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  1. 1. Good Morning Everyone!!!presenting youGlimpse of someCases from“Freakonomics”By:Akshay SethNishant TyagiSaurabh Sudhir
  2. 2. CASE 1 CASE 2CASE 3
  3. 3. What’s in a name?There was a girl, Temptress whose misdeeds landed herin New York Court. The Judge asked her mother, How herdaughter name was named? Her mother told ithappened eventually mistake from her side in spelling ofActress name Tempestt Bledsoe to Temptress. ThenJudge wanted to know the meaning of her name. Butthey didnt actually knew that she was actually “living outher name”. Her daughter was charged with ungovernablebehavior, which included bringing men into the homewhile the mother was at work.It isn’t much of a stretch to assume that Temptress didn’thave ideal parents. Not only was her mother willing toname her Temptress in the first place, but she wasn’tsmart enough to know what that word even meant.People who can’t be bothered to come up with a namefor their child aren’t likely to be the best parents either.
  4. 4. What’s in a name?A man named Robert Lane had twosons, Winner and his brother, Loser.By the name only, we can easily guess theirdestiny, BUT it went up side down.Loser become successful detective viascholarship in his school time and graduatingthrough college.Winner, having the sheer length of CriminalRecord, had 3 dozens of arrest for all kinds ofcrimes in his life.
  5. 5. Ten white girl names that best signifylow-society parents:Angel, Heaven, Misty, Destiny,Brenda, Tabatha, Bobbie, Brandy,Destinee, CindyTen white boy names that best signifylow-society parents:Ricky, Joey, Jessie, Jimmy, Billy,Bobby, Johnny, Larry, Edgar, Steve
  6. 6. Ten white girl names that best signifyhigh-society parents:Lucienne, Marie-Claire, Glynnis,Adair, Meira, Beatrix, Clementine,Philippa, Aviva, FlanneryTen white boy names that best signifyhigh-society parents:Dov, Akiva, Sander, Yannick,Sacha, Guillaume, Elon, Ansel, Yonah, Tor
  7. 7. Time to Ponder upon• So does the name you give your child affect hislife?• Or is it your life reflected in his name? Ineither case, what kind of signal does a child’sname send to the world—and mostimportant, does it really matter?• Individuals with distinctively black names dotend to have worse life outcomes. But why?• If you have a really bad name, should you justchange it?• What your parents were telling the worldwhen they gave you your name?
  8. 8. Case 2:Where have all thecriminals gone?????
  9. 9. Sumo Wrestling : Purification, rituals and honorIt’s very religious - SHINTO Priest
  10. 10. Important QuestionIs there any chance ofCheating/Corruption in thissport??Steven Levitt Says “Yes there is a chance”Answer
  11. 11. Each Sumo is associated with a RankHigher Rank : life with comforts, luxury and RESPECTLower Rank: life could be miserable without moneyand RESPECTThe whole RankingStructure is a kind ofPyramid
  12. 12. Six Tournaments – Every YearEach tournament has 15 MatchesA Sumo who win 8 out of 15Matches, then his Rank is Increased byhalf a slotWhich means $5000Paycheque per month + lotof Respect
  13. 13. Sumo A8:6Sumo B7:7Ideal Case50 : 50Analyzed Case25:75HugeDeviation
  14. 14. Not a CoincidenceSumo B has lot of things to gainSumo A has nothing so much to looseThere is a chance that Matches were RiggedRigged is also known as Yaocho inJapanese LanguageWhich is a kind of Taboo Word
  15. 15. Some other IncidentsWhistle Blowers were founddead in a mysterious situationWhich tells that there issomething going wrong
  16. 16. Basic ConclusionPeople are covered with a MaskThis Mask is made up ofPurity, Religion and Honor.“Economics could be a pure sciencewhich could help us in this ImpureWorld”
  17. 17. ThankYou!!