack. • This happens because the nerves fail to supply oil and moisture to the skin. • This can be prevented by application of a thin layer of petroleum jelly, hand cream or a moisturizer.
  4. 4. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • Avoid applying between the toes as excess moisture can lead to infection. • Calluses – People suffering from calluses are more likely to develop calluses. • High pressure points underneath the feet lead to the formation of calluses. • Therapeutic shoes and inserts work to cure calluses.
  5. 5. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • Calluses should always be trimmed otherwise it becomes thick and form into ulcers. • Never use harsh chemical agents to remove calluses because it can burn your skin. • The best way to remove calluses is by using a pumice stone in the shower. • Foot ulcers can be of three types – i) Venous, ii) Arterial and iii) Pressure ulcers.
  6. 6. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • Diabetic Neuropathy – It is a condition where the nerves of the legs and feet get damaged. • This may cause loss of sensation or numbness in the feet. • You may be unable to feel a sore or cut on your feet and this may lead to spread of infection. • Foot Ulcers – Ulcers generally occur on the ball of the foot or on the bottom of the big toe. They may also develop on the sides due to poor ill fitting shoes.
  7. 7. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • Planter Warts – Usually caused by virus planter warts generally develop on the bottoms of the feet. • Bunion – A bunion forms when the big toe slants towards the small toes and the place between the bones near the base of your big toe grows big. • The spot becomes reddened, sore and infected. Bunions can form on both feet. • Bunions can be removed through surgery.
  8. 8. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • Hammertoes – Diabetic nerve damage may cause the foot muscles to become weak. • The weakened muscle makes the tendons in the foot shorter. • This causes the toes to curl under the feet. • The sores may develop on the bottom of the feet or top of your toes. • Wearing shoes that are too short may lead to hammertoes. • So finding proper well fitting shoes becomes important.
  9. 9. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com • Hammertoes may be hereditary and may change the shape of the feet. • Diabkil Capsules- Diabkil Capsules are the most used natural remedies by people all over the world.
  10. 10. • These capsules are 100% natural and made with herbal ingredients that are safe. Hence we can conclude that timely detection of the above mentioned foot problems followed by proper treatment can help us heal all diabetic foot problems. AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com
  11. 11. Buy Diabkil Capasule AyurvedResearchFoundation.Com