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Mm ch 01 Mm ch 01 Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter 1
  • What is media literacy? Media Literacy
  • What about media criticism? Media Literacy
  • Career Preparation 1. Learn how to use media. 2. Study careers in the media spotlight such as a newscaster or reporter. 3. Research behind-the-scenes employment in film production, book editing, advertising, public relations, web site development or tons of other careers. 4. Non-media careers may have a media component. Media Literacy
  • The Critic Vs. The Practitioner Media Literacy
  • What do we mean when we talk about communication? Basic Terms
  • Communication • Interpersonal communication • Feedback • Noise Basic Terms
  • What does the term “media” mean? • Print media • Broadcast media • Digital media (including Web 2.0 and social networking) • Entertainment media Basic Terms
  • Mediated Communication Basic Terms
  • Mass Communication • Reach • Potential for impact Basic Terms
  • Mass Communication • feedback Basic Terms
  • Gatekeepers Basic Terms
  • Basic Model of Human Communication Basic Terms
  • Traditional Model of Mass Communication Basic Terms
  • Converged Media Model of Communication Basic Terms
  • Converging Communication Media Convergence • convergence of technologies • convergence of industries • convergence of content Basic Terms
  • Technology and Change: The Printing Press Media History
  • Technology and Change: The Telegraph Media History
  • Inverted pyramid Media History
  • The Associated Press Journalistic objectivity Media History
  • American Media Products Dominate the Global Scene Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Cultural imperialism Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Foreign Media in the U.S. Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Reasons for Corporate Media Growth • Economies of scale • Synergy Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • • Not all plans for synergy work out. • AOL / Time-Warner Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • • Cross merchandizing / cross promotion • Antitrust laws Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Global competition favors larger companies Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Groups and Conglomerates • group ownership (also called chain ownership) • vertical integration • horizontal integration Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Vertical Integration Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Horizontal Integration Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Media Conglomerates • Time Warner • Viacom/CBS • Walt Disney Company • News Corporation • NBC-Universal Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • • monopoly • Oligopoly • entrepreneurs Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Media and governments around the world How much does the government control media in the U.S.? Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Different types of relationships between media and government • Government ownership • Private ownership/ government control • Libertarian • Mixed model Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • The U.S. Model • Regulation • Fears of censorship • Adversarial relationship • Fourth estate (an unofficial fourth branch of government) • Media help hold elected officials accountable to the public Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • Media and the audience Understanding Today’s Media Industry
  • • Impact issues • Legal issues • Libel • invasion of privacy • antitrust actions • First Amendment • Ethical issues • Morality of media • Impact, legal, and ethical issues are related. Media Controversies
  • Chapter 1