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How to have a successful trending campaign in twitter
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How to have a successful trending campaign in twitter


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How to have a successful trending campaign in twitter

How to have a successful trending campaign in twitter

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  • 1. How to build a successful campaign on twitter? Tweet with #SMWBangalore to @SMWBangalore @nivedithg @dhempe @aravindbk @tinucherian
  • 2. Twitter Trends  A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time.  A hashtag is a keyword or phrase that is preceded with a pound (#) sign, as with #StyleTurf or #jaihind.  Trends are determined by an secret algorithm that monitors hot subjects based on who you follow and where you’re locate Tweet with #SMWBangalore to @SMWBangalore @nivedithg @dhempe @aravindbk @tinucherian
  • 3. Why twitter campaigns for brands? Twitter has upwards of 500 million users and around 190 million unique visits every day Interaction through Twitter is usually public and if you’re creative then even your initial contact can create internet fuss! Brand Impression is established and top of the mind recall when my TL is talking about the hashtag. Economical way of branding and marketing compared to traditional media and the reach can be targeted. Tweet with #SMWBangalore to @SMWBangalore @nivedithg @dhempe @aravindbk @tinucherian
  • 4. Case Study :- Out of the Box Twitter Campaign #OnlyManCan - @ParkAvenuespeak  prelaunch activity of the beer shampoo.  #OnlyManCan Hashtag intended to build an element of humor.  The engagement level were so high that we trended in India and worldwide No 1 as it went viral. We started with conversations with the people and the top tweeples,celebs joined the party. Tweet with #SMWBangalore to @SMWBangalore @nivedithg @dhempe @aravindbk @tinucherian
  • 5. Philips #Styleturf Campaign  #StyleTurf4Men  #StyleTurf4Girls  #Philips  #styleturf Tweet with #SMWBangalore to @SMWBangalore @nivedithg @dhempe @aravindbk @tinucherian
  • 6. Tweet with #SMWBangalore to @SMWBangalore @nivedithg @dhempe @aravindbk @tinucherian
  • 7. Paid trends For Twitter Ads, there are certain restriction for usage in India as the account has to be created with a US credit card as they haven't activated transactions through INR. #SMWBangalore Currently the Twitter Ads cannot be done directly with the company in has to be routed to a agency who is authorized to handle twitter Ads. The Minimum budget is $10,000 which has to be given in Advance. Promoted tweet :- cost per engagement: 6 cents -20 cents.
  • 8. What makes a twitter campaign successful? Some sure shot methods of having a successful twitter trending campaign are :Engaging the active tweeples with conversations and build engagement.. Build a innovative twitter contest rather than the usual quiz, maximum RT or maximum tweet contest. Gratify the winners with an experience based prizes rather than giving out goodies so that the experience also create engagement and buzz in the twitter verse.
  • 9. Twitter Campaign Fad Commercials is valued rather than conversations Unethical ways of trending Cost Per Tweet #SMWBangalore
  • 10. Nivedith007 @nivedithg #SMWBangalore