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Human environment
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Human environment



Published in Spiritual , Technology
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  • 1. Human Environment M-2 ;S 10 & 11 www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 2. Human Environment • Natural environment in it’s given and original form requires certain changes or adjustments • Man makes these changes • Creates a new environment • This creation is known as cultural, social or non-physical environment www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 3. Human Environment • While the cultural environment is shared by both man and animals – but man alone controls the cultural environment • Examples – Machinery, Transportation, Education, Organiz ation, Peoples skills, Health www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 4. Human Environment • Man develops culture to correct defects of nature • Example – A/C to cool and Central Heating to warm in winter • Defining Culture: • “culture-tillage or cultivation” • “Standards of value” • Good taste, Good Breeding, Refinement and Learning www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 5. Culture • A distillate of total human experience • Separates it from other human forms • Man has through – 1. Qualitative increase in social organizations 2. Adapting invented techniques to productive ends 3. Pieces of organized living matter varieties of inanimate matter to serve his own end Culture has done what genetic mechanisms have afforded animals. www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 6. Development of Culture • Not developed culture equally in all lands • Tropical countries-agriculture dependent on nature • Manufacturing – machine has yet to replace man www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 7. Role of Human Beings • Capacity of a country to support its people depends upon the people • Physical Health of population • Education • Standard of living (Effect of racial/religious feelings) Productivity & wealth of a nation is closely related to the manner in which it is able to direct, utilize & organize it’s resources www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 8. Racial & Religious Feelings • Play a role in effecting economic development • Major religions of the world • A) Buddhism • Hinduism • Islam • Christianity • In some way they all regulate mans philosophy of life www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 9. Racial & Religious Feelings • Jain/Buddhism – ahimsa “do not harm or kill” S-E Asian Countries-averse to stock raising for meat/whool Hindus – Cow Muslims-Pig Unclean; Wine – disallowed Christianity-relatively liberal www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 10. Religious and Racial Feelings • Impact of education and culture • Conservative • Secular • Progressive • Scientific www.StudsPlanet.com
  • 11. India • Divided into 3 broad areas • Himalayan Region • Gangetic Plains • Peninsular India Himalayas West to East – 3000 Kms www.StudsPlanet.com