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Android training
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Android training


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Hi,My Name is Srinivas,I am posting Android Tutorials for Beginners.

Hi,My Name is Srinivas,I am posting Android Tutorials for Beginners.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Srinivas Devarapalli, Training
  • 2. OutLines....Smart Phones.Smart Phones.Android Evolution.Android Evolution.OHA(Open Handset Alliance).OHA(Open Handset Alliance).Android Versions.Android Versions.Android System Requirements.Android System Requirements.
  • 3. Smart Phones..Smart Phones..A Smart Phone is a Mobile Phone built on aMobile OS with more advanced computingCapability & Connectivity than a feature phone.First Smart Phones having PDA(Personal DigitalAssistant).Later added MediaPlayer,Camera,Video Cameras,Gps,TouchScreens,Web Brwsers,Wi-Fi,Blutooth,etc.Continued..
  • 4. Smart Phones....Smart Phones....Googles Android.Apples Iphone.Nokias Symbian.RIM(Research In Motion Limited)s BlackBerry.Samsungs Bada.MicroSofts WindowsPhone.HPsWeb OS.Mozillas FireFox OS.Ubuntus Ubuntu OS.
  • 5. Android EvolutionAndroid is a Linux based OS for smartphones &Tablet Computers.Android is OpenSource.Google releases the code under the Apache License.Android Was founded in Palo Alto,California,2003by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner,Nick Sears,Chris White.Google acquired Android on August 17 2005,AtGoogle, the team led by Rubin
  • 6. The first commercially available phone to run Androidwas the HTC Dream released on October 22, 2008.Each major release is named in alphabetical order after adessert or Sugary treat.Totally 850000+ Applications are there in Googleplay(April 2013).48billion apps are downloaded from play store till May2013,1.5million activations Per day.As of May 2013, a total of 900 million Android deviceshave been activated.
  • 7. Why Android Most Popular Mobile OS ?Android Overtakes Symbian in the fourth quarter of2010.Require a low-cost.Customizable.lightweight operating system for high tech devices.Android had a worldwide smartphone market shareof 75% during the third quarter of 2012.
  • 8. Android Market ShareIn US Smart phone sales at the end of April 2013.Android 51.7%.IOS 41.4%Windows Phone 5.6%.Android having 75%+ market share throughtworld wide.
  • 9. Android Vs Other OS
  • 10. OHA(Open Handset Alliance)The OHA was established on 6 November 2007,ledby Google with 34 members.OHA is in Silicon Valley, California The USA.MemberShip is in Mobile operators, Softwarecompanies, Commercialization companies,Semiconductor companies, Handset manufacturers.Currently OHA having 84 members.
  • 11. First Android PhoneAndroid is first mobileplatform to run onLinux kernel 2.6.HTC Dream released onOctober 22, 2008.Android 1.0.192 MB RAM.
  • 12. Android VersionsAndroid Beta was released on 5/11/2007,SDKreleased on 12/11/07.The November 5this popularly celebrated asAndroid BirthDay.Android 1.0 API 1 23/09/2008.Android 1.1 API 2 09/02/2009.Android 1.5 API 3 30/04/2009. CupCakeAndroid 1.6 API 4 15/09/2009. Donut
  • 13. Android 2.0 API 5 26/10/2009. Eclair.Android 2.0.1 API 6 03/12/2009. Eclair.Android 2.1 API 7 12/01/2010. Eclair.Android 2.2 API 8 20/05/2010. Froyo.Android 2.3 API 9 06/12/2010. GingerBread.Android 2.3.3 API 10 09/02/2011. GingerBread.Android 3.0 API 11 22/02/2011.HoneyComb.Android 3.1 API 12 10/05/2011.HoneyComb.
  • 14. Android 4.0.3 API 15 16/12/2011. ICS.Android 4.1 API 16 09/07/2012. JB.Android 4.2 API 17 13/11/2012. JB.Android Programmed in C,C++,Java.Initial release 1.0 : 23/9/2008.Latest release 4.2.2 : 11/2/2013.Marketing: SmartPhones & Tablets.
  • 15. AndroidCupCake,Donut,EclairFroyo
  • 16. Android GB,HC,ICS,JB
  • 17. Android System ReqWindows :XP,Vista,W7,W8.Java 1.5 or Later.ADT Plug 22.0.1(min),Eclipse 4.2.2 Juno.Ubuntu :Ubuntu 8.04 or Later.Java 1.5 or Later.ADT Plugin 22.0.1.Eclipse 4.2.2 Juno.
  • 18. Srinivas Devarapallinivasdevarapalli@gmail.c