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information technology in present global world

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  2. 2. The Information Technology Association ofAmerica (ITAA) defines Information Technologyas:"Thestudy, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based informationsystems, particularly software applications andcomputer hardware." IT deals with the use ofelectronic computers and computer software toconvert, store, protect, process, transmit, andsecurely retrieve information
  3. 3. IT Stands for "Information Technology," and ispronounced "I.T." It refers to anything related to computingtechnology, such as networking, hardware, software, theInternet, or the people that work with these technologies.Many companies now have IT departments for managingthe computers, networks, and other technical areas of theirbusinesses. IT jobs include computer programming,network administration, computer engineering, Webdevelopment, technical support, and many other relatedoccupations. Since we live in the "information age,"information technology has become a part of our everydaylives. That means the term "IT," already highly overused, ishere to stay.
  4. 4. Technology services are, not surprisingly, services thatinvolve technology. These include informationtechnology, or IT, services, such as technical support,computer networking, systems administration, andother services. Common Internet services, such as Webhosting, e-mail, and social networking websites alsofall under the scope of technology services. Therefore,the terms "technology services" and "informationtechnology services" (ITS) are often usedinterchangeably.
  5. 5. ITES, Information Technology EnabledService, is defined as outsourcing of processesthat can be enabled with information technologyand covers diverse areas likefinance, HR, administration, healthcare, telecommunication, manufacturing etc.Armed with technology and manpower, theseservices are provided from e-enabled locations.This radically reduces costs and improve servicestandards. In short, this Internet service provideraims in providing B2B e-commerce solutions
  8. 8. New industrial technologyrevolution has turned informationindustry into supporting industry ofalmost every nation,as well aspenetrated information technologywidely into every aspect ofnational economy and social life.
  9. 9. The diffusing of information technology is a gradual process, which experienced the development process from passive to active, spontaneity to consciousness, part to whole. After 2000, China put forward the strategy of driving the development of industry by informatization during the period of the tenth "Five- Year Plan", and established strategy program for the development of national informatizaion..
  10. 10. It also brought forward"putting national economic and social informatization to the priority position","enhanced promoting national economic and social informatizaion is the strategy measure covered the whole modernization process".Under the promotion of government, information technology is widely applied in every aspect of national economy and social life, Chinas informationizaton has achieved new development.
  11. 11. Application of information technology in Government From central to local government was all regard Government Online as a very important project in 1999, E-governing project is underway.The rapid development of information technology is promoting E-governing changing from traditional OA, MIS systemto virtual E-governing.
  12. 12. Government-Online Project has greatly boosted the efficiency and enhanced the transparency of government work, and has provided strong technologic and consulting support for improving information management and service of government.Until 2001, 50% government institutions have established their own websites. 12 ministries and commissions of State Department has already have online service,more than 90% of the ministries and commissions have information bulletins or database inquiry.
  13. 13. To the end of 2001, there are 5864 English domain names ending with Government-Online Project, as a key part of the process of E-Governing, has been greatly pushingour government to make a big steptoward network age.
  14. 14. After 10 years’ hard work, Golden Card project of bank , as a crucial part of government promoting informatization, has gained great achievement.88 national commercial banks, postal saving banks, part of cities’ commercial banks, and country credit societies have bank cards business and establish bank card information centers in 18 cities nationwide,100 cities basically realized cross-bank use of bank card and sharing of infrastructures in local cities.
  15. 15. To the end of 2002, issuing volume ofbankcards has reached 497 million.At the same time, commercial bank made full use of network resources, established telephone bank, network bank, enterprise bank,self-help bank, client bank center, basically realized online financial business.
  16. 16.  Application level of electronic information technology in our transportation systems of railway, highway, aviation, and shipping increases continuously. The scale of information system booking disposition of China Civil Aviation has list top 10 in world, distributing network covers all around the world that has produced sound economic and social benefit.
  17. 17. The most complicated and huge railway ticket-selling system in world has put in to full-scale application, electronic information technology has become the key tool to boost railway management efficiency.Main ports and Ocean transportation companies have widely used EDI system, realized main business paperless handling.
  18. 18.  On the basis of CERNET and Satellite Video Frequency system, the modern education network platform has been formed basically, connected to 160 cities, 895 units, and above 100 universities connected with 100M speed, host computer 0.8million, user 7million. CERNET has become the second largest public Internet in China. 70% universities have built up different levels and scales campus networks.
  19. 19. Until 1999 30 million primitive and middle school students have received information technology education, 2.04 million people have their own PC and 4600 high schools have set up campus networks.China Education Research NET, China Science and Technology NET have had the ability to provide the network which covers most of our universities, research institutesacademic institutes and part of primitive and high school .
  20. 20. From above several aspects, we can draw a conclusion that information technology is widely applied in China and will be developed quickly than before, and it will play more important role in our life.
  21. 21. We believe that our strength lies in our people. We believe thatpeople are our assets and it is people who will ensure oursuccess. Our business environment is dynamic, typified by ahigh degree of competition and rapid technological advances.Success in such a situation demands that we continuouslychallenge ourselves to higher levels of individual and collectiveperformance. Toward this, we aim to provide an enabling andpositive environment that will motivate our associates andfacilitate achievement and maintenance of superior levels ofperformance. We believe in continuous education of ourassociates and strive to provide the best training facilities thatwill keep us on a par with the best professionals in our field. Webelieve in furthering the development of the person as a whole. Apersons professional skills and knowledge are emphasized byhis personal and emotional well being. We strive to provide aclimate that nurtures the holistic development of our associates.
  22. 22.  Communication Banking and Financial Consumer Goods Health Care Information, Media and Entertainment Insurance Retail Sector Technology Transportation Travel and Hospitality
  23. 23. Why Cognizant? At Cognizant, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise bychoosing either a strategic partner or a cost-effective outsourcingprovider. We understand the business and technology evolutionthat’s underway in the communications field. And we stand atthe leading edge of business and IT solutions—from VoIP andfixed-mobile convergence, to business process management(BPM) and beyond. That’s why seven of the Top 10communications service providers and equipment vendors havechosen Cognizant as their partner.
  24. 24. Segments We Serve Cable & Satellite From systems integration planning, to data migration, business process integration, customer management and order processing, we can help you keep up with your customers’ demands. Network-Equipment Providers We specialize in helping the world’s premier network equipment providers to streamline processes and integrate technologies to best serve their customers. Integrated-Communications Providers From management and technological integration, to mobile Internet, our global team of business and technology consultants is here to work with you. Wireless From testing and billing, to one-on-one consulting, our team of wireless experts will create a custom solution to meet your unique needs.
  25. 25.  Communications Services Billing & Customer Care What does your billing system say about you? Probably more than you think—and not necessarily in a good way. Our domain experts can maximize the value of your core billing processes. Customer-Interaction BPO With our Customer-Interaction Business Process Outsourcing team, you can dramatically reduce your customer service costs and streamline business processes through IT and BPO synergy. Order & Service Management We’ll help enhance your order and service management processes, so you can continue to provide superior customer service—and stay competitive. Service-Management BPO With our Service Delivery Framework (SDF) model, upgrading a legacy service management system doesn’t have to be a multi-year project. Customer Experience & Portals Our customer experience team is here to help improve your customer registration process, from single sign-on (SSO) systems, to secure log-in and mobile device access. Network Management Our team of experts can help you evaluate your network strategy, then plan a course of action to make your management and provisioning more synchronized, accurate and efficient. Service Fulfillment Rely on us to help you manage orders more efficiently, keep track of resources and offer next-generation services to your customers.
  26. 26. Why Cognizant?They help financial services firms develop business solutionsthat drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization.When you choose Cognizant, you benefit from deep industryexpertise to help manage risk, comply with regulations, enhanceproduct features and manage your business transformationchallenges. It’s no wonder that six of the Top 10 U.S. banks andfour of the Top 10 EU banks have chosen Cognizant.
  27. 27. Segments They Serve There are generalists and there are specialists. It makes sense to choose a firm organized around specialists—smart people succeeding every day in the global financial markets. With Cognizant, you gain access to an expanded team of technology and functional experts who specialize in: Asset & Wealth Management Benefit from a full spectrum of application development, maintenance, business process outsourcing and consulting services—as well as our global delivery expertise, from front office to back office. Cards & Payments With the rapid rise in credit card defaults, you need to limit your exposure. Our solutions help monitor and reduce risk, so you can focus on targeting, acquiring and retaining the most credit-worthy customers. Investment Banking & Brokerage Our specialists create business processes that scale up or down as needed to meet your investment banking and brokerage goals—while reducing your costs, as well. Securities Services Let us manage and maximize your IT assets. Our industry experts support the back offices of numerous asset management and brokerage firms, prime brokers, depository organizations and bank treasuries.
  28. 28.  Consumer Lending Many firms are going ‘back to basics’ and focusing on core deposits and asset gathering, yet the pressure to grow lending increases. Our experts can help you manage the risk and costs of acquiring and developing the right customers. Governance, Risk & Compliance Join the leading North American and European banks that rely on us for successful credit, operational and market risk management solutions. Retail/Wholesale Banking The credit crisis emphasized the need for liquidity, cash management and operational efficiency. Our banking solutions can optimize your business processes across the entire value chain
  29. 29. Why Cognizant?Cognizant partners with the world’s premier consumergoods manufacturers, creating innovative solutions andstrategies that keep them price-competitive, category-leading and consumer-savvy. Our expertise spans a widegamut, from demand-driven supply chains, to revenue-creating trade promotion management systems, to analyticssystems and mobility solutions that anticipate and serveever-changing customer needs.
  30. 30. Segments They Serve Consumer Durables Streamline demand-driven operations, optimize costs and create more powerful brands with our deep domain knowledge and prove tools and techniques. Footwear & Apparel Rely on our industry insights and experience to optimize your sourcing execution and label management-and achieve continuous business performance improvements. Food & Beverage Respond rapidly to your industrys changing customers , supply chain and technology dynamics by leveraging our experience serving the worlds largest companies. Home & Personal Care We can help you overcome product commoditization, spiraling R&D budgets and ever-changing consumer demographics.
  31. 31. Why Cognizant?Cognizant enables healthcare organizations to create moreefficient, effective, innovative and virtualized businessmodels. We arm your enterprise with the strategic thinkingto effectively respond no matter what directions thehealthcare industry’s evolution takes. Our deep industryexpertise and experience across the healthcare ecosystemenables healthcare organizations to successfully addresschallenges and seize opportunities by improvingprocesses, creating efficiencies and unlocking innovation.
  32. 32. Segments They ServeCognizant offers comprehensive solutions for: Payers From business process improvements to full managed care implementations to modernizing legacy equipment and complying with new regulations, we help you streamline, adapt and innovate. Healthcare providers We enable you to focus on your core mission to deliver the highest quality of care by making your operations more effective and efficient, while enabling clinical transformation through innovative new processes and services. Government and public health programs Our comprehensive managed services enable you to serve larger member populations than ever, delivering a high level of service with minimal capital investment and reduced fixed operating costs. Pharmacy benefit managers We help you deliver higher levels of service; integrate retail, specialty and mail-order pharmacy operations; mine data for business intelligence metrics and more with our field-proven services and solutions.
  33. 33. Why Cognizant?Cognizant is the preferred partner for leading media businesses,including six of the top studios. Our collaborative approachemphasizes speed to market and client focus, enabling you tothrive in the digital age. Experienced consultants offer businessand technical knowledge to power innovation and create newrevenue streams. And our global presence, mature deliverycapabilities and proven solution accelerators help you reducecosts, stay nimble and outmaneuver the competition.
  34. 34. Segments They Serve Information Services Exponential increases in data volume, migration to new digital media and the upsurge of content formats are forcing firms large and small to rethink their strategies. We partner with the worlds top providers of financial, scientific and legal information to address the real- time mindset of today’s audiences. Media & Entertainment Revenue declines, the accelerating online transition, and new devices like Kindle and iPad are creating virtual businesses with innovative models and unique pricing strategies. We help our clients navigate the shifting landscape in print and publishing, film, music, interactive media and broadcasting.
  35. 35. Why Cognizant?Cognizant partners with leading Life and Property &Casualty (P&C) insurers in the U.S. to anticipate and fulfillconsumer needs and advance their business objectives, fromback to front office, across the reset economy. With ourexpertise and client-first mindset, we become a seamlessextension of your organization, working collaboratively tohelp you create new capabilities, contain costs, mitigate riskand capitalize on new business opportunities.
  36. 36. Segments We Serve Life Insurance Partner with us for top-tier solutions that help increase your organization’s workflow and operational efficiency, and reduce service and processing costs. Property & Casualty Put our experience with global P&C leaders to work, and draw on our expertise in core operations such as client acquisition, rating and policy administration.
  37. 37. Why Cognizant?We believe that retailers shouldn’t have to choose between astrategic partner and a cost-effective outsourcing provider.With Cognizant, you get the best of both. And to ensurecreativity and innovation, we have created a dedicatedRetail Innovation Group aligned with our clients’ needs. Nowonder 11 of the Top 30 U.S. retailers and eight of the Top30 global retailers choose us as their partner.
  38. 38. Segments We Serve Department Stores Amid increased competition and complex supply chains, we help you meet changing consumer demands. Our merchandising solutions include price optimization, category management, assortment planning, promotions and marketing. Grocers Our solutions help to optimize prices, provide intelligent inventory planning and implement high-powered POS systems that speed checkout and enhance the customer experience. Discount Stores We can optimize your merchandising, increase supply chain efficiencies, generate accurate product mix forecasts and improve service levels for maximum customer retention. Specialty Retailers Overcome competition from similar companies, while outmaneuvering mass-market retailers, in spite of their scale and cost advantages.
  39. 39. Why Cognizant?The challenges and opportunities that organizations face inthe reset economy are multidimensional, and the solutionsmust be as well. At Cognizant, we do not believe that youshould be forced to compromise by choosing either astrategic partner or a cost-effective outsourcing provider.No other provider offers our combination of engineeringand consulting services to elevate your competitiveness
  40. 40. Segments They Serve High-Tech Manufacturers Our product engineering services accelerate your innovation and time-to-value. And our business-IT solutions create seamless integration across your value chain of suppliers, channel partners and consumers. Business-IT Solutions From ERP, to new product rollouts and BPO, our dedicated Technology Practice is ready to transform your business into a high-performing organization. Product Engineering Let our experts infuse your organization with proven IT and engineering resources, so you can generate superior products and services to excel in today’s changing markets. ISVs Our product engineering team delivers business results through strategy, development, testing, maintenance and support services—as well as assistance in transitioning to a SaaS
  41. 41.  Business-IT Solutions We’ll guide you through open source and SaaS products, and help remedy revenue loss due to piracy and non-compliance challenges Product Engineering We offer a unique combination of systems expertise, industry intelligence and global resources to strengthen your product development efforts. Online Companies Our product engineers help you deliver content that engages, while our business-IT solutions experts can help optimize your site operations. Business-Technology Accelerating innovation and time- to-market are top concerns for online businesses. Our Technology Practice helps you accomplish both by expertly optimizing your site operations. Product Engineering We offer you a unique combination of systems expertise, industry intelligence and global resources to strengthen your product development efforts
  42. 42. Why Cognizant?Road or rail. Marine or infrastructure. Express or post.Distributor or logistics service provider. Wherever yourbusiness fits in the T&L realm, Cognizant has a proventrack record of helping organizations like yours streamlineoperations and improve business performance. We workclosely with you to understand your business needs, thenapply relevant domain insights, best practices and solutionaccelerators to deliver tangible business results.
  43. 43. Why Cognizant?They are uniquely positioned to lead clients toward moreefficient, effective, innovative and virtualized businessmodels. We are one of the few service companies withexpertise across the entire industry—from airlines, hotelsand restaurants, online and retail travel, to globaldistribution systems, intermediaries and real-estatecompanies. This is why three of the Top 5 global airlineschose Cognizant as their partner.
  44. 44. Segments They Serve Hotels & Property Services Give your properties a competitive edge with our combination of customized solutions and industry experience. Travel Intermediaries Our team has years of experience with leading Global Distribution System (GDS) platforms, Web services and supplier systems for airlines, hotels and car rental companies. Restaurants & Food Services They are the only service provider to offer BPO for restaurants and food services. Our Solution Accelerators speed time to market and improve business-IT alignment. Travel Providers We’re the only Tier 1 service provider to cover the entire Travel & Hospitality industry, from airlines, to car rentals, to cruise operators.